5 things Ghanaians love about Nigerians

5 things Ghanaians love about Nigerians

Despite the fact that Ghanaians in general have been fighting with Nigerians at every given chance, there are some thing, despite very few, that we love about our not-so-friendly neighbours.

Sure Nigerians would claim to have the better version of jollof, a fallacy totally disproved, and even be deluded that they play better football (another fallacy as proved by the latest FIFA ranking) but there are some things we as Ghanaians undoubtedly love about Nigerians.

Here are 5 of the few things Ghanaians love about Nigerians.


Ghana-Meets-NaijaIf there’s anything that will bring together Ghanaians and Nigerians in a peaceful setting, it has to be the music. Whereas our Nigerian brothers have for years shown love to VIP (now VVIP) etc, Ghanaians have uncontrollably accepted Nigerian music wholeheartedly for years, even to a point of sidelining the locals acts.

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Trust me, I know some people who prefer Davido or any of the Mavins over D Black any day. (To be fair, that’s not much of a comparison).


To be totally frank and make it clear, Ghanaians hate Nigerian Jollof just as anyone who understands the sacred nature of the meal should (and we have good reasons to); but there are some native Nigerian foods that we do appreciate.

Eba, Party Rice, Ankara, the banga soup and ewa are a few of these.


We all know that Nigerians did copy the Azonto dance and rebranded it as Alingo. But you can’t hate them for that when they have done a better job at it.

Nigerian dance may not totally be unique but it is a really good and invigorating one. And who doesn’t like some good exercise


loud1Another classic case where Ghanaians totally abandon local comics for Nigerian counterparts. MTN Ghana started this when they decided to headline consecutive editions of the “A Night Of…Laughs & Music” with Nigerian comedians like Basketmouth, Bovi etc.

And to be fair and honest, Nigerian comics are way better than the Ghanaian ones.

chappelle-drops-the-mic-o*drops mic*


Need I say more? Haven’t you as a Ghanaian student been forced to read Things Fall Apart byChinua Achebe?

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Or you didn’t love any of Chimamanda Adichie’s book? For a country boasting of a Nobel Laureate, Man Booker Prize and Women’s Prize for Fiction winners, and more Caine Prize recipients than any other African countries – Nigerians are truly masters of the written word.


Did I miss anything essential? Use the comment box below to let me know. Also do share with your friends to let them know what to appreciate Nigerians for as they celebrate 55 years of independence.

credit: Sena Quashie/ iGhanaian.com

Balancing the controversies; An open letter to Sarkodie

Balancing the controversies; An open letter to Sarkodie

Dear Michael Owusu Addo, I write you this open letter as your mentee from afar with mixed feelings in order to balance the controversies at hand surrounding your music life. Recent media reports concerning your conducts have got the streets talking about your way of life as the most shinning star of Ghana music which mostly augur badly for your public reputation. And it is a great honour to present to you a fair, balanced and accurate argument which is intended to help you forge ahead with your plans to go higher in rap music. However, as the saying goes “rumour is a great traveller,” Sarkodie’s perceived real life is practically influenced by rumours which are sometimes frivolous in nature.

Also, Sarkodie being the CEO of Sarkcess Music who is still fresh as paint, graceful as a swan and green as grass has steadily ascended the hierarchy of rap music in Ghana and Africa at large in less than a decade. So it is very usual in our Ghanaian setting to hear and see people trying to pull him down (PhD) in diverse ways either out of envy or mischief. Oh my goodness, rash remarks being made about the Rapperholic by both fans and critics are premised on the belief that he is becoming arrogant! Well, everyone is entitled to his or her opinions but facts rule the game of controversy all the time.

Mr. Sarkodie, I personally perceive you as an affable young man who remains the human who inspires me most today; so you can’t afford to allow such issues to drag your passion for rap music to a low ebb. But please remember that there is an iota of truth in every rumour and you are just a mortal. Again, I urge you to remain resolute in a striking line from your infamous “Free Press” track which goes: “… All I have is my fans and the flows on the beat…” But to be fair enough, I believe you have certain shortcomings which need to be addressed consciously.

Big bro, you are getting bigger than your real being which sometimes compel you to reject painful advice given you by ordinary mortals. Yes, you are not above pruning as the great tree of our evolving Hiplife music. Again, I charge you to work towards earning an incorruptible title in our Ghanaian society by championing any worthy cause in society on purpose which you would be entirely credited with. Obidiponbidi, grabbing a Grammy is an absolute possibility as long as you operate in the grace of God!

Allan Buah/vivaghana.com

#TheFacts: How Nana Aba Anamoah Made It to Old Trafford on Her Couch

#TheFacts: How Nana Aba Anamoah Made It to Old Trafford on Her Couch

Nana Aba Anamoah is well known as the award-winning presenter of New Day on TV3. Her 163,000 Twitter fans know her as a serious Manchester United supporter. Therefore, when she began to post photos that she took of the Manchester-Sunderland game this past Sunday, her fans were delighted at her good luck, sending messages of envy and congratulations.




When asked why she didn’t take any selfies with the players, she responded



However, the mood soon soured when a group of young men alleged that the photos Nama Aba was displaying were in fact theirs. And unfortunately for Ms. Anaoamah, the owner of the photos is Yanfo Hackman, a 27 year-old social media strategist who wasted no time calling her out. Mr. Hackman, the creator of Social Ghana, said “I was in total shock from her actions. A friend of mine called me to ask why a TV3 news presenter was sharing my pictures on her Twitter and claiming they were hers? I thought he was joking but it was true. I thought it was hilarious to be honest – I have absolutely no problem with her posting my pictures on her twitter feed, but I was just surprised that she would try to claim them as her own.’


Soon, they were made aware of Ms. Anamoah’s actions and took to their Twitter accounts to chastise her.




Others soon took advantage of the drama to poke fun at Ms. Anamoah.






We hope this serves as a cautionary tale to all who would try to pass other’s photos off as their own in this digital age. As Mr. Hackman mentioned, “Social media is creating a revolution in communication before our very eyes, and it can also be a dangerous platform (as Nana Aba found out). You need to be careful of everything you do or say there. Twitter can be merciless at times, and people will be quick to pull you up on something if you slip up. But it also shows the incredible sense of humour that Ghanaians have – the response to yesterdays incident has been hilarious!”


Nana Aba Anamoah has yet to respond to the affair.


Source: Accra City Times

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The Top 10 Sarkodie Songs

The Top 10 Sarkodie Songs

Over the span of 8 years, 3 albums and countless singles Sarkodie has cemented his place as Ghana’s biggest rapper and one of Africa’s top hip-hop acts. The Tema-born MC’s songs, known for the rapper’s signature rapid-fire delivery in both Twi and English, have had hand in sparking Ghana’s azonto craze, taken on issues with his nation’s ‘dumsor’ problem and economic situation, and have seen him collaborate with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Today, in celebration of Sarkodie’s birthday, we rummaged through the archives and came up with ten tracks that stand out the most to us from the Ghanaian rapper. We bring you Okayafrica’s Top 10 Sarkodie Songs list below.

Sarkodie Songs list below.


Sarkodie feat. E.L. “U Go Kill Me”

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Sarkodie “Illuminati”

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Sarkodie “Pon Di Ting” feat. Banky W

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Sarkodie “Special Someone” feat. Burna Boy & AKA

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Sarkodie “Down On One” feat. Fuse ODG

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Sarkodie “Adonai” feat. Castro

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Sakodie “Gunshot” feat. Davido

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Sarkodie “Dumsor”

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Sarkodie “New Guy” feat. Ace Hood

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Sarkodie “Original”

#Gossip: Kiki Banson replaces Becca with Efya for the girl talk concert this year

#Gossip: Kiki Banson replaces Becca with Efya for the girl talk concert this year

#Gossip: Kiki Banson replaces Becca with Efya for the girl talk concert this year


Reliable info reaching VivaGhana.com indicates that Former manager of Award winning afropop singer Becca, Mr Kiki Banson will make Efya the headline act for this year’s edition of the much heralded ‘Girl talk concert’ which will come on in december this year.

The past four concerts have seen the ‘daa ke da’ singer turn up the national theatre with live band music and well rehearsed acts and therefore comes as a surprise that the 5th edition of this ‘Becca flagship show’ will see a different face altogether.We assume it could be the ‘love turned sour’ relationship between Kiki and Becca.

We must admit however that Efya on the bill will still put up a good show. WILL BECCA HOST HER OWN GIRL TALK CONCERT? ,Well! we just like any other fan are keeping our fingers crossed for what will unfold in the coming days.



#Detailed: The Meteoric Rise Of Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku

#Detailed: The Meteoric Rise Of Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku

If you do not have a success story, do not worry because there is this saying that ‘we all have our turns and seasons in life’ you must never quit trying. Try, try,try and try again until you get to your desination. Today, the spotlight is on our television show host,radio presenter ,actress and the most recent face of television commercials, The most talked about Ghanaian celebrity of our time.Naa Ashorkor .

Naa  Ashorkor  mensah  Doku   who hails from Teshie,was born on the 24th of November 1988.she went into presenting when she was invited severally as a guest on the youth program ‘new generation’ after whih she later presented the day break entertainment and co-hosted okyeame quophi on ‘sound splash;a variety show on TV Africa.


After  playing her role in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s hit movie ‘the perfect picture in 2009,Naa Ashorkor has since then had her name cemented in our entertainment industry.. The popular Actress,Tv,Radio host is doing awesomely well to the dismay of most Ghanaians because she entered into the entertainment industry not so long ago. Currently , the actress who is also a presenter is the host for many television programs is almost everywhere. Talk of’ tales from the powder room’,the zone’ on starr fm,’guess who is coming for dinner and the most outstanding television show concept,”just the law’ which is airing on viasat one.

‘Ebenezer’ she might be uttering to herself.Thus how far the Lord has brought her after shaking the entertainment industry last year with her simple but classy wedding which made waves on social media for months.it was a beautiful sight to behold for those who made it to her big day.she is a role model to many Ghanaian ladies.Some because of the decency in her dressing and some because she is Naa


Success is not for quitters.once Naa ashorkor keeps on striving and striving hard to shine, she will.

Rumours has it that the actress is expecting a baby .time will tell how true it is.

Mavis Quaye/vivaghana.com