10 Lessons I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated From University.

10 Lessons I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated From University.

It’s that memorable time of the year again― graduation of university students. The joy on the faces of graduates is so conspicuous. In fact, we were all told there was more rest after school only to realize there was even more work. No matter how much academic life stressed you, the issues of life will even stress you more!

Well, let me share with you these few lessons I wish I had known back in the day. It may still be useful to someone out here.


Dating on campus was really a thing people would do anything for. Some didn’t even care if their grades somersaulted just to be a pair.

However, I wish I knew that the batteries of most Chinese phones lasted longer than most of these campus romances. The reality of national service hardship sets in and you’re forgotten. Call it selective amnesia! Haha.


I used to observe some young women busily “wifing” when their supposed spouses were busily studying or doing something profitable to add value to their lives. We walk down the aisle. We don’t run down it!

If I were a lady, I wish I would have paid more attention to my books than playing the role of a “premature wife” to another student who has no idea of what dowry even is! Time spent in washing his clothes could have been used in learning a skill or two. Someone needs to be reminded a girlfriend was not a wife!


I wish I had spent my vacation doing more voluntary work than just staying home idle watching soaps and series. I wish I had spent more time gaining experience rendering a service, even if I wouldn’t be paid, than doling out all my time following trends and arguments on social media.

I had not the slightest idea that volunteerism was another name given to skill development! If you want to earn another skill and upgrade those you already have for free, be ready to give yours too freely.


A skilled skin is an investment. A bright skin yet so unskilled is what a package of liability looks like. As a woman, I would have invested more into my skills than my skin. If your skin is all you have to offer, all you may get may be just “one-night” offers. A bright skin doesn’t necessarily mean a bright future.


I wish I had read more books and not just their titles or covers. I wish I had read more newspapers and not just their headlines. The best travel experience is to read.


As a young man, I wish I had developed my mind power… not just manpower. I wish I had invested more into my mind than into my muscles. I wish someone had hinted me than mind power always ruled over manpower!


If I could drive into my past, I would have made a conscious effort to write and update my CV/resume even better. CV writing is not rocket science but to many graduates that’s just what it is! A graduate who can’t write a CV? Did you graduate from a university in Pluto!?


I wish I found my passion and pursued it with all my heart. Passion is about following your heart… not stomach. I wish I had not given excuses as to why I could not chase some dreams. Life is never going to get any less busier; the earlier… the better.


I wish I knew that my roommates then were going to be the “big shots” of today. I should not have quarreled with them over gari. We shouldn’t have been at loggerheads because of kenkey, for instance. I could have treated them better! Indeed, if we knew the future of others better, we would have treated their present with more respect.


And… I wish I knew that not everything that was taught in the lecture hall was meant to be applied in real life. I should have paid as much attention to passing school exams to passing life’s exams.

Congratulations graduates!!!

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (www.scribecommltd.com), a writing company based in Accra. His upcoming play is TRIBELESS. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.

HM Young Achievers Summit 2017

HM Young Achievers Summit 2017

Social enterprises continue to grow in Ghana every year. Their impact is mostly  felt based on  the influence they have on the sustainable growth they achieve yearly in their respective industries. Entrepreneurship in Ghana has fueled employment opportunities and there is no doubt about that.

It has encouraged the youth to become creative and innovative not only as a means of tackling youth employment but also as a solution to meeting the pressing needs of society, providing sustainable solutions to business problems whiles also strengthening the oak of GDP growth, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and highlighting the gross benefits of the use of technology in business.
Every day, new business challenges evolve due to the changing structures in the world of work and its accompanying effects on global businesses.

However, in encouraging the growth of entrepreneurship in Ghana through social enterprise development and business strategy skills, the Twenty Plus Ghana Group of companies (a social enterprise collection of brands focused on the growth of social entrepreneurship in Ghana) is organizing its’s second edition of the Young Achievers Summit on Saturday 17thJune, 2017 at the British Council, Accra Ghana. Time for the event is 2PM to 8PM and the rate is FREE (#HMYoungAchieversSummit2017).
The Young Achievers Summit presents an opportunity for young entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, industry leaders, focus groups, students, policy makers, business developers and media to come together under one roof presenting ideas to promote advanced sustainable growth of Ghanaian enterprises while also recognizing the work of outstanding young entrepreneurs through the awards session.

There will also be a workshop session dubbed “Barclays Ready to Work Clinic” which is facilitated by the British Council with support from the Barclays Bank.

The workshop’s intent is to equip participants with the needed soft skills necessary in excelling in their chosen industries.
Keynote speaker for this year’s event is: Paul Payne (Skills Hub and Innovative Centre Manager at the British Council)
Headline Speakers include: Derrick S. Vormawor (Serial entrepreneur and Business Coach); Ekow Mensah (CEO, TANOE & EMI); George Mensah Britton (CEO, GB Interactive Ltd, artiste manager for Keche); Kwame A.A Opoku (Lead Curator, Idea Factory Africa); Emmanuel Leslie Addae (Curator, TEDx Accra); Mauvie Hayford (Radio &TV Host); Caroline Sampson (Radio & TV Host); Trudy Arnold (CEO, Studio 7 Beauty Lounge & Co-Founder for WE Festival Africa); Ama Pratt (CEO, MAP Concepts Gh & Commercial Head Panafrican Television)
Panelists: Boamah Prince Kuleape (CEO, Kuleape Group of Companies, Celebrity Stylist and Designer); Bright Opanin Boakye – Danquah (Producer, INNOVADDB Ghana); Adomako Mensah Felix (Celebrity Blogger), Micheak Owusu – Smith (DJ/Artist and fashion icon) and Akua Konadu Kusi (CEO, Study Abroad West Africa).

This year’s HM Young Achievers Summit is Sponsored by Hero Movement, AM & PM Restaurant , Busy Jump, Hubtel, BF Cab services, The Travel Hub, Top Bright Consultancy, Pan African TV, NMJ Ghana and refreshed by Malta Guinness.

Life Has No Price Tag!

Life Has No Price Tag!

I once read the story of a man who had the habit of misplacing his watches. Times without number, he could not tell his time― he had misplaced his watch. To ‘heal’ this habit, a friend advised him, “Buy a very expensive watch!”
He wondered how that could help. All the same, he paid heed to his friend’s counsel and bought the most expensive watch he could lay his hands on. A year later, his friend asked him how many more watches he had bought after buying the expensive one. He replied, “None!”
“I protect it with all of my life because it is too expensive to be misplaced!”
Some things are too expensive to be misplaced or lost. Some commodities are too expensive to be traded. If we know the value of what we have, we treat them with utmost honor.
If you want to know how invaluable a thing means to someone, just observe how they regard it. No one buys a million dollar Bugatti and treats it like trash. The value we put on the people and things around us tells how far we will go to keep them.
When we have no value for something, we abuse it. If you want to understand value, look at how well users treat an iphone they bought with their hard-earned money. They would go every length to keep it safe. They would rather prefer a broken leg to a broken screen! Haha.
The irony of life is that we treat with little or no regard the most priceless things because we have no idea of their worth. We think air (oxygen) is cheap until we need to buy it from the hospital. Our lives seem to have no value until we beg to have more of it on our death beds.
Life is irreplaceable. Life, when literally broken, is irreparable. Life is so expensive that it can’t be bought. Regardless of all of one’s wealth, they can’t buy an extra life. Only if we understood that life was too expensive to have a price tag, we wouldn’t have treated it as cheaply as rag!
One thing that always beats my imagination is the lynching of people for whatever wrong they presumably committed. I am oftentimes awestruck for the reasons people get mobbed. My recent shock was when a gentleman was lynched over a measly GHC 1.50. Can you imagine!?
When we understand the value of life, we understand how to treat it, regardless of what wrong that life may have supposedly done. We have no idea that one of the commodities that can’t ever be bought is life. If we did, we won’t take it away at the least suspicion.
Our hypocrisy has blinded our minds to understand life’s value. Our false sense of morality has risen to the high heavens that we think others need to die in public for the same (or even greater) sins we commit in our closets!
We may blame lynching on mistrust in the judiciary system but, trust me, no judiciary system can ever be perfect as long as it is manned by men. No matter how effective our judiciary system may be, even criminals caught in the act would always have the chance to prove themselves innocent.
We can’t pronounce instant justice on others when we have all agreed that the judiciary should dispense justice. When others have not had a fair trial, we have no right to pronounce them guilty. Who are you to stone another to death according to your own instant, skewed yardstick of judgment?
Ironically, those who do the stoning have a whole world of sins to hide. Those who are at the forefront of lynching others have volumes of sins which, to them, are lesser than those of their victims. Who weighs [our] sins? We can’t weigh our own sins on our partial, unbalanced scales and present them as lighter than those of others!
Before you think of hurling a stone at an alleged thief, first think about the ills you last did with those same hands of yours. They may just be worse than the thief’s. Reminds me of the adulteress who was brought before Jesus by her accusers.
When we use the same scale to weigh others’ sins and ours, we get to know that we are not in any better position to stone them. When we ponder over the wrongs we do under the shade of darkness and compare them to what others have been caught in the act doing, we would come to the sad realization that we deserve to be lynched, too, if not instead.
Don’t lynch. Have value for life. Don’t take something you can’t give. Don’t brutalize others because you somewhat lost trust in the Police. Tomorrow, you may just be a victim, too, because another may have lost it for the judiciary. We all look like thieves until proven innocent. Let the law have its way. Don’t be the law!
Each of us must be innocent until proven guilty. A fair trial is what separates the innocent from the guilty. A fair trial takes place only in court… not on the streets in the presence of an irate mob whose only intention is to undervalue one of the most expensive commodities on Earth― life.
Justice is like success. There’s no instant version of it. When you mete out justice at the wrong time, you mete it out to the wrong people. When we value life, we value justice. If we can’t buy life, we can’t sell instant justice either. Instant justice only means gross disrespect for life.
The value of life is infinite. If anyone has it today, value it, even if they did wrong. Don’t waste it like some ‘second-hand’ watch because life has no price tag. You can’t get to buy it anywhere!
The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (www.scribecommltd.com), a writing company based in Accra. His upcoming play is TRIBELESS.

Young Ghanaians launch wedding planning mobile app.

Young Ghanaians launch wedding planning mobile app.

Wedding planning just got easier! The stress couples have to endure to have a successful wedding just got eased up. The Ayefro app is here.


“Ayefro” in Twi means wedding.

Ayefro Digital Solutions Ltd, developers of the Ayefro Inc mobile app launched their app during a fun, interactive and educative session at the Holiday Inn hotel, in Accra, Ghana.

The Ayefro Inc. Mobile app connects event vendors and their clients on one platform. It provides Fun, Fast and Reliable event planning on the go!

The objective of the launch was to create brand awareness for our mobile app, drive downloads, and to connect event service providers and clients together.

The event was attended by event vendors ranging from photographers, Decor companies, Music and live band companies, Catering companies, Wedding Planners, and Advertising companies.

They demonstrated how the app solves 4 (four) major challenges experienced in real life when it comes to the events industry.

1. Finding the right service providers for your events
2. Finding clients and increasing jobs for vendors
3. High price charged for services during weddings and other events
4. Clients not paying for services after events are over.

A team member said, “We promised to reach 1 million users in the next 3 years. Our app is currently on android only, but an iOS version is in development. The app is currently in use in 5 countries. Ghana, Nigeria, Benin and Ivory Coast.”

What a time to get married!
Source: Scribe News

What Buffet taught me about us

What Buffet taught me about us


Have you attended any wedding or party recently? Well, I have. And… I have made a lot of observations of how we think and how it influences us to do the things we do. Generally, when people are asked to help themselves, observe how they indeed help themselves at the table.

They will take almost a chunk of everything they can see on the table. As though that may not have been enough, they would still want to come back for more… just to save some for the home. As to whether another guest at the event may have something to eat or not, they don’t care. Whether they can eat everything on their plate or not, they just don’t give a hoot.

When I observe such characters, it tells me pretty much how we think as a people and even more interestingly, why we still are where we are now. It simply tells us that we don’t think about others.  We are selfishly comfortable with what only we can have. Others can go to hell!

If we had done things with the next person in mind, trust me, things would have far advanced in this country. If each of us did what they did because they had the next generation on their minds, we would have been more responsible in every sphere of our lives.

We visit the washroom and leave the place in a mess― we don’t give a hoot about who comes next. We get the opportunity to work in government institutions and we mismanage everything because it’s not our property after all― we don’t think about the next generation.

It has always been about us and how we only will benefit now. It has always been about our selfish interests even if it may cost the entire nation. You see, you shoot yourself in the foot when you think about only you today. Irony is, your children may come after you tomorrow to bear the consequences.

Your children may be rendered jobless tomorrow because you helped collapse your institution today. Like forcing all the food at the buffet on only your plate, your children may only come to meet wasted food and empty food basins. If you have the opportunity to serve yourself, serve with the person behind you in mind.

If you have the opportunity to serve in any capacity, serve with the next generation in mind. If you have the chance to use any facility or property, use it with the next user in mind. That’s how life is supposed to be. We can only secure the future of tomorrow’s generation by how we think today.

If it’s only about us today, there’ll be no future to live in. We only exist when we don’t think about those who will live in this nation tomorrow. And remember… if our forefathers were as selfish as we want to be, there would have been no today for us to enjoy. Galamsey on my mind!

Life today can only be well lived when we do so with tomorrow in mind. We must leave this nation better than we came to meet it, if not same, at least. We can’t mar it because of our short lasting, selfish interests!

We must treat other people’s properties like ours. We must do other people’s jobs like we would have done if they were ours. We must regard every opportunity given us with other people in mind so they can enjoy those same opportunities someday, too.

You see, how you treat your own properties tells their worth. How you treat other people’s properties tells your character’s worth. If you really want to know someone’s character, look at how they treat other people’s wealth. Observe how they manage other people’s facilities and properties.

I recently had to go fix a car with a mechanic. When I got there, he was on his phone in this AMG V8 with the A/C roaring on. As I waited for another mechanic with a specialty in my car to arrive, this other mechanic was on his phone in his V8; close to an hour! I sighed, “This mechanic is so humble. He even drives a luxurious V8 and doesn’t show it off!”

Guess what. The shocker came. When I was about leaving the shop after about two (2) hours later, the owner of the V8 came. I heaved!

Treat other people’s property as you would have others treat yours. Treat them as you would if they were really yours. Don’t waste them because they don’t belong to you after all. Don’t mismanage them. Our attitude towards what doesn’t belong to us tells a lot about us.

The nations we admire run on the wheels of selflessness. In everything they do, they think about who will be using the same facility next. Selfishness is always shortsightedness. All you can see is only you. Everything is about only you.

Until a nation runs on an “us” mentality instead of a “me”, it may soon crumble down. Everyone will be in a rush for his portion. This nation is not a Christmas gift!

If something won’t benefit us, it is not worth doing. If it lies only in your selfish interest, it is not in the nation’s interest. If you think about others, you think about the nation. Patriotism is not about the flag of Ghana we hoist in our homes but… the values of Ghana that dwell in our hearts. If it’s not for our benefit, it’s definitely not for your benefit.

Next time you have the opportunity to serve yourself at a buffet, kindly do so with others in the queue at heart. All the troubles we have as a people began with selfishness. If you can control it at the table, you might possibly control it everywhere.

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (www.scribecommltd.com), an Accra-based writing company. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.

If Life Moves, Move!

If Life Moves, Move!


Oftentimes when we are struck by ill events we least expected, we take ages to recover. Sometimes, it takes forever to get over a failed attempt at our business. It sometimes takes a pretty long time for us to come to terms with the fact that that relationship or marriage is no more.

Fact is, some of us can wallow in tears for years over the same misfortune over and over again. It’s okay to cry. It’s very human to let out the pain which has boiled in us for so long. The million-dollar question, however is, “For how long?” For how long will we be choked by our past? For how long will we dwell there?

You can’t gloat over your misfortunes forever. You can’t brood over your pain all of your life. You can’t compensate time to wait for you to finish wiping your tears before it moves on. No! The earlier you recovered, the better it would be for you. As long as the second hand of a clock keeps ticking, time will wait for no man; whether you’re happy or not; whether you’re broken-hearted or not.

It’s like conceding a goal during a football match. During injury time, it doesn’t really matter how much you would beg of time to wait for you to equalize. Time will move. You may beg all you can but the clock won’t stop ticking for your sake. Life waits for no man!

At a point in time of your life, you will be disappointed. Definitely, there will come a time when others may not return the good favors you did for them. You’ll be wrongly accused. You may be misjudged. When that time comes, always remember that you can’t weep for too long because life is always moving on.

You can’t waste all your life poring over the opportunities you missed. You can’t expect life to hold on for you to finish mourning what went wrong in the past. Life is not waiting for you. It has moved on so do same.

Life won’t go on a recess because you failed at something. Life is not waiting for you to finish brooding over your losses before it moves on. Not at all! It waits for no one. After mourning for a while, you dust the pain off yourself and move on immediately. You let go of the pain of your past to have a hold on the gain of the future. Time is no respecter of persons. It won’t wait for you!

No one is waiting for you to get over your broken-heartedness. Life won’t pause for you to finish mourning your dead relationship. It won’t come to a standstill because your marriage failed. Everyone is moving on. Others are getting their lives back after their losses. A lot more others are getting over their failure. Life is moving on. So… move on!

No one is waiting for you to get over your past. Your present won’t wait for you to go back to your past to make amends. It won’t wait for you to go bid farewell to your past. If life moves, you must move, too. Life’s moving on to the future. You had better moved along. It won’t go on a break just because it is you. So… move on, too.

Gather the courage to move on. Put the weight of your bad experience behind you. You failed and so what? Move on. Don’t let your past get in the way of your present. Just move on!

In life, there are no referees to pause when you are unfairly treated. Move on. There are no umpires to ensure fair play. So… when others trample on the trust you entrusted in their care, learn your lessons and move on. Forgive them but don’t forget your lessons. When they boot your kindness like something that doesn’t matter, don’t let it drown you forever. Learn your lessons and move on!

Life is not waiting for you to recuperate from the losses of your business. Business still goes on. Life moves on. The sun and moon won’t come to a standstill just because your business failed. So… move on.

Every day is a new day. No day will ever be repeated because you lived your past instead of that day. Life is moving on. Weeks are passing. New years are coming. If time has not paused for your sake, what’s really the essence of brooding over your past?

Your past is like a cracked egg. No amount of mourning will make amends to it. No amount of mourning will put it back together. Move on.

Time and tide wait for no man. Life is moving on. As you allow your past to hold your future for ransom, others are moving on. They’re prancing for new opportunities. They’re moving on to new careers after one failed.

They’re preparing themselves for new relationships and marriages regardless of what they have been through. They are making society a better place to be with their dreams. You’ll stay in the past alone. No one is waiting for you to finish crying!

Gird your loins. Get up. Enough of the tears. Enough of the sorrows. Life is moving on. For how long will you allow your bad experiences drown you… thinking life has paused waiting for you? Well… if life moves, move, too. You are not a stone!

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (www.scribecommltd.com), a writing company based in Accra. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.