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Why I choose to be Gay!

Please don’t judge me. I am human. I think and act like any other human should. I love my fellow humans. May be… it’s just that I am privileged to have that kind of awkward feeling others do not have. But… I am still happy. That’s who I am after all. I choose to be gay because I am not a gay! We are living in times when there’s only a thin line between wh[...]

Why I am not feeling proudly Ghanaian

In 1995 when I arrived in Ghana for my grandmother’s funeral, my intention was to stay for 2 weeks. But I fell in love and ended up staying for 5 years. I returned to the UK in 2000 but 2 years later missed Ghana so much I returned and was to stay for another 9 years. Between 1995 and now, I’ve been living in both Ghana and the UK.  You see, I fell in love. [...]