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Ghana is fascinating country and an unlimited source of inspiration for upcoming Entrepreneurs. One industry that is telling the Ghanaian story through colours and fabrics is the fashion industry. There has been a phenomenal rise in fashion designers but one brand we should look out for is ‘Fugu Plus’ by budding Entrepreneur and Activist Abigail Awuni.

Fugu Plus  is an indigenous apparel making company using hand woven Fugu fabrics, Fugu Plus designs and sews beautiful ready to wear attires for all sexes for all occasions. It is a brand where Tradition meets class.

Her contemporary approach to her designs leaves patrons spoilt for choice. She recently launched an E-commerce platform that allows buyers to order online and get their fabrics delivered to their dooorsteps. Visit and choose your favourite designs and rock them in style.

Ghana has a very old and incredibly rich textile and handcrafting history : the uniqueness and the exception of its work connects it of course to Luxury and Luxury for less is all Abby Awuni has worked around since her entry into the trade.


Contact FUGU PLUS on
Tel: +233 247951118 / +233 508233404 / +233 209862752


Source: MQP| | @vivaghana

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