Accra Men’s fashion week to come on in June 2018

Accra Men’s fashion week to come on in June 2018

Accra Ghana, May 15th, 2018 –Accra Men’s Fashion Week, Ghana’s only menswear fashion showcase is set to hold its 3rd edition on the 15th and 16th of June 2018 in Accra, Ghana.

This year’s event which is also dubbed the “Man it up 2.0” follows a successful man it up edition last year. Accra Men’s Fashion Week is a multiday fashion showcase creating a platform for both Models and Men’s wear clothing & accessories designers to showcase new collections.

The Man it Up 2.0 edition will feature a Fashion Business Seminar on Friday 15th of June 2018 at Impact Hub Osu from 12pm to 4pm which is aimed at bringing together up & coming talents, established brands and other industry experts to share knowledge on Men’s Fashion, Style and how technology has improved the fashion industry.

The main event which is the runway show will be held on Saturday 16th June 2018 at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre. It will begin with a street style which will feature style influencers and fashionistas rocking their statement pieces for the season

The main runway show will begin at 7pm prompt showcasing leading Menswear Designers from Ghana as well as Designers from other African countries.

Ticket prices are 50 Cedis regular and 100 Cedis VIP and will be sold at the gate.

AMFW 18 is supported by Fashion gh, GN Electronics, Gato Negro, SuperMalt, PowerMalt, Debonairafrik, auntieoboshie, VivaGh Media (, Guyman style, TV7, MonteOz

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About Accra Men’s Fashion Week

Accra Men’s Fashion week is a yearly fashion showcase which was first held in 2016, it is organized by Fame Model Management, the aim of AMFW is to create a platform for the showcase of new collections by creative men’s wear designers and brands. We aim to bring together men’s wear designers, buyers, stockists, bloggers and consumers under one roof. Through AMFW we also aim to recognize Must Watch Emerging and Established Designers as well as Models.


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Evelyn Galle-Ansah & AY Named Faces Of Design By Barbs

Evelyn Galle-Ansah & AY Named Faces Of Design By Barbs

Teen actress from ‘The Good Old Days: For The Love of AA’ movie, Evelyn Galle-Ansah, and a Nigerian model and young actor, Ayodeji Adeshina (AY), have been named faces of Design by Barbs 2018.

The two will represent the African brand on various platforms, including promotional campaigns across the continent.

They also will be wearing Design by Barbs.

Design by Barbs is local Ghanaian fashion house which has been around for the last 16 years and has specialised in making traditional Afro-centric clothing. It also built a network making clothing for celebrities across Africa, especially East Africa.

The brand is now diversifying to do more business with people in West Africa.

Evelyn described the deal as another stepping stone for her career.

“It is amazing. You know how it feels when your dream comes true? That’s how I am feeling right now as a face of Design by Barbs. It is another great stepping stone for me,” she told NEWS-ONE on the set of a photoshoot for the collection.

She disclosed that she will be adding fashion and modelling to her acting career.

“Anything that involves creative arts, I am ready. I am crazy about it and ready to learn even if it is my first time, I like to give it my best and also challenge myself to become one of the best. So yes, fashion and modelling is one of the fields I have interest in and I will definitely love to develop that side of me as well,” she revealed.

“It is a wonderful experience for me to shoot in Ghana and I am extremely happy to represent Design by Barbs,” AY, who is also a student of the University of Lagos, said.

Apart from being a model, AY will also be featuring in upcoming films like ‘Gone 2 Soon’ with major actors such as Adjetey Anang, Zack Orji, Nana McBrown, Lydiah Gitachu, Rwandan star-Rosine Bazongere, among others.

Evelyn Galle-Ansah, who had her breakthrough in 2010 in her debut film ‘For The Love Of AA’ directed by Kwaw Ansah, is currently a final year choreography student of the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana.

She has also featured in TV series such as ‘Table of Men’, ‘Sadia’, ‘Sakumono’, ‘YOLO’ and many other film projects.

AY and Evelyn are both signed to Nonstop Africa Entertainment, an intercontinental business, which showcases the best in Africa storytelling, films, lifestyles plus sights and sounds of Africa

credit:NEWS ONE

MUST READ: Don’t Touch These 7 Parts Of Your Body With Your Hands

MUST READ: Don’t Touch These 7 Parts Of Your Body With Your Hands

1. Your face: You can use your hands to wash your face or apply skincare products, aside that, keep your hands away. When you rest your hands on a surface with germs and then use it to touch your forehead, it increases your likelihood of getting sick and breaking out too.

2. Your ear canal: You should never stick your fingers or anything else in your ears as this can tear the thin skin that lines the ear canal. If you feel an itching sensation in your ears, see an otolaryngologist rather than trying something DIY (Do It Yourself).

3. Your eyes: You can easily introduce germs into your eyes, so unless you’re putting in contacts or washing away a particle that found its way into your peepers, keep your hand away

4. Your mouth: In a landmark study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, a third to a quarter of germs tested transferred from study subjects’ fingers to their mouths. Also, there are thousands of saliva droplets that contain millions of viruses in a typical cough or sneeze. When you cover your mouth with your hands, the virus lands in your palm and its easily transferred to everything you touch.

5. The inside of your nose: In a 2006 study of ear, nose, and throat patients published in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, nose pickers were 51 percent more likely to carry Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in their schnozzes than those who kept their hands off. Try not to pick your nose. If your nose is dry, try coating it with an emollient protective barrier such as petroleum jelly or beeswax.

6. Your butt: Wiping and washing aside, don’t pick your butt. Just don’t. “The anus does contain bacteria that could potentially be harmful,” says Jared W. Klein M.D., Ph.D., medical director of the after care clinic at Harborview Medical Center. After you poop or touch your butt for any other reason, wash your hands thoroughly.

7. The Skin under Your Nails:Lots of nasty bacteria, including staph, can live there. “Picking tends to create trauma in its own right and then any bacteria or yeast can cause further problems sometimes resulting in a pattern called onycholysis, where the nail lifts off the nail bed,” says David De Berker, MRCP, consultant dermatologist at the British

Dermatology Center

Birth Of A New StreetWear Brand, Telejuju!

Birth Of A New StreetWear Brand, Telejuju!

The contemporary fashion world keeps getting exciting as it births diverse creative apparel every now and then.
A brand with name Telejuju founded in 2015 recently released a luxury streetwear collection which is totally off the hook.
It will be hard not to love their newest collection.
The Telejuju brand aims at uplifting streetwear culture and also to communicate the value of streetwear to the world.

Visit Telejuju on Instagram enjoy all that they have to offer.




By : Kalira
Facebook :Josephine Kalira Tanlongo

Abby Awuni’s ‘Fugu Plus’ on the rise in Ghana’s Fashion Landscape.

Abby Awuni’s ‘Fugu Plus’ on the rise in Ghana’s Fashion Landscape.

By: MQP| | @vivaghana


Ghana is fascinating country and an unlimited source of inspiration for upcoming Entrepreneurs. One industry that is telling the Ghanaian story through colours and fabrics is the fashion industry. There has been a phenomenal rise in fashion designers but one brand we should look out for is ‘Fugu Plus’ by budding Entrepreneur and Activist Abigail Awuni.

Fugu Plus  is an indigenous apparel making company using hand woven Fugu fabrics, Fugu Plus designs and sews beautiful ready to wear attires for all sexes for all occasions. It is a brand where Tradition meets class.

Her contemporary approach to her designs leaves patrons spoilt for choice. She recently launched an E-commerce platform that allows buyers to order online and get their fabrics delivered to their dooorsteps. Visit and choose your favourite designs and rock them in style.

Ghana has a very old and incredibly rich textile and handcrafting history : the uniqueness and the exception of its work connects it of course to Luxury and Luxury for less is all Abby Awuni has worked around since her entry into the trade.


Contact FUGU PLUS on
Tel: +233 247951118 / +233 508233404 / +233 209862752


Source: MQP| | @vivaghana

House of PAE releases its Shanin Jalamia Collection

House of PAE releases its Shanin Jalamia Collection

This collection is a combination of corporate and traditional jalamia outfit. Unlike the usual Arabian thawb that has a wider cut, no collar, sometimes no button, longer and wider sleeve.
Making the unusual, unique and stylish jalamia isnt a bad idea, the shahin jalamia collection provides you with a soft and sharp look for everyday outing.


Brand: House Of PEA @houseofpae

Styling Nd Direction: Bidemi Kevin Koya @thekevinkoya

Photography: Aremu Ifeoluwa @ifeoluwa

Make up Artist: Aishat Oluode @aishadow_beauty

Model: @classic_gbenga,@somi_val, @phemmyjosh, @Mz_morenik

IG&Twitter: @thekevinkoya