We chanced upon one awesome contemporary Ghanaian fashion brand , Groomincence which focuses on the production of fashion items for men. In an interview with the CEO of the brand, Solomon Boadi , a young graduate of the University of Ghana who is so passionate about fashion he gives us details of what the brand is about and what the world should expect from his brand. Also check out the recently released Groomincence products you would love.

VVGH: What is the Groomincence brand?

GC: It is a clothing company that makes men’s shoes, wallets and clutches.


VVGH : What makes the brand stand out ?

GC: Aside the comeliness and the nth quality of our products, we seek to incite greatness in every one of our clients hence the addition of a pocket-sized card filled with motivational and uplifting inscriptions to steer our clients towards success in their endeavours.

VVGH : What inspired the brand?

GC: Basically, it’s just the love and passion God put in my heart from birth is what sparked the existence of this brand. We’re here on this planet for a reason and not a contingency. So I asked myself in what way could I also make myself relevant to mother earth? Then I realised it is through fashion.

VVGH: What about fashion fascinates you?

GC: Hunger to create and ingenuity are the two things that fascinates me. I enjoy the adventure of having to creatively express your thoughts on a piece of fabric or leather and the hunger to want to bring your creative abilities to enhance the looks of humanity.

VVGH : Which fashion designers do you look up to? Any mentors?

GC: In this social media dispensation of ours, one could have a lot of mentors however I do look up to a couple of people. His royal blackness KKD, Kanye West, KOD, KBA (Brommon) just to mention a few. Also, Kalrya and Akua Kessie are fashion enthusiasts who inspire me.

VVGH: When did you begin designing and why?

GC: I began designing at age 14 right after my junior high school education. I design because I’m passionate about clothing and I’d like to contribute my quota towards the betterment of humanity and I believe my quota can be better expressed through clothing.


VVGH: What is the production process?

GC: From the generation of the idea to its implementation is an adventure on its own. We come up with the idea and put it on paper, get into deliberations and then hit the ‘’oven’’ workshop where the idea on the paper is going to be dressed in a piece of fabric, leather or whatever. Every single product of ours is handcrafted.

VVGH: Target Market?

GC: The average fresher in university is whom we have on our radar as our target. Or goal is to groom them not only in their looks but also in their character hence the positive inscriptions on the card that comes with every product of ours.


VVGH: What are the short term and long term goals?

GC: In order to achieve our long term goals they have been fragmented into short term goals which is to be known in the continent of Africa as the most impactful brand and later in the universe as the most impactful clothing brand.


VVGH: What have the challenges been so far?

GC: The challenge so far has been financial assistance. We need financial assistance to express ourselves on this same nth quality we express on but on a broader scale. However, as we cruise on the shoulders of God, we will get there.

VVGH: What keeps you and the brand going?

GC: God is the one that fuels the brand and keeps it going. I like to think of myself as a machine which is dependent on ‘’fuel’’ God to operate and so far so good. God has blessed us with creativity, wisdom and strength so we are grateful for keeping the fire of the brand and we hope our dream of impacting the universe positively will be realized.



VVGH: What new thing should Ghana and the world expect from Groomincence?

GC: The universe should fix its gaze on groomincence because we are about to flood the universe with new trends which will positively affect humanity.

By : Kalira

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