Glitz Africa Announces Style Icon for This Year’s Glitz Style Awards.

Glitz Africa Announces Style Icon for This Year’s Glitz Style Awards.

Glitz Africa is back with the 3rd Edition of the Glitz Style Awards. The Glitz Style Awards Event is one of Africa’s highly anticipated awards show.

The event basically seeks to celebrate individuals who are setting trends and defying odds with their fashion style. It also aims at strengthening the growing fashion industry by establishing, developing and promoting international industry standards in Ghana.


Out of the 16 categories the awards scheme has the Board decides who wins a particular category which is the Style Icon of the year.


IMG_1458Glitz Africa has however announced the Second Lady of Ghana, H.E Samira Bawumia to be honored as the Style Icon at this year’s Glitz Style Awards set to happen on the 19th of August, 2017 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel.





Fashion Brand With Life: The Groomincence Brand!!

Fashion Brand With Life: The Groomincence Brand!!

We chanced upon one awesome contemporary Ghanaian fashion brand , Groomincence which focuses on the production of fashion items for men. In an interview with the CEO of the brand, Solomon Boadi , a young graduate of the University of Ghana who is so passionate about fashion he gives us details of what the brand is about and what the world should expect from his brand. Also check out the recently released Groomincence products you would love.

VVGH: What is the Groomincence brand?

GC: It is a clothing company that makes men’s shoes, wallets and clutches.


VVGH : What makes the brand stand out ?

GC: Aside the comeliness and the nth quality of our products, we seek to incite greatness in every one of our clients hence the addition of a pocket-sized card filled with motivational and uplifting inscriptions to steer our clients towards success in their endeavours.

VVGH : What inspired the brand?

GC: Basically, it’s just the love and passion God put in my heart from birth is what sparked the existence of this brand. We’re here on this planet for a reason and not a contingency. So I asked myself in what way could I also make myself relevant to mother earth? Then I realised it is through fashion.

VVGH: What about fashion fascinates you?

GC: Hunger to create and ingenuity are the two things that fascinates me. I enjoy the adventure of having to creatively express your thoughts on a piece of fabric or leather and the hunger to want to bring your creative abilities to enhance the looks of humanity.

VVGH : Which fashion designers do you look up to? Any mentors?

GC: In this social media dispensation of ours, one could have a lot of mentors however I do look up to a couple of people. His royal blackness KKD, Kanye West, KOD, KBA (Brommon) just to mention a few. Also, Kalrya and Akua Kessie are fashion enthusiasts who inspire me.

VVGH: When did you begin designing and why?

GC: I began designing at age 14 right after my junior high school education. I design because I’m passionate about clothing and I’d like to contribute my quota towards the betterment of humanity and I believe my quota can be better expressed through clothing.


VVGH: What is the production process?

GC: From the generation of the idea to its implementation is an adventure on its own. We come up with the idea and put it on paper, get into deliberations and then hit the ‘’oven’’ workshop where the idea on the paper is going to be dressed in a piece of fabric, leather or whatever. Every single product of ours is handcrafted.

VVGH: Target Market?

GC: The average fresher in university is whom we have on our radar as our target. Or goal is to groom them not only in their looks but also in their character hence the positive inscriptions on the card that comes with every product of ours.


VVGH: What are the short term and long term goals?

GC: In order to achieve our long term goals they have been fragmented into short term goals which is to be known in the continent of Africa as the most impactful brand and later in the universe as the most impactful clothing brand.


VVGH: What have the challenges been so far?

GC: The challenge so far has been financial assistance. We need financial assistance to express ourselves on this same nth quality we express on but on a broader scale. However, as we cruise on the shoulders of God, we will get there.

VVGH: What keeps you and the brand going?

GC: God is the one that fuels the brand and keeps it going. I like to think of myself as a machine which is dependent on ‘’fuel’’ God to operate and so far so good. God has blessed us with creativity, wisdom and strength so we are grateful for keeping the fire of the brand and we hope our dream of impacting the universe positively will be realized.



VVGH: What new thing should Ghana and the world expect from Groomincence?

GC: The universe should fix its gaze on groomincence because we are about to flood the universe with new trends which will positively affect humanity.

By : Kalira

IG: @ka_ly_ra

Twitter: @jossie_jay

Facebook: Josephine Kalira Tanlongo

10 Social Media marketing tips you should know

10 Social Media marketing tips you should know

Ahead of our stage play, #Tribeless, I shared these utterly essential tips with my team and I think it would help you, too.
1. Never forget to add a brief information to any image/video you share. No one may download it.
2. Be mindful of the times you share content on social media, especially, WhatsApp. You become a nuisance if you send too many stuff!
Don’t send pieces too early or too late.
If, for instance, you’ve three different stuff to share, you can share them at a 6 hour interval.
Facebook, Twitter and IG do have peak periods when stuff you share may have the maximum reach. Such peak times include early morning like 7am, mid – afternoon between 12-2pm or evening between 6-8pm.
3. Don’t use shorthand when adding a brief to a content you’ve shared.
4. The brief you add to content you share must be exciting. People are curious. The more excitement/suspense there is in your brief, the more they would dare to download!
5. Don’t unnecessarily tag people on Facebook unless whatever you’re saying concerns them!
6. Don’t use too long hashtags. They’re not only boring but hard to discern, too!
7. As much as you can, don’t send the same content repeatedly to the same person/target group. You may just be blocked soon. Be creative enough!
8. Every social media platform has a specific content it favors. Facebook is for both images and long talk. On Twitter, always be brief. IG is majorly pictures and brevity of speech. Take note.
8. When adding a brief to a video or image you’re sharing, let it be concise. No long talk. Just a line or two. That’s why it’s called a brief!
9. If you can say something better as/with an image, don’t say it without it!
10. Don’t forget specificity in your hashtags. For instance, use #Sept16,17 to make audience know exactly when the date is.
By; Kobina Ansah
#Tribeless 🔥🔥🔥
Facebook- Kobina Ansah
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Fiery Releases Amazing Baseball Caps.

Fiery Releases Amazing Baseball Caps.

The fiery brand is a Ghanaian fashion brand which conveys the message ‘Energy’ across its target market being the youth.

Fiery is different, it is a lifestyle, a movement, and it has been created not only to serve the world with breathtaking fashion apparels but also to instill passion consciousness in us as a people.

FullSizeRender With regards to why they chose to create these amazing baseball caps, they are of the believe that head wears particularly baseball caps have become trendy among Ghanaians and also they thought it is a good start for the brand as a way to gear and launch the brand into the fashion industry.
The inspiration behind the brand is embedded in the motto of the brand “passion driven” . What inspires the brand is based on the fact that “we believe in the ability to let your passion drive you towards greatness”, said Sathish Shankar one of the two partners of the brand. He further said following one’s passion would enable that person relate better to the brand.

The fashion brands they look up to are the 1957 brand by KOD, VIRGIL ABLORH (OFFWHITE ), Vans and Supreme.
What fascinates the creators of the brand about fashion is the fact ” what we wear not only covers us up, but has immense effect on our psychology , what we wear can actually give us some amount of confidence, and this goes a long way to influence how we relate to people or even how they respond to us” .
Your choice of clothes affects your self image.

Designing for the Fiery brand all begun in March and launched was launched in May, with the motive of introducing something different and special into the Ghanaian and African fashion industry. So far we have succeeded in creating some amazing handmade baseball caps which you should definitely have in your closet.

The major challenge they have encountered so far has to do with the delivery of items to clientele since they do not have a shop yet, reaching customers who are out of their delivery radius proves very difficult. They are however employing measures to overcome this challenge.

Creators of the brand believe strongly that God keeps them going as well as their amazing clients.

Meanwhile expect new stuff from Fiery, it is not just about baseball caps. They want the world to know that they are for uniqueness and so expect more from them.

Creators of the brand are Sathish Shankar and Nana Kwame Ofori.

Watch fiery closely .

10 Lessons I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated From University.

10 Lessons I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated From University.

It’s that memorable time of the year again― graduation of university students. The joy on the faces of graduates is so conspicuous. In fact, we were all told there was more rest after school only to realize there was even more work. No matter how much academic life stressed you, the issues of life will even stress you more!

Well, let me share with you these few lessons I wish I had known back in the day. It may still be useful to someone out here.


Dating on campus was really a thing people would do anything for. Some didn’t even care if their grades somersaulted just to be a pair.

However, I wish I knew that the batteries of most Chinese phones lasted longer than most of these campus romances. The reality of national service hardship sets in and you’re forgotten. Call it selective amnesia! Haha.


I used to observe some young women busily “wifing” when their supposed spouses were busily studying or doing something profitable to add value to their lives. We walk down the aisle. We don’t run down it!

If I were a lady, I wish I would have paid more attention to my books than playing the role of a “premature wife” to another student who has no idea of what dowry even is! Time spent in washing his clothes could have been used in learning a skill or two. Someone needs to be reminded a girlfriend was not a wife!


I wish I had spent my vacation doing more voluntary work than just staying home idle watching soaps and series. I wish I had spent more time gaining experience rendering a service, even if I wouldn’t be paid, than doling out all my time following trends and arguments on social media.

I had not the slightest idea that volunteerism was another name given to skill development! If you want to earn another skill and upgrade those you already have for free, be ready to give yours too freely.


A skilled skin is an investment. A bright skin yet so unskilled is what a package of liability looks like. As a woman, I would have invested more into my skills than my skin. If your skin is all you have to offer, all you may get may be just “one-night” offers. A bright skin doesn’t necessarily mean a bright future.


I wish I had read more books and not just their titles or covers. I wish I had read more newspapers and not just their headlines. The best travel experience is to read.


As a young man, I wish I had developed my mind power… not just manpower. I wish I had invested more into my mind than into my muscles. I wish someone had hinted me than mind power always ruled over manpower!


If I could drive into my past, I would have made a conscious effort to write and update my CV/resume even better. CV writing is not rocket science but to many graduates that’s just what it is! A graduate who can’t write a CV? Did you graduate from a university in Pluto!?


I wish I found my passion and pursued it with all my heart. Passion is about following your heart… not stomach. I wish I had not given excuses as to why I could not chase some dreams. Life is never going to get any less busier; the earlier… the better.


I wish I knew that my roommates then were going to be the “big shots” of today. I should not have quarreled with them over gari. We shouldn’t have been at loggerheads because of kenkey, for instance. I could have treated them better! Indeed, if we knew the future of others better, we would have treated their present with more respect.


And… I wish I knew that not everything that was taught in the lecture hall was meant to be applied in real life. I should have paid as much attention to passing school exams to passing life’s exams.

Congratulations graduates!!!

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, a writing company based in Accra. His upcoming play is TRIBELESS. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.