Serwaa Amihere is New Host of Weekend Sports Show CHEERS on GHOne TV.

Serwaa Amihere is New Host of Weekend Sports Show CHEERS on GHOne TV.

News personality and producer of the award winning current affairs show, State of Affairs Serwaa Amihere has been named as the new host of GHOne TV’s Saturday morning soccer highlights show CHEERS as both international and local leagues enters their fierce seasons.
Serwaa Amihere takes over from ace award-winning broadcaster and communication strategist, Nana Aba Anamoah who has hosted the show since its inception a year ago. The new season of ‘CHEERS’ will feature in-depth interviews with sports pundits as well as novices of the game from its home studios at the Platinum Place in Accra.
The weekend show kicks off on Saturday May 5, with guests from different sectors of corporate as well as entertainment world; with little or no emphasis on sports experience. Viewers can watch the new CHEERS show live from 9:00 GMT on DSTV channel 361 and GHOne TV. Check GHOne TV social media for live updates.

The Barber and the Apprentice hits the stage again this May

The Barber and the Apprentice hits the stage again this May

The RELOADED edition of the Village Minds Productions’ THE BARBER and THE APPRENTICE is set to hit the stage of ALLIANCE FRANCAISE in what will be an upgrade to the first show that took place late last year. The play is written by Nii Ayi Solomon. In the past, he has written and produced plays such as THE LOVE OF MAMAVI and HOMELESS; all of which were directed by Woelinam Kurt Dziewornu-Norvor and Cygishmel Cherub. Village Minds Production has served its audience with authentic theatre content which leaves them laughing all the way home, provoking their consciousness over an issue or two.

This particular production takes place in the Barbershop of Agbedefu. The play lays bare issues akin to daily life such as the corruption of Politicians and that of citizens as they attempt to jump queues, bribe their way through and what have you … Kwamena’s gossip lifestyle, Borga Boakye’s (the globe trotter’s) lifestyle and yes, the overbearing relationships Landlords have with their tenants.

The antics of Agbedefu and his apprentice, Attah Ayi will leave you asking for more. There is always something to make you laugh and marvel at what exactly happens in Barbershops in and around us. Join Village Minds Production on the 5TH of May, 2018 at 7 PM as we take you through another theatrical journey of fun, laughter, wonder and edutainment.

The play is directed by Cygishmel Da’Cherub and Woelinam Kurt Dziewornu-Norvor. It is powered by Blaqsheep Multimedia & Rose Fabrics GH and supported by Authentic Media.

Ghanaian Theatre – The Bad,The Ugly and The Ugly.

Ghanaian Theatre – The Bad,The Ugly and The Ugly.

A few minutes past midnight. On my PC is a new script of a play. On my table are scraps of strategies; sales and marketing. In my bin are rejected sponsorship proposals. Cluttered on my mind are so many Goliaths that will need to be defeated with my little resources to have my script be a reality on stage. And… this is the typical life of every Ghanaian playwright!

The fate of the Ghanaian theatre industry is wobbly, frankly speaking. Play writing/production is one dangerous career path to embark on. You may live all your life in penury with broken dreams and a red account because there are no systems to help one absorb shock when they fall.

Modern Ghanaian theatre can be a driving force of tourism and development if proper structures are put in place to make National Theatre and all the cultural centres busy all year through. When the appropriate ministries lend a hand to create a favorable environment for production houses to produce local content all year long, unemployment rate will be cut down significantly.

Seed grows well not just because it is viable but because it has the best conditions. If we desire our local content to go global, it hinges on favorable conditions― conditions that will inspire creatives to call what they do a fulfilling career. A Ghana beyond aid is a Ghana that creates a favorable environment that makes every career paid.

The Dark Knights, Lion Kings and Hamiltons have raked in millions of dollars across the globe because structures were in place for such creative pieces to travel beyond the borders of their origin. Mind you, these are local content gone global. Where there are theatre support systems, the output of production houses is boosted.

Theatre is expensive― very expensive. It can cost an arm and leg to put a quality play together― from tedious rehearsals to publicity. Without good investment, there will be no good returns. When production costs are left to be borne by a playwright-turned-producer alone, the future of this industry becomes bleak. In the absence of the requisite structures for playwrights to stand, theatre will fall.

The production process for a play starts with getting one’s script ready and then copyrighting it. One has to put together his production team which will include his cast, crew and others who will provide related services. After the production team has been assembled, rehearsal starts. This can span for, at least, three months depending on the frequency and length of meetings.

Within the three or more months of rehearsal, publicity and sales/marketing plans are strategized. Communication tools and branding strategies are also put in place within this same period. Before such is reached, however, a venue should have already been booked.

A production team can contain as many as 100 members depending on the cast size. Large cast sizes oftentimes bloat production budget. The larger the cast size, the more one has to spend on their rehearsals, transportation and honorarium. Most playwrights/producers, thus, cut down on cast size to cut down on expenses. My plays are, oftentimes, just a few cast for this reason.

When one has a large cast size yet a cash-strapped budget, it affects the quality of the output. The more one cuts down on expenses that will assure quality, the less quality the product becomes. The less one spends on publicity, for instance, the more likely it may be that no one will get to know of the production. TV/radio/newspaper and social media budget alone can cost thousands of Ghana cedis for only a month-long publicity. And…that is expensive!

Crew includes personnel who will provide light, sound (PA system) and band (if it is a musical). Other crew members are costumiers, props managers, set designers, makeup artists, stage managers, box office managers, stage hands, prompters, director, casting director and production manager among others. Related services will be provided by an ushering and organization team and sales/marketing executives. One production, thus, brings together a lot of hands!

It is no wonder, hence, that a lot is spent on theatre productions. Per quality production at National Theatre, one needs a whopping, standing budget of between GHC40,000-100,000, if not more. In the absence of corporate and governmental support, it is almost impossible to breakeven. Imagine how many GHC50 worth tickets you may have to sell to make up for a GHC50,000 production cost.

Contemporary Ghanaian theatre has a great future… but not in the absence of support structures like corporate sponsorships and subsidized cost of venues like National Theatre. Availability of a theatre fund to help producers mitigate their losses will also be in the right direction. When there are alternate loss “shock absorbers”, it lessens the burden on production houses.

Ghanaian theatre can be a self-sustaining industry. It can be a wealth-generating and tourist-attracting industry if we begin investing therein. When there are no supporting structures for talents, creativity dies.

An investment into the theatre industry will be an investment into Ghanaians. It is possible to have our local content make a hit on Broadway. It is possible to have Ghanaian producers patent their innovations and inventions which can be used across the world. It is very possible to have thousands of youth get employed by our theatre and production houses. It is possible to earn a decent living carving a career out of theatre.

While we wait for support, let’s brand ourselves to look like a business that means business!

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, an Accra-based writing company which provides all writing services. His upcoming play, TRIBELESS, is this June at National Theatre, Accra.

New Artiste of the Year Nominee, King Promise Shines in London

New Artiste of the Year Nominee, King Promise Shines in London


In the wake of his 5 nominations for the recently announced VGMA 2018, King Promise continues to make Ghana proud in the UK.
The Best New Artiste of the Year nominee over the weekend moved scores of patrons when he delivered a scintillating performance at the ongoing Ghana 61st Independence Day concert at the Indigo O2 Arena, London, as part of his UK tour.
King Promise performed his hit songs, including Oh Yeah and Selfish, which patrons in faraway UK sang along amidst massive cheers and excitement.

In a recent social media post the rather humble artist expressed his appreciation to his fans and Ghanaians in general for supporting his dreams and thank Charter House for their recognition of his hardwork by nominating him.

Written by : Kwame Obeng- Kwapong

‘Timeless Love’; signs of secret love between Adina and Kidi?

‘Timeless Love’; signs of secret love between Adina and Kidi?

Afro-soul singer and winner of Best Vocalist at the Ghana Music Awards, Adina Thembi continues to etch her shrill and lusty voice on not just the fans but carefully coxing her way into the heart of MTN Hitmaker star, Kidi. Celebrity journalists have described the two ‘lovebirds’ as inseparable as they coupled to produce one of the best songs I’ve previewed so far.

Being an experienced producer with one of Africa’s top urban music house, Lynx Entertainment, Kidi is seen as a talented young singer with a promising future on the African music scene. This year has been great for young upcoming musicians especially Afrobeat artistes as their records get encouraging on-air rotation across Africa and some parts of Europe.

‘Timeless love’ – The song
Something soothing about a young, innocent girl’s delivery on a love song, but Adina isn’t; not arguable. Timeless love was originally sung by Spanish singer and songwriter, Enrique Iglesias – a chart-topping soundtrack ‘Cuando me enamoro’ for the award winning Telenovela ‘Timeless love’. Adina’s voice delivery is just prolific. Key attention to the amazing works on the keyboard as Kidi enters with his doting verse….‘walking to the stars to bring Adina the twilights” Dude got lines.
Adina joins in swearing her hearts out to do anything for Kidi. This is a song for love. In this love song you definitely find fondness of two young people delighted about their feelings for each other and openly expressing it.

If this is just a song, they shouldn’t let it be. I entreat Adina and Kidi to make it real.
Get a taste of the theme song of GHOne TV’s new Telenovela ‘Timeless love’ performed by Adina and Kidi below, and don’t miss this award winning, captivating love story this October on GHOne TV.

Listen to the song below and enjoy!

Glitz Africa Announces Style Icon for This Year’s Glitz Style Awards.

Glitz Africa Announces Style Icon for This Year’s Glitz Style Awards.

Glitz Africa is back with the 3rd Edition of the Glitz Style Awards. The Glitz Style Awards Event is one of Africa’s highly anticipated awards show.

The event basically seeks to celebrate individuals who are setting trends and defying odds with their fashion style. It also aims at strengthening the growing fashion industry by establishing, developing and promoting international industry standards in Ghana.


Out of the 16 categories the awards scheme has the Board decides who wins a particular category which is the Style Icon of the year.


IMG_1458Glitz Africa has however announced the Second Lady of Ghana, H.E Samira Bawumia to be honored as the Style Icon at this year’s Glitz Style Awards set to happen on the 19th of August, 2017 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel.