‘I want to sue God’ hits Kumasi on Independence day

‘I want to sue God’ hits Kumasi on Independence day

After an impressive run on pre-Valentine’s Day on Legon campus, the #IWantToSueGod train makes its next stop on Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) campus, Kumasi.

The Kobina Ansah play is a romantic satire which mocks how we blame God for choices we make on our own, especially with regards to marriage. According to the story, a young man marries a woman under the pretext of a prophecy from God. Fortunately or unfortunately, his wife happens to be everything but a wife; she can’t even boil water! Eventually, he decides to sue God for setting him up in marriage.

In Legon, the high voltage, rib-cracking romantic comedy threw audience into a state of hilarity amidst many life lessons it taught. Interspersed with spoken-word artistry, the creative piece of art emphasizes how marriage shouldn’t be mistaken for a wedding, especially when one has to borrow to do so.

“If you don’t know your priorities, wedding becomes marriage and marriage becomes wedding,” the play teaches.

Kobina Ansah, a columnist with The Mirror, is a creative arts writer who is the brain behind many creative pieces of different literature genres. He is the writer/director of the stage plays This Family Is Not For Sale Season 1, This Family Is Not For Sale Season 2 and recently I Want To Sue God!

On March 6, 2016, KNUST will be boiling will #IWantToSueGod. Venue is CCB Auditorium. First show is at 5pm and second show is at 8pm. Rate is GH 15 (for students) and GH 20 (for others) and a spare rib. Early birds get it for less.  Tickets can be ordered via 0208429778, 0500001089 or 0244521639.

Grow Like A Seed

Grow Like A Seed

Grow Like A Seed

Some research conducted on entrepreneurship have reported that an estimated 90% of startups fail in their first few years. In our part of the world, more young people are now daring to enter the realm of entrepreneurship, however, it is no secret a few end up in the estimated 10% of startups that succeed.  What could possibly be the cause of the failure of these entrepreneurs to realize their big dream? Growing a business can be likened to the germination process of a fruit bearing plant. First, a seed must be planted in a fertile soil. Then this seed must decay before it can shoot up as a plant. This seedling must encounter some harsh weather conditions before it finally reaches the flower bearing stage. After bearing flowers, the tree is sure to now give off fruits that can be plucked and enjoy.  Like the seed sown in a fertile soil, you cannot begin your business in an environment that cannot support its growth. Businesses are born out of the need to solve a problem in a society. Identifying the problem means finding a fertile soil to plant your business. The decaying process of the seed that is not visible to the world can be likened to the stage in startup where you come up with a strategy that supports your growth. The strategy should involve building a business plan for at the first year, developing an effective marketing plan and building the necessary clientele for your business. Successful businesses thrive on the element of “strategy.”  For many failed entrepreneurial endeavours, the elements of “Perseverance and focus” are far-fetched. The least encounter with challenges means leaving their future in the hands of fate. Have you ever wondered what will become of animals and humans if all plants did not try to adjust to changing weather conditions? Once you decide to start a business, you should build have a mindset that is bent on winning no matter the challenges that come by. The only way to win is think outside the box. Strategies are beautiful on paper, implementing them is another story, never dream of a smooth sail into the land of prosperity. Sticking to the status quo is not your best bet to succeed as an entrepreneur. Times change and when they do, you need to change strategy to survive. As many times as it becomes necessary to adopt new strategies, you should be willing to take the risk. Nonetheless, you should not lose focus of the goal. Remember, “there are many ways of killing a cat.” There is no fast rule to success, dare to be different, think outside the box.  “Starting “big” when you do not have the necessary resources for continuity is the recipe for a short lived dream. Do not jump into the major league right from scratch if you do not have the feet to stand the competition from the big guns. Celebrated Ghanaian businesses such as Kingdom Books & Stationery, Despite Group of Companies, Kasapereko Company Limited, UT Bank started as little unrenowned businesses. Today, they are named amongst Ghana’s top and most successful businesses. The best way to is to take time to grow into a big name, unless of course you have the muscle to wrestle with the big guns. Starting little means coming into encounter with all the mistakes you can come across in business and making the corrections. It serves as a tutorial period for the future. You can take as many risks as you can as a little company and survive, because you have time to make amends. As a big starter, you may not be able to survive the damage once you fail to deliver. Not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur in any case and so the reality is that some may never succeed at it. Learn from the plant and build a flourishing business.  HelloFood is a perfect example of a business that has paid its dues and has found the answer to your meal delivery. Download the app now. Courtesy: Twitter: @hellofoodghana Facebook: Hellofood Gh Instagram: @hellofood_gh



Written By David Teye Zanyoh – This is not the first time this write-up (few changes now) gets published anywhere come every month of love, and it certainly won’t be the last. I will ensure this persists until you or perhaps they get the love puzzle right. February 14 will pass after only 24hrs but the love affair should not die with it.

Valentine’s Day looms ever larger with love halos literally over our heads like that on Davinci’s famous painting, albeit with much intensity than ever before.

We all, as it were, yearn to love and be loved in return. A lady who was hitherto a man’s dream partner is now the last person he would want to see, not to talk of date. Oh, how pathetic!

Not to be rude to you though, but please don’t bother to peruse this article any further if your sole quest in a relationship is anything other than keeping a healthy long lasting one. No, wait a minute- you are human and not immune to change, right? Good! Then please read on.

Again, if you subscribe to the school of thought that holds that just securing a lover is all that matters, then I am afraid your doctrine is about to lose basis by the time you see the last full stop of this write-up. Newsflash: your concern matters just as much as making deliberate and conscious efforts at keeping a long lasting relationship.

My inclination to talk about this stems from the fact that I’ve seen countless honey-sweet relationships turn bile-sour. A long term relationship is something many a lover, both young and old, wish and actually long for but find it well-nigh impossible to have.

Finding a true lover is critically important. But even more so is keeping that fellow long enough in a relationship to enjoy, and let it run its full course in order not to lose them midway through the love journey.

I am tremendously saddened to inform you that relationship experts, the world over, have for the umpteenth time, said that people take much more pain in finding (searching) a lover than they actually do in keeping them. … And in fact, I couldn’t but completely and concretely concur with them, given what I have heard, read and of course experienced, as a young lad. This may, in part, most certainly be due to these people not knowing or blatantly and stubbornly refusing to adhere to the sage admonishments of these experts and many alike.

Indeed, I know a man who has spent a colossal amount of money, and time as well as painstaking effort to win a lady’s heart but owing to a plethora of reasons the latter had to virtually look on as his otherwise very-sweet relationship came crushing. Just the other day I wore a wry smile after witnessing a lady break down in a barrelful of tears following a break-up with her ‘first love’. Sad, isn’t it?!

Believe you me, millions of people would woefully fail should they be given on a silver platter, their dream man/woman to have a long lasting relationship with. In this light, I am ashamed to mention that I once fell within this category but after knowing now what I didn’t know then (long lasting relationship tips), I got saved.

Honestly, I may not be an ordained prophet or an incredibly credible soothsayer up in my village, but in truth, I can confidently and correctly foretell how the relationship of millions of people will end if they refuse to follow the ways I am about to either make known or perhaps repeat to them.

I’ve been interrogating, with the greatest degree of pain and wonder, why some folks keep hopping from one man/woman to another in a rather fruitless bid to find ‘Mr./Mrs. Right’ but have since been unable to fathom anything in that regard. Bluntly, I must say that these people are seriously and ignorantly misplacing their priority. Instead, and really, they have little or no idea whatsoever how to sustain a relationship long enough.

Another group in the same circle or thereabout, habour the notion that immediately a relationship gets beset with a problem(s), that relationship is not meant to be or better yet, the partners are not compatible. Well, I boldly say to them, that’s a lie!

I have to cardinally admit that I’ve learnt a lot on this earth, but I’m neither a relationship expert in his/her field at least, neither have I ever taken up a course in this area. Fortunately however, I am, no matter how small, privy to few ways of keeping a long lasting relationship. … And I advise that you take me seriously as much as you do your religious leader, else doom for you. Walaahi!

Enough of the preliminary mumbling. Here are some tips that I trust you will not lose sight of.

Just as you kowtow to pray to God (Allah) for His favour and blessings in your business (finances), education and family, so should you also seek His ever-ready assistance and guidance in your relationship. Some people (atheist perhaps) may regard this not-too-important thing to do but I think that should be the first ever step to take as long as you would want to see your see relationship reach the promise land. Follow this, and I guarantee He will speedily give a hand since we are humans and thus can’t do it all on our own.

I would like to start off by espousing that one of the ways, and in fact very key, to keep a long lasting relationship is to stay involved with your partner at all times. You have to relate well and work together with your partner for a stable relationship. Here, there should be enough communication between you and your lover at every step of the way as absence of this has the higher likelihood of creating a distance even when you are only a centimetre away from each other.

Another and equally helpful way is to get through all conflicts with your partner. Every relationship regardless of how great it is, is bound to hit an impediment(s) at a certain point. From this reasoning, in the wake of a conflict, it would be inappropriate to let tempers fly unduly high getting the better of you simply hinging on sheer whim and uncalculated thought. Of course, one cannot be begrudged for engaging in a verbal scuffle with their partner as it is only natural and inevitable that conflicts will come. Further, this then again comes with compromise and tolerance of each other’s viewpoint either in a discourse or a debate. Taking cognisance of this would provide a fertile ground for the relationship to flourish, thus ultimately being of immense help to every long lasting relationship aspirant, with me including.

Thirdly, you should take interest in whatever your partner loves and enjoys doing often. There’s nothing so refreshing and romantic as to have a wo/man show interest and share in what her/his partner takes delight in. It may be football (sports), movies, food, healthy debate of some sort, music and plenty more. This strengthens the love between them. Linda (fictitious name), my ex-girlfriend, never loved football but would often times tell me match fixtures, and even discuss with me very briefly Manchester United FCand Cristiano Ronaldo, my favourite team and player. How nice! How could I ever forget the banku with chicken, tuna and ‘wele’-filled okra stew (my favourite meal) she sometimes prepares for me. Oh my God! Don’t salivate: that’s not the crux of the matter. Ha-ha!

This perhaps is one of the most important ways, several experts argue: showing appreciation for both the love and any other good thing your partner shows and does for you. It is critically relevant to tell that special person how much you love them (don’t do it perfunctorily). Dale Carnegie, the famous American writer, in his book “How to Win Friends & Influence People”, discussed vividly how important it is to constantly remind people of how appreciative we are of them. In similar fashion, we should appreciate our partners for loving us. Why? There were and still are an awful lot of men/women out there but they chose us, despite our stark imperfection. Again, appreciate anything he/she does for you no matter how small it is. William James further and unequivocally buttresses this by saying: “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”. So you see? There is a direct relationship between appreciation and long lasting relationship.

Rather different from the above way is that you should as much as possible spend time with each other. Yes, spend time, and a quality one at that! It is becoming increasingly clear, research shows, that partners get overly caught up in their work and other time-consuming schedules throughout the week from morning to very late in the night. Resultantly, they do not have time to catch up. This can have dire ramifications for the relationship thereby wrecking it. Having stated the relevancy of time, it is however worthy to note the fact that, we need to use it in moderacy rather than abuse it, as too much of it (time) takes away the suspense and anxiety that characterises a sweet relationship.

What’s more, you should be enticingly spontaneous. Often times, lovers tend to, as it were, lax immediately they realise they’ve finally ‘got’ (secured) their partner. They no longer do the wonderful things they used to do in the initial stages to make the love affair well refreshed and ‘onga-ly’ spiced up. You should take your lover’s breathe away by doing something amazingly thoughtful and extraordinarily picturesque. Again, resolve to learn to attract and police-ly grab the attention of your partner. To the ladies, is it your hair, outfit, looks or smell? The aforementioned must be spot on and good. Staying sharp is key. And oh, don’t come to me crying if Lucinda snatches him oo! Yoo!

The surprise element is an integral part of a relationship if it is to survive overtime. Illustratively, I sharply recall periodically taking Linda out to fairly wonderful hangouts plus surprise her, in my own small way, with gifts. Please don’t try exactly this if your pocket isn’t well cash-stuffed because “eno be easy”. Women, in the same vein, should reciprocate these gestures in their own right and in any respect they see fit. Surprise gifts, anyway, should suit your partner’s personality (taste/style/interest), so he/she will appreciate.

More so, you must keep the romance alive. The sweet and ear pleasing utterances should be made and rekindled as often as necessary. Plus you can be friends with your partner’s friends and others around him/her as well as keeping outside relationship and interests alive. Some people are fond of ending all other friendships when they are dating. This isn’t the best thing to do. Remember you had those friends in your life way before your sweetheart walked in. Finally, the relationship should be based on mutual respect.

There are over a dozen more ways/tips for having a long lasting relationship discussed by as many experts but I reckon these ones would be substantially helpful. Adhere to them. …And Presto! you will have a rock-solid relationship. I hasten to add that and admittedly, keeping a relationship that long is no cake walk.

Just for the records, I’d like to underscore the fact that I don’t mean to be hard on all who cannot or wouldn’t want to keep a relationship very long. I am only passing on an advice to you as a caring brother and friend.

Admonishingly, let’s not forget that love is consistently consistent respect, care, sacrifice, selflessness, humility and support; all in one with a ribbon on it.

All told, it is my fervent prayer that you find the woman/man of your dreams and when the latter finally arrives, may it work out well for you. Also, to my paddies: I know ‘boys abr3,’ but may we stop approaching ladies ‘all because of ton… .” May the believers shout amen?!

Happy Val’s Day! I have a chocolate for the first beautiful lady to call me on V-Day: I’ll be in my room on the D-day as my mental drone captures every love nuke and cranny.

See you on another matter.

By David Teye Zanyoh

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“Busyness” and “business” are more like homophones in the area of English grammar. They appear to have the same or similar pronunciation but their individual meanings differ. This article has its emphasis laid not on grammar but rather on their working dynamics. So I now ask our youths – what’s your preoccupation: busyness or business? Yes, please permit me to probe too deeply into your personal affairs, for I am also a youth. Personally, business is my central preoccupation. And I guess busyness will be the preoccupation of most young people scattered across the continent of Africa. I dare not put up a holier-than-thou attitude, but I will try to caution you intellectually for our mutual benefits.

Now let me get down to the nitty-gritty of the matter in hand. Busyness means the quality, state or condition of being busy. Stated differently, it is any lively but meaningless activity. A cursory look at the way of life of our youths in every nook and cranny reveals that many of them are just busy doing nothing progressive. I mean, such individuals simply goof around to say the least. Henry David Thoreau, an erstwhile American author who wrote the book ‘Life without Principle’ in 1862, once opined that, “It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” I must admit that we all get busy one way or the other, but most people are merely busy but do not mean business. So they end up achieving nothing, to be frank.

No wonder Todd Stocker satirically stated that, “I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn’t find the time to do it.” This is a clear case which is obviously manifested in the lives of many, and some are practically busy for nothing. They seem to be doing an arduous work but it really lacks substance. For busyness and business can be construed as mutually exclusive in the everyday lives of a chunk of our youths. Again, it is appropriate to say that the spirit of business in our young people is incredibly dormant. The African society actually misconstrues the dynamics of business in this 21st Century. That is why the western world has always soared by leaps and bounds while Africa shamefully lags behind.

“Business is fundamentally about people – your mental toughness and ability to build relationships with others,” Dr. Rob Yeung emphasised. In this 21st Century which is bound by globalisation, business schools of Ghanaian universities place a high premium on the wearing of suit and tie. The curricula are outdated vis-á-vis reformed international standards, to tell the truth. Look! You cannot grasp the heart and soul of contemporary business in our crude textbooks and a series of cheap examinations. I tell you, business in today’s globalised world is a lifestyle and not a mere programme or course. Unfortunately, our schooling system has rather compelled our students to develop predefined abilities which are lacking in the dynamics of globalisation.

Moreover, real business is never about memorising concepts and theories. It is a disciplined practice. For innovation is the bedrock of 21st Century business, not the empty certificates people are busily acquiring, but they end up being unemployed or poor. How many times must I declare that you do not need capital to start a business? You only need passion, a priceless one. This is the true and lasting capital of your global business role models. A truly business oriented person explores today’s impossibility by smartness, with intellect and through persistence. Gosh, I really love the preceding sentence! These stuff must be imparted to our youths so that they do not continue to wallow in deceit and mess their dear lives up. Therefore, seek the rare and defiant business knowledge henceforth.

Sir Article/vivaghana.com

An Open Letter to all Ye false Prophets!

An Open Letter to all Ye false Prophets!

Hello, false prophets in the Church of Jesus Christ.

I, a proud son of God, need not mention your names for further clarification as spiritually discerning Christians know you already. False prophets scattered across the globe, especially in Ghana my motherland, your deceitful works keep escalating at the expense of the sacredness of Christendom. Your sheer follies are crystal clear and have generated dire consequences for the Christian faith. So I dare not hold my tongue on your malevolent deeds, as a revolutionary blogger. That is why I am firing off this furious letter to you – agents of Lucifer – by the authority granted me by the Lord Jesus Christ. I also seek to enlighten gullible Christians as to the modus operandi (M.O.) of these tin gods who disguise themselves as angels of light. For lack of knowledge, God’s people perish (Hosea 4:6). Therefore, brace yourselves up for a thunderous argument rooted in the unadulterated Word of God.

In Africa and Ghana in particular, false prophets have a field day as “what is normal elsewhere seems miraculous in Africa,” Manasseh Azure Awuni opined. There are a myriad of cheap problems in our society yet they look unstoppable, because we refuse to rightly utilise our mental faculties in fixing them. This gives rise to mega ministries of these charlatans who parade as prophets of God with their spiritual theatrics, and they end up throwing dust in the eyes of many – both the ungodly and believers who are simply naive. Coo! I doubt if such ignorant victims have come to terms with Manasseh’s assertion that, “Many of the problems we take to church do not merit the supernatural attention. Their solutions do not lie in miracles. God has given man the ability to solve some of our problems.” This practically requires a modicum of common sense to imbibe and abide by, Christian folks.

However, the Apostle Peter prophesied more than two millenia ago in 2 Peter 2:1-3 that, “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them – bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.” Yes, our God and saviour, Jesus Christ, warned his holy church, saying, “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:24).

These false prophets in today’s Christianity are complete phonies whose demonic operations jeopardise Christianity in several ways. Through their condescending personalities, they minister what are contrary to the spirit of Christ’s commands, and they promulgate absurd religious statutes in their churches. Gosh, most of such spiritual quacks here in Ghana are not even intellectuals to say the least. Their stinking lifestyles are dubious, ridiculous and outrageous – for I owe no apology to these damn crooks. Have you seen the following satirical message? BECE-R.M.E. 2016, Question 2: I can turn into a snake, dog and even tiger. Who am I? (a) Elijah (b) Obinim (c) Ps. Chris (d) Kum cha-cha. Oh my God, I pray they do not metamorphose into Uganda’s Credonia Mwerinde, the priestess of death, who founded the Movement for the Restoration of the 10 Commandments. Just Google her name and ascertain her unbelievable atrocities all in the name of our God.

Moreover, Patrick Fynn in “How the Man of God Is Turning into the God of Man,” lamented that, “Christ is now missing from the church. He’s gradually getting replaced by the false prophets who want to be worshipped as gods.” Hey, watch out for these false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves (Matthew 7:15). Let us heed this solemn warning: Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world (1 John 4:1). For by their fruits, which are evil in character, you will identify them, as the Messiah said. Above all, the sovereign laws must ruthlessly deal with these thieves, liars and hypocrites without fear or favour. I rest my case!

Your enemy,
Sir Article/vivaghana

In loving memory of Dumsor

In loving memory of Dumsor

‘Charley, light dey house or dem quench am? To wit, charley do we have light or it’s off. This was the most FAQ (Frequently asked question) in Ghana for over four years when light off or what it was popularly called in the local language “Dumsor” was the order of the day. It became so unbearable that a group of celebrities had to embark on a demonstration to drum home their frustrations. Some lost their dear friends in the process and others earned the title; Yaa Asantewaa of our time. Warriors. So many promises were made by the government and a whole ministry was created to look into matters and help solve it. Even we had to bring in power barges from turkey on hire purchase. Some technocrats said we could have bought it outright and saw no reasons why we went in for such deal. As for me I don’t know anything about it; just an ordinary citizen. But one thing that kept bothering my mind was why this thing is happening now and the cause of it. I need someone to educate me on that.  Dumsor collapsed many businesses but also gave other people employment and source of income.

Many Ghanaians or workers were laid off because there was high cost of production and low output. This was as a result of our uninvited guest; dumsor. Most factories had to rely on generators as an alternative to the power from Either Candles or Generators, eeeiii! Sorry, Electricity Company Of Ghana. The use of these generators came with extra cost for fuel. Other businesses who also couldn’t afford the luxury of generators had to quit work anytime there was load shedding. Those that were greatly affected were the cold store operators. Some of their products had to be disposed off because it was going bad. It’s not that the government looked on unconcerned but they were trying their best to solve it or as they said; find a lasting solution to it.

In another instance, this was a great business opportunity. Dumsor boosted the sale of alternative means of power like, generators, rechargeable lights, solar panels etc.  Any time the lights go off at night, all you hear is; smoooouuh! Yes light light (this is said in Twi and often comes after a hiss). It became a regular source of income for these people who were previously jobless r earning little. It helped to place them in a better position in their respective social lives. Business was really booming for these alternative power suppliers who were recording low sales during the period where there was no load shedding or when was that severe.

But if I may ask, why should we rely solely on thermal power when there are other sources of electricity. We have the lavender hill there, why can’t we use the human excreta that is discharged into the sea to produce power, or it’s not possible. Ok! We can use solar as well. We are blessed as a country and a continent with so much sunshine. Why can’t we trap some and convert it into power? Thank God in these past few days, there is stable power. At least, the power barges are effective. I can now use my chargeable gadgets without having to bother about the light going off at six. And can now sleep effectively without generator noise. One thing we need to take a critical look at is the conservation of power. Yes its true we pay for the power supplied but of what use will it be when we paying for something and wasting it? Do switch off electrical stuffs that are not in use.  Long live Ghana! Long live Africa

Philip Ankrah/vivaghana