African Piquant: The Lipstick & Entrepreneurship Workshop.

African Piquant: The Lipstick & Entrepreneurship Workshop.

We believe in Gender Equality as an organization working towards the Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) and also towards vision 2030. We believe that both gender (male and female) should be given equal opportunities in business and political platforms. We want to see a lot of young women and men rise in the business world. We want to raise BOSS-LADIES for the younger generation coming. We want to create the I-CAN-DO mentality in young girls mostly because they are the ones that go through a lot of pressure with ‘sugar daddies’ and other unpleasant sexual encounters. We want to raise girls to be able to help pay school fees and light bills to assist their husbands. We want to raise virtuous women and men for our nation and continent. We want to raise feminist with the right mind-set. We want to teach both genders that feminism is not Hate for Men but mutual respect for both. We want to culture their minds with the right information. We want Men and Women to support one another by seeing it as a strategy to success.
THE AFRICAN PIQUANT brings you an entrepreneurship workshop themed the LIPSTICK & TUXEDO ENTREPRENEUSRSHIP WORKSHOP to groom young people of both gender for both the business and political world. This workshop targets high school graduates and university graduates who are not working to help them set up a small scale business and also link them to successful start ups in the country for both skill development and internship opportunities.
The workshop will take place at Ahonya Dot Com premises on the Terazzo Road, Odorkor.

The session will start with a movie screen and a discussion session from 8:45am to 10am before the main workshop kicks off with a coffee break at 12noon.
Venue: Ahonya office premises (Odorkor-Terazzo road)
Time: 8:40am for the movie session and 10am -12noon for the main session.
Rate: ghc20
Register at:
Outfit: Must be formally dressed.

Our facilitators are young successful business men and women who are rising in the Africa entrepreneurship industry here in Ghana. They are excited to be a part of this workshop to train and inspire the participants to be the best of them.
To mention a few facilitators we have;
– Nkuawu Eyram Aku; Founder of Ampe League
– Kenneth Anku; CEO of Rosefabrics
– Karen Mensah; Co-Founder of Doughman foods
– Mercy Taylor; CEO of Taylor’d by Efua
– Nana Boateng; Bohten Eye Wear
– Nii Ayi Solomon; Village Minds Production
– Nii Odai; BeCrew
Side attraction to the workshop will be a discounted sale of THE AFRICAN PIQUANT concept T-Shirts, A free photo shoot session with Came_Photography and Socializing.
Our Media Partners so far: GhI-nformed and VivaGhana
Sponsors so far: PadiBills Bespoke, Ahonya Dot Com, VivaGhana
Registration is a cool GHC20 and we have limited seats. To register for this workshop kindly fill these forms by clicking or WhatsApp us on 0544064868.
If you want to partner with us in any capacity for this workshop kindly send an email to We will be more than thrilled.
… We want to be a part of many success stories…

Young Ghanaians launch wedding planning mobile app.

Young Ghanaians launch wedding planning mobile app.

Wedding planning just got easier! The stress couples have to endure to have a successful wedding just got eased up. The Ayefro app is here.


“Ayefro” in Twi means wedding.

Ayefro Digital Solutions Ltd, developers of the Ayefro Inc mobile app launched their app during a fun, interactive and educative session at the Holiday Inn hotel, in Accra, Ghana.

The Ayefro Inc. Mobile app connects event vendors and their clients on one platform. It provides Fun, Fast and Reliable event planning on the go!

The objective of the launch was to create brand awareness for our mobile app, drive downloads, and to connect event service providers and clients together.

The event was attended by event vendors ranging from photographers, Decor companies, Music and live band companies, Catering companies, Wedding Planners, and Advertising companies.

They demonstrated how the app solves 4 (four) major challenges experienced in real life when it comes to the events industry.

1. Finding the right service providers for your events
2. Finding clients and increasing jobs for vendors
3. High price charged for services during weddings and other events
4. Clients not paying for services after events are over.

A team member said, “We promised to reach 1 million users in the next 3 years. Our app is currently on android only, but an iOS version is in development. The app is currently in use in 5 countries. Ghana, Nigeria, Benin and Ivory Coast.”

What a time to get married!
Source: Scribe News

ReggieNBollie ‘This is the life’ Music Video

ReggieNBollie ‘This is the life’ Music Video



ReggieNBollie have dropped a major hint on the much-anticipated music video for their recent single release ‘this is the life’. The duo shared the 30 seconds video teaser on Facebook with the caption “Our Official Video for ‘This Is The Life’ will be out SOOONNN!! We can’t wait for you to watch the full video. Stay Tuned!”
Glee filled with awesome pictures and graphics, the UK pop duo believe the new music video which was directed by Sesan and set to be released in few days, has the quality to bring much excitement to fans all over the world and win awards.
Check the link below to watch the teaser for ‘this is the life’ video…

Enjoy !!!


Okyeame Kwame Gives Fans a Fantastic Show at “Flaunt Your Lover” Event.

Okyeame Kwame Gives Fans a Fantastic Show at “Flaunt Your Lover” Event.


After grabbing massive attention over the period with commercials and teasers of his “Flaunt Your Lover” initiative, Okyeame Kwame has successfully hosted the movie show last weekend.

The event, a phenomenal one attracted massive patronage from fans who turned up at the Silverbird Cinema of the Accra Mall. It was an enticing scene to see the Rap Dacter interact with them in the most exciting way.
Several celebrities who showed up to support and share in the fan included Martha Ankomah, KKD, Ekow Smith, Okyeame Quophi, Stacy Amoateng, Akoo Nana, DKB among others.

The 2 day program brought patrons together to watch romantic, comic movies with side attractions such as music, sponsor product giveaways, comedy, photo ops packaged into the “Red Room Experience”.




The “Flaunt Your Lover” show was sponsored by Close Up, Glade, 4syte TV, TXT Ghana, Beracah Decor, and Aquimiini.



Review of Okyeame Kwame’s ‘It’s OK’; Music for Musings

Review of Okyeame Kwame’s ‘It’s OK’; Music for Musings

Artiste: Okyeame Kwame ft. Nero X
Song: It’s OK
Label: One Mic Entertainment
Year: 2016
Album: Made in Ghana (yet to be released)


Three things are happening on Okyeame Kwame’s ‘It’s OK’. One – sensational street gospel mogul, Nero X is picking up from where he finished on ‘Osey’, ‘Handkerchief’, ‘Hosanna’ etc. He is responding to the call to inspiring mankind and honoring God through the art. Two – a group of instrumentalists are bringing to life the feel of rhythm, groove, and soothing melodies. I am not spending a second to comment on the horns and lead guitars in this song. It is a discussion we can’t finish. Three – your best rapper alive is serving you a delicacy of hope. He brings to the table a song designed to make you shake your problems off.
I say don’t give up, make you never worry. It’s OK!
Hwɛ na gye w’ani, ate?
Mɛmma awerɛhow nnhyɛ wo do ai?  
You for happy yourself oo, my brother, my sister.
Everything’s go be alright.

What is being said on this record probably has been said before. From the orgasmic, all-time groundbreaking hip hop song ‘Woso’ in 2009, ‘Try Another Time” in 2013 to ‘It’s Your Time’ in 2014, and 2016 banger ‘Hallelujah’, these songs and more have kept our chins up in a way that made life more meaningful. This new one is a reincarnation.

But the difference is that, on this song he’s not your best rapper. That is the idea, apparently. What he seeks to achieve is what music itself has always wanted to – to teach, edify, inspire, and tell you things life itself won’t teach you. Well, that’s OK.
This song is for people who have lost connection with life: the deserted, the dejected, the distressed, the devastated and the disappointed. It’s not for everyone. Nothing is for everyone.
But the nostalgic feeling of enunciated post-independence High Life intertwined with modern synthesizers is for everyone. That is how the song gets to you. It employs elements that make both the young and old tap their feet to the rhythm. Peewezel creates a typical classical hip life beat from a fusion of highlife guitars, brass horns married with hard hitting hip hop drums. So what you get is a mature, but trendy feeling. A classical one!

For anyone listening, you can infer that Okyeame has gained dominance over the production of live recorded music; a thing much to be desired by the average musician.

Although coming from a pop rapper and expected to be braggy, although bearing the name of the rapper by semantics, although created on a beat that is energic, the least he does is to centre the song on himself. ‘It’s OK’ is not about OK. It about anyone but himself. This song is about you…it’s about life that needs to be invigorated.
unnamed (2)
It’s about the life of the average person described in a metaphoric representation in the character of ‘Kofi Papa’. This is a person of every home. He is unable to fit into society because his problems overwhelm him:

Woatwa apio half agu wo problem so,
Nanso still ogusuaa rehaw
Woasan atwitwa half aka ho sɛ ɛnte woaniso
Nanso still eguso aa retaa wo

Irrespective of how you regard Kwame as a linguist; by virtue of his educational background in the field or as suggested by his ‘Okyeame’ name, he is that rapper whose prowess over language makes a firm bridge. The semantics of incorporating his name into the song’s title, his application of variety, the multilingual diversity with the use of English, Twi, Ga and Pidgin, his enviable use of end rhyme schemes…all the creativity puts this song ahead of many.

Not to say one should stand at the receiving end of life’s punches in a flawless defeat, the rapper innoculates in us a sense of retaliation to the negativities that befall us. Like the popular axiom entreats us to grab the bull by its horn, “Ɔbra bɔ wo a, bɔ ne bi” reiterates this with a pun on ‘Abrabɔ‘ (life) and ‘ɔbra bɔ’ (life beats).

Ɔbra bɔ wo a, bɔ ne bi 
Teatea no, tiatia no 
Keka no, prepra no
Nnyeegyaa no
It’s OK!

On this song there’s a rebirth of hope, highlighted in what ink and papyrus cannot write; only the heart can beat to. The hard times of today sweep our joy under the carpet so pathetically that we can only cheer ourselves up and on. Hope finally comes to distressed! The didacticism of this theme is so thick that you can cut with a knife.

Worry, don’t worry 
Tell no man your story 
After he will say ‘sorry’
Ɔde wasem bɛkɔ akɔ tena baabi akɔka 
It’s OK!

At the time when trendy songs have dominated the playlists and we find an avalanche of fast-food music, we can at least find solace with this rapper. At the time when Ghana and Africa at large are experiencing poor quality of life in the midst of tumultuous maladministration by governments, we can at least find solace with this song.

Okyeame Kwame’s music goes ahead of himself. He is making songs that are more popular than himself. This one too, like I said bursts your bubble by denying you the feeling of craze. It rather gets you musing. You will find your hand sitting on your chest and saying to yourself, ‘All is well, IT’S OK!”


Author: Patrick Fynn
Twitter: @PatrickFynn

Personality Profile: A Woman Like Annica Nsiah-Apau

Personality Profile: A Woman Like Annica Nsiah-Apau

Today’s woman favors the less invasive approaches to life. She patronizes food that cooks in three minutes, a relationship without commitment and a frivolous life that is broadcast on Snapchat. True womanhood is nearing extinction. The next generation will be tempted to liken virtue to the existence of dinosaurs – both never existed. It is not wholly because we never had noble women, but also because we probably never heard of them.

The personality of wife of Okyeame Kwame, Annica Nsiah-Apau nucleates a befitting definition of what it takes to be an ideal woman.  My admiration for her is rooted in respect for her intellect, hospitality and audacity; yet bottled-up in coyness.

In any normal instance, we would compare her to another person of her league – side by side. But this is not a normal instance. Such contrast will lack purpose, because this person in our spot light is one in a million.

Looks – check! Brains – check! Swag – check!

Here is a true picture of Okyeame Kwame’s successes: there’s an adorable puppet clothed in white with a touch of kente going about with class and receiving honors as ‘Best Rapper Alive’. And there’s a puppeteer behind closed doors pulling strings to move this marionette and most importantly building its trademark in the most expensive way.

Her role as the Personal, Business and Brands Manager for the award-winning versatile rapper has been founded on principles that rids his craft (although secular) of the filth, indecency, foul-play, inconsistencies and unprofessionalism. Annica redefines the laws of the game.


Okyeameyere, as I affectionately call her was born to parents who brought up their six children with both a heavy hand and a comforting bosom. She spent her formative years in Akosombo where she started basic education. After completing Osei Kyiretwie Senior High School (OKESS), she was admitted to KNUST where she graduated with a BA. Hons. in Law in 2005.

As a visionary and a selfless woman who envisaged a more successful music career for her husband, she returned in 2009 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Marketing, specializing in Brand Architecture.

At 32, this wife who is also a mother of two can beat her chest and boast of solidifying one of the enviable brands for an artiste in Africa.  Annica will go to the moon and back to get things done. Her passion-driven urge to stand out pounds in her heart. You could feel her palpitate it. It’s her tell. ‘This is a no-brainer’, she would scoff.

See how I have avoided the ‘behind every successful man…’ cliché?

As much as we adore the entertainer, we need to celebrate the big head that is calling the shots. And in the words of a proud husband, ‘she does the work and I take the awards ‘. Kwame’s face will beam with extra pride, saying this. But the overly productive boss who insists on keeping a low-profile will deflect the praise to her management team.

What is more stimulating is how she deals with all persons on an equal playing field. When a woman with such influence lives by the code that ‘may the best logic win’, it tells of a person whose reverence for others transcends beyond the standards.

She currently is the General Manger for Firm Bridges Communication, a brand architecture firm with special interest in marketing and strategy building.
As a law school graduate, she has practiced as a legal advisor for the Guinness Ghana Brewery Limited and later worked as a legal assistant at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. Word on the streets is that her achievements in these capacities remain insurmountable. In 2012-2014, she worked with consumer goods production giant, Unilever Ghana Limited as Employer Brand Specialist.

What women of Annica’s caliber bring to a man’s table is a feeling of accomplishment. Can we, with one accord, admit she’s that ‘psychologist’, ‘economist’, ‘rhymatologist’ in Okyeame Kwame’s ‘Faithful’ song?

Okyeame Admires Annica, as she flaunts a pretty self
Her destiny to become a prolific career woman, a result-oriented leader was non negotiable – for she was an avid reader. The tales told about her insatiable desire to cling to book are both amusing and stunning.

If there’s anything I have earnestly wished for,  anything the world has longed for, anything a man will die for, any entrepreneur an organization will want to associate with, a mother Earth has always been envious of,  a woman who turns heads, one who exudes modesty from her being… it is a woman like Annica Nsiah-Apau.

Author: Patrick Fynn


Twitter: @PatrickFynn