It’s my life’s dream to become a powerful woman and a change maker. Empowering women to build self confidence through personal style.
While on my style journey, the one experience commonly shared by women who have endeavored to step up their confidence and self esteem game is dealing with other women who instead of supporting, rather sabotage them.
Making aggressively negative judgements and less flattering comments about other women’s appearance and their personal style.
Fashion Bullying is reaching a new level because people feel and think you need their approval to project your personal style.
Most people are afraid to dress a little cuter because they are afraid of what others might think or say.
When you dress up for the sake and approval of other people, you lose the ability to experience your authentic self…the you that needs to be celebrated will be lost to low self esteem.
During a style session, I met a friend, let’s call her Adzovi..she told her story..its a story I hear all too often and there are so many of us out there who have shared experiences. This was her story;

“Growing up, I wanted to be a “fashionista”, a trend setter, the first to always wear something new. I was almost always seen looking through magazines for inspirations.
Like anyone, I enjoyed the compliments that comes when I put pieces together, it makes me gush.
But my confidence crushed one fateful day when I decided to try a new outfit.
I posted a cute but weird outfit on Social media. I loved the feeling of confidence that came with putting together that beautiful outfit. The outfit meant everything to me. I had no idea that that outfit would receive so much attention.
People left hurtful comments on the picture. I began reading the most disgusting and brutal comments about myself.
I have always admired women who aren’t constrained by the pressure put on them and don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of their dress sense, I looked at myself as one but not during these style crushing moments.
To believe that, these comments came from fellow women. Some called me “slut” “Whore” Cheap”
“Tacky” “Cheesy” “Unsophisticated” “Ugly” ..women are indeed their own enemies.
I felt pathetic and the only one I could talk to was a friend, who instead of consoling me, read the comments and laughed at me.
I began living in days where I hate myself and wish I didn’t embark on this journey after all.
I then decided to distant myself from my childhood dreams and focus on something that wouldn’t put me in a situation that will make me feel powerless”

After speaking to her, I explained to her that she wasn’t alone. Only few women admire confidence in other women and they only do so because they know what is required to develop confidence.

Personally, I have come to realize that, being fashionable and stylish means more than just wearing trendy outfits, who you are is probably never going to change and no matter where life takes you, you will inevitably come across others who think they know what’s best for you.

There’s always another chance to shape and elevate your self confidence and eliminate every insecurity that will prevent you from living as your authentic self.
You can only care less about what people say about you when you step up your confidence and self esteem game. People’s hurtful comments does not determine your self worth.
No matter what others perceive, your story is your story, no one can tell it better that you.
Every Queen has a story I believe is unique and must be told.

Join the #MyStyleMyWorth Confidence Campaign. The campaign is aimed at bringing together queens with similar stories who will share their experiences and wonderful secrets on building and managing confidence as well as personal style.
Queens will be empowered to desist from living by fashion trends solely and focus on finding themselves and live for who they really are and not what they should be.

Dear Queens, let’s Pause and embrace a fellow Queen’s Swag.

Written by: Akuvi Adjabs



The election season is here once again. Emergency projects are being commissioned. Emergency good is being done. Wonders are happening. Nothing seems impossible in an election year. There is a diarrhoea of promises and constipation of fuel hikes.

Thank God for elections. Thank Him for promises. One man ‘this’. One man ‘that’. If the Ghanaian politician even could, he would promise, “one man, one country” with vivid evidence. Elections 2016. Do you really care?

Last week, my vicinity’s road was tarred the ‘make-up’ way. Well… it was expected. It happens every four years prior to every election. We are just waiting for the rains to wash off the ‘thick make-up’ that has been made up for our sake. If our leaders really know what is good for us as a people, why wait till now to do them?

Our political leaders are supposed to be figures we vote into office to solve our problems. In this part of our world, fortunately or unfortunately, they worsen them instead. And… fortunately because most of us don’t even care! They chase us every for years to do our civic responsibility and we chase them for the next four years to do their responsibility. A cycle of chase!

Do we really care who leads us? Some of us vote based on petty reasons while the rest watch on nonchalantly. Well… you are absolutely right to say politics won’t put food on your table, thus, the apathy. However, remember that the quality and quantity of food that may get to your table may greatly be affected by politics. The earlier you were concerned about those hands into which power was getting, the better it would be for us all.

If you don’t get involved to make the right choice, others will volunteer to make the wrong choice. They will make their choice based on what they can get after the election and not what the leaders may leave behind for the next generation. They may vote based on what their party has in stock for them today… not what the nation has in stock for them tomorrow.  Wrong thrives when right doesn’t care much. Do you care?

Leadership failure is a major cause of how stagnant we have been as a people. However, followership failure is even more threatening and keeps tearing our nation apart. We can’t hold our leaders accountable.

Politically blind, we have become their yes men, nodding to every policy of theirs; right or wrong. To us, everything said or done by an incumbent government or opposition is either right or wrong depending on who’s saying or doing it. Right and wrong are relative; politically relative! And… that’s why we are still where we are. That’s why my grandparents compared us to Malaysia and Singapore. My parents did same. I am doing same. My children will do, too, and their children will keep comparing us to them. We are just allergic to change and development!

We can’t be doing the same things over and over again and expect different results. We can’t be voting for the wrong reasons and expect to elect into office the right leaders. It’s about time we voted for creative solutions to the challenges that have bedeviled us. It is about time we chose our leaders based on their track records and how they could replicate such to make us a better people. Petty voting elects petty leaders!

In this age, we still vote for our leaders based on who’s tall and who’s not? Like really? In these times when other nations are galloping in development, here we are still voting based on tribes and other petty grounds. And… these petty reasons are the reasons our nation is utterly out of season! Do you really care about your future and that of our next generation? Then… vote for foresight… not height. Don’t vote for pettiness!

Take time to analyze the prospects of each leader. Be a mature voter. Vote with the next generation in mind. You owe them that duty. They can’t fight the same battles we are fighting today. They should live in their contemporary times. They should live in their era fighting challenges of their season and not ours. Under no circumstance should they fight ‘carry-forward’ battles because we never got to overcome them. And… it all begins with good leadership! It all begins with who stays at the top.

Until we vote for the right reasons, our lives will always be a matter of urgency because it is lived under emergency. Emergency roads. Emergency schools. Emergency hospitals. Emergency politicians!

Until we care about whom we are entrusting the helm of affairs to, we will keep complaining because things are not going to change. Our nation can be better than what it is today. Between what we are today and what we could have been today is… change. Are our leaders going to change? Are we going to change our mindset as a people? Are we going to change the way we do what we do? Well… there’s no more a future for us. Today is our future!

This is just not another election. It is about you. It is about me. It is about the next generation. Do I care? Yes. I very much do. Do you care? Well…

The writer is a playwright and the Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications, a writing company in Accra (


Medical Doctor crowned winner of Maiden Ghana Writers Award literary contest

Medical Doctor crowned winner of Maiden Ghana Writers Award literary contest

A junior medical doctor with the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), Dr Michael Osei Agyapong, has been crowned as the overall winner of the maiden edition of the Ghana Writers Awards (GWA) literary contest.

The award, dubbed, Ananse Prize for Literature, was given to Dr Agyapong’s unpublished short story titled: “Changing Hands”.

He competed with 15 other shortlisted entrants for the prize.

The Ananse Prize for Literature is the highest prize being awarded by the organizers of the Ghana Writers Awards.

Other writers who picked awards at the ceremony, which was held at the Marvels Ghana Mini Golf Course in the Greater Accra included Mr. Bawa Sadique Anyame, winner of the poetry category with his poem: “Ruses of the gods” and Ms. Rachel Lawerh, winner of the short story category with her story: “Give them my other leg”.

However, all the 16 shortlisted entrants were presented with certificates for their participation in the maiden literary contest.

In a related development, some individuals and cooperate bodies, including Efua Sutherland, Nana Asaase, Adjei Agyei Baah, Citi Fm, Graphic Communications Group Limited, and Karis were also presented with citations for their contributions towards the promotion of the Ghanaian literary arts industry.

Ghana Writers Awards is a literary prize instituted by some young Ghanaian literary compatriots to celebrate and promote Ghanaian writers and literature.

The awards was on the theme: “Preserving the Ghanaian culture through creative writing: the role of writers”.

Patrons at the awards night were entertained by spoken word and acoustic artistes such as Sabukie, Ohene, Nene Narh, Kukporlikpor, Village Minds Production, Village Thinkers, and Fadi Dabbousi among others.

The awards was organised in partnership with KARIS, Mensa Press (USA), Turf, Tangent Studios, Bea Works, Media Mall, Zulu Nation, Writers International Network (Canada), and the Arachneed (India).

Below is the list of the nominees


  1. Kweku Feni Adow: When Awakened
  2. Victoria Naa Takia Nunoo: Water
  3. Abelumkemah Betrand Azags: Ululato
  4. Kojo Frimpong: Break Me
  5. Victoria Naa Takia Nunoo: The Ones Born of Nature
  6. Kofi Acquah: Papyrus Underground
  7. Emmanuel Agyei-Poku: The Fruit of War
  8. Agyei Sarpong Amos: The Other Butterflies
  9. Anim Asantewaa Millicent: Beneath The Mask
  10. Bawa Sadique Anyame: Ruses of the gods


  1. Nana Ama Gyemaah Otuahene: The African old maid
  2. Josephine Abena Amofaah Nketiah: The Woman in White
  3. Josephine Amoako: Black Night; Orange Sky
  4. Rachel Lawerh: Give Them My Other Leg
  5. Samuel Owusu Achiaw: A Sunset Melody
  6. Boakye-Dankwa Aninwa: The Paradox
  7. Michael Osei Agyapong: Changing hands
  8. Cecil Nii Odenkey Abbey: In The Land Of Chickens
Village Minds to stage ‘Homeless’ play on November 11

Village Minds to stage ‘Homeless’ play on November 11

Village Minds Production and Alliance Francaise Accra presents an exciting and thought-provoking play entitled HOMELESS at the Amphitheatre of Alliance Francaise on 11TH November, 2016 at 7pm.

The makers of this play presented the epic performance, THE LOVE OF MAMAVI, last year at the same venue and succeeded in treating theatre enthusiasts to an action laden performance that left the audience begging for more. This year, however, the spotlight is on people living in the streets, how they survive and what drives them into the streets.

unnamed (1)

In this play, destiny pairs Abubakar Mahama, played by Antonio Josiah Silva and John; a role played by Ken Arthur. These to individuals, each with a unique background employ fascinating ways and means of surviving in the great world and wide. The other characters, such as Lady, Adiza and Dzifa add spice to the plot with their stories about how they are raped, forced into prostitution and demeaning jobs in the streets of Accra. In the end all of them are here because of the erroneous misconception that Accra is a land of plenty. We leave the audience to determine the veracity of this idea.

The play is set in every alley, street, home and cranny of Accra and filled with humor which has a tendency of keeping an audience glued to their seat till the entire production is over; but hefty with message that cannot be overlooked.

In the end, everyone decides to go back home but what awaits their return is a matter of concern for them as they wonder if they will be accepted after picking up new and unacceptable habits from the streets.

From the makers of The Love of Mamavi comes another riveting drama, designed to shock, enlighten and initiate discourse. Homeless is written by Nii Ayi Solomon and directed by Woelinam Kurt Dziewornu-Norvor and ably assisted by Vivian Doe and Cygishmel Cherub. The production is also powered by Blaqsheep Multimedia Group.

Join as at Alliance Francaise on 11th November, 2016, at 7 pm and let us tell the story of the rejected, the homeless and the poor.




Seven female and ten male unpublished writers have been shortlisted for the maiden edition of the 2016 Ghana Writers Awards (GWA).


The writers were nominated in two out of the three categories opened for entries by GWA.

The GWA on Friday, July 15, 2016 to Monday, August 1, this year, called for submissions for its maiden edition in three categories, including poetry, flash fiction and short stories.

The GWA is a literary prize instituted to award unpublished Ghanaian writers in the creative writing industry.

The literary prize was established in 2012 by some young Ghanaian compatriots to promote and celebrate Ghanaian writers and literature.

The 2016 GWA is on the theme: ” Preserving the Ghanaian culture through creative writing: the role of writers”.

The awards ceremony would be held on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at Marvels Ghana Mini Golf Course in Dzorwulu in the Greater Accra Region.

Below are the names and titles of the works of all the shortlisted nominees for the 2016 awards.


1. Bawa Saqique Anyame: Ruses of The Gods

2. Victoria Naa Takia Nunoo: Water

3: Abelumkemah Betrand Azags: Ululato

4:S. Kojo Frimpong: Break Me

5. Victoria Naa Takia Nunoo: The Ones Born of Nature

6. Kofi Acquah: Papyrus Underground

7. Emmanuel Agyei-Poku: The Fruit of War

8. Agyei Sarpong Amos: The Other Butterflies

9. Anim Asatewaa Millicent: Beneath The Mask

10. Kweku Feni Adow: When Awakened



1. Michael Osei Agyapong: Changing Hands

2. Josephine Abena Amofaah Nketia: The Woman in White

3. Josephine Amoako: Black Night; Orange Sky

4. Rachel Lawerh: Give Them My Other Leg

5. Samuel Owusu Achiaw: A Sunset Melody

6. Boakye-Dankwa Aninwa: The Paradox

7. Nana Ama Gyemaah Otuahene: The African Old Maid

8. In The Land Of Chickens – Cecil Nii Odenkey Abbey



Theatre in Ghana is gradually taking an exciting twist as more creative brains have decided to venture into it. It is no wonder one of Ghana’s youngest, fast-rising playwright, Kobina Ansah, wowed his audience in Legon unendingly for two hours with his latest sidesplitting, humorous three-cast play, My Wife-In-Law.

Known for his unique, catchy titles and great sense of humor, Kobina Ansah has staged four high standard plays; This Family Is Not For Sale Season 1, This Family Is Not For Sale Season 2, I Want To Sue God! and recently, My Wife-In-Law.

In University of Ghana, ‘My Wife-In-Law’ was a boom! The audience was held spellbound by only three characters who spelt out all the lessons hidden in the play clearly.

Guess what. The ‘My Wife-In-Law’ train is in Kumasi specifically CCB Auditorium, KNUST on Sunday, October 16, 2016. First show is 5pm. Second show is 8pm. Rate is a cool GH20. For tickets, call 0269654873 or 0501427232.

Tagged “Marriage is for two… not three”, ‘My Wife-In-Law’ contains enough humor to make your ribs crack!