Ekiki Yen App – Load Ekiki Me Airtime With Swag

Ekiki Yen App – Load Ekiki Me Airtime With Swag

Imagine Ekiki Me running on steroids. This is just what this app does.

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Topping Up

Simply open app after installing. Press the refresh button and wait for a scratch card code to pop up. If there is any available, you should when you first open the app. Simply tap on the code, then you will be redirected to your phone call dialer. Just tap on the call button to load. Pretty simple huh.


Loading Airtime to The App

In case you have a Vodafone scratch card, ready to top up, simply use the up for the top-up instead of your phone dialer. By doing so, it will be automatically logged in to the available code section. This is how you share your code with others. Remember to use the app’s own dialer for this, else it won’t get registered by the app.

The app is currently available for Android users. Download from the Google Play Store and start enjoying free Ekikime airtime. If you got some free airtime from using th e app,, let’s hear it in the comments section.