HairMuse: The Corporate Appropirate Look for the Kinks

HairMuse: The Corporate Appropirate Look for the Kinks

Nothing has excited me about my hair than the natural hair journey I made up my mind to thread in my second year during my first degree years.
Well I have a TWA as I write this but then I know my hair is definitely going to grow into a beautiful and enviable Afro. I must say it isn’t an easy task for most of us naturalists if not all to maintain and rock the hair we know you admire so muchūüėČ.

For me waking up to my natural hair each day brings me so much excitement because it’s the most amazing phase for me in my hair journey. I can confidently say the decision to maintain the natural/kinky hair look has led me to a new hair experience ,however trust me it has its downs which is one discouraging factor for a lot of people .
The one thing that poses as a challenge to most naturalists is waking up and not knowing what to do to the hair before we step out of our house.
Considering the nature of our kinks extra caution has to be exercised in styling our hair for various occasions especially in the corporate world.
The corporate world is what I’d be touching on more in this article. Well,the corporate environment is one where the look is defined to tow a certain lane. The corporate look requires that you look smart, professional and decent to a very large extent and so it would be considered inappropriate to go to work in a very corporate environment dressed in a certain way which does not shout smartness or professionalism.

I am however of the opinion that in as much as having some aspect of your life controlled can be irritating sometimes ,it is important that you do what is expected of you in your world of work; after all it’s just a matter of spending a few hours there the rest of the hours are yours to be liberated.

This applies to us naturalists who want to feel comfortable and free with our natural hair updos. Unfortunately for us the messy updos tend to be our unique and beautiful look for the hair.
Meanwhile finding ourselves in the corporate world only means that we should figure out the most decent and neatest updos for our hair at least for the period we would be in our corporate environment.
Well that shouldn’t be a problem now since I am about to give you some gist on how well that can be done without any worries.

* Low Cuts
First , there are some people who are very much aware that they would not be able to make time to style their hair due to their daily routines no matter how much time they squeeze for it and so they decide to maintain a low cut which is very classy.
Low cuts can be very classy and decent if we know how to maintain them . It is undeniably daring to get this look and I must say I admire women who confidently go for the “daring look” . The look is known to reveal the full definition of your face and lot of us naturals are found rocking the look with a touch of spot on make up.

IMG_1361                                                                            A Low Cut 

For the sake of people who are not familiar with natural hair terminology and for my dear friends who have just begun the natural hair journey.
I bet you’ve seen a lot of ladies in the naturalist game mention TWA a couple of times. Well don’t fret it only means a Teeny Weeny Afro.
In my opinion it’s one of the natural hair dos you can easily maintain. For the corporate world you can rock the TWA look by employing the LOC method and then combing the hair to achieve a decent and desirable look while avoiding uneven edges. Tip * Part the hair into four and comb each part from the ends to the root in order to achieve the perfect look for your TWA.
You can as well get a well tapered look for your TWA.



                                                             Teeny Weeny Afro(TWA)


IMG_1363                                                                                     Tapered Teeny Weeny Afro

* A Pony
A pony with slick edges for your beautiful natural hair can never go wrong for the corporate look. Depending on how much mane you’ve got on you could either pull off a high pony or the regular ponytail.
One other beautiful thing about going with the pony is that you have the option to include a bun extension which comes in amazing and decent forms.
Ensure your edges are well laid and the pony held up in your desired choice to rock this look for the corporate world.



                                                    High Pony with Slick Edges

photo credit : @thisgirlisata


IMG_1365                                                            Regular ponytail
Photo credit :@aphro_baang












                                         Bun Extension Ponytails 


Oh yeah twists another easy look you can achieve for your hair and the good thing is they are pain free and very easy to maintain. It’s one of the most popular looks naturalists have in my country Ghana. It’s cost effective and it gives you the “I’m rocking -my -own -hair kinda look” if you get what I mean. Luckily for people like me who have really short hair we have the opportunity to add on some kinky extension to give us more length and volume the way we want it.


Twists (Photo Credit: HairMuse)
Well these are the four hair dos I’d recommend for a corporate appropriate look for us naturalists for now. I’m still on the discovery journey for more of them which would come in handy. And YES! I’d definitely share with you guys when I do.

I also hope you’re enjoying and making the best out of your hair journey…Have fun and catch you soon.
Written by : Kalira Tanlongo
(Writer at

Lexx Abbey Releases its first fashion Illustration Editorial “Seven Deadly Sins”.

Lexx Abbey Releases its first fashion Illustration Editorial “Seven Deadly Sins”.

Lexx Abbey is a fashion illustration brand owned by Lexx Sokari Abbey. The brand is just a tip of the iceberg of the plans Mr Abbey has for the African fashion industry.¬†The brand, Lexx Abbey, was born purely out of talent and creativity, no training, no pressure. It started merely as a hobby, grew into a dream, and today -by God’s grace- a brand.We are glad to release our first illustration Editorial “Seven Deadly Sins”
Queen Purple: her sexy is exuded effortlessly owing mostly to her charisma and carriage. She looks down on people with an audacious suave that makes the victim want to fall at her feet and worship her.
She is proud and sexy. She doesn’t care what the world thinks of her. Her personal thoughts are just about enough. She is difficult to please but simple enough to incite lust into the most pure of hearts.
She is a representation of the SIN OF PRIDE. Biblically represented by the PEACOCK and the COLOR PURPLE.


Queen Red: This queen represents all that is fiery. A dominatrix, she is a goddess in her realm. Lashing out with hot invectives that gets the job done. Queen Red represents confidence and bravado. Like her gravatar, the Lion, she lies in wait patiently and once stirred, doesn’t fail to make an impact on her victim.
She is fierce and still manages to exude sexiness with her domineering presence.
She is a representation of the SIN OF WRATH.
Accompanied by the ROARING LION and represented with a FIERY RED color.


Queen Green: The most sly of them all. She uses her cunning and does it to perfection. So much so that even when found out, she slips through in that stealth manner that not only leaves you awe-stricken but renders one powerless.
Like the snake, her beauty is toxic. Gets into your system and fills you up with poison. Have a lot of her and you are quenched, have little of her and you starve.
She is the SIN OF ENVY. represented by the SNAKE and always seen with the COLOR GREEN.


Queen Pink: The sexiest. She shoots fireballs of passion from the groins of men to the moist crevices of women. Her sexiness is edgy and daring. She pays no mind to whatever is said about her. Even those who speak ill, fall to her feet in order to have a taste of her sensual juices.
She is the seductress. Brings little pieces of fabrics to create the perfect illusion.
Like the goat, she is obstinate in her sensuality and daring in her seduction.
She poses as the SIN OF LUST.
Represented by the GOAT and the COLOR PINK.


Queen Yellow/Gold: she would leave you bankrupt and smiling. Very stealth, very cunning and very beautiful. She is the queen of extortion. Her piece is donned on to excite you, her wits are there to enchant you and her brains would exploit you.
Like the fox, she is dangerously cute and brazenly smart. Be wary, be careful ‘cos you would always be pushed to touch but do not linger for long.
She doesn’t play with garnering as much as she can. She makes greed a virtue.
She represents the SIN OF GREED, posing in the COLOR GOLD and accompanied by the CUNNING FOX.


Queen Blue: she is the sloth queen. Lazy, sluggish and recreational. She doesn’t like to do anything but manages to gain it all. Her slug-like behavior endears you. She is that queen that doesn’t need to dictate. The slow movement of her hands, the quiet swings of her synched waist do all the work.
Like the snail, she retracts when threatened. Doesn’t like violence but manages to get the work done.
She is the the SIN OF SLOTH. Represented by THE SLUG and the color PALE BLUE.


Queen Orange: Curvy, sexy, raunchy represent this queen. She takes it all not minding how much she has stashed already.
She represents the African woman. Fleshy in all the right places to stimulate the most rigid of hearts. She isn’t ashamed to peddle the sin of gluttony.
She poses as the SIN OF GLUTTONY. Dressed in the COLOR ORANGE and represented by the SWINE


Illustrator: lexx Abbey
Content Editor: Danyels Izuchukwu
Art director: Bidemi Kevin Koya

Various African Designers Set To Celebrate Ghana At 60 At Accra Fashion Week With Massive Fashion Festival

Various African Designers Set To Celebrate Ghana At 60 At Accra Fashion Week With Massive Fashion Festival


Accra Fashion Week 2017 is already set for 3-8th October, and this year, the organizers promise it’s even going to be bigger than last years which saw the participation of 14 countries and even more foreign visitors to the country.

The 2016 event pushed tremendous barriers and was the first of it’s kind to hold 3 full days worth of fashion activities from early afternoon to late night. This year will see participation from even more countries in addition to the previous, this time including Kenya, Belgium, Niger, France, Botswana and possibly more before the close of the designer registration in mid August.


Some of the new brands include Magushi Doll from Zambia, Zizi Africa from Kenya, The Jireh Couture from Belgium, Alia Bare from Niger, Nacho Designs by Chuks from Nigeria, and possibly the first ever Botswana designer to showcase in Ghana, Thabi D. They will showcase alongside previous designers that wowed last year such as Mark Johnson from UK, Jants Collection, Bri Wireduah, Afre Anko and much more from Ghana.

The organizers stated “Ghana at 60 doesn’t come twice, in fact this decade of celebration is a very life long awaited opportunity, Ghana paved the way for independence in Africa, it only makes sense that we treat this as a massive celebration for all of Africa and our fashion enthusiasts and friends from the west.” – Afrakoma

“A lot of foreign countries loved the event last year, yes we had our hiccups as it was the first, but we still managed to amaze the nation and pull of a great show. So this time we want to shock Africa. But not only with an amazing show, we want to really deepen the ethics of fashion in Ghana and turning it into a business and an economic changing factor in the country, and we believe at this stage Accra Fashion Week is the event with the capacity to do so. The whole world is invited, and we will also present amazing hotel deals on our website”

For more information on Accra Fashion Week, visit

What To Expect From Afro Mod Trends Show At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017

What To Expect From Afro Mod Trends Show At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017

CEO of AfroMod Trends Ami Yomekpe was joined by Victoria Michaels on her journey to South Africa to Showcase at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017. The Ghanaian brand that is currently topping the headlines recently upgraded and refurbished her shop in a new location in Oxford Street, Ghana. AfroMod is a contemporary, Ghanaian womenswear brand featuring ready-to-wear afro-fusion outfits and luxury bespoke garments.

The young Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur is set to shock audiences at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 with her A/W collection ‘The African Gatsby’.


According to the brand “The collection represents the imagination of an African Gatsby party full of luxury, glamor and splendor set in the 1920‚Äôs but with a modern African twist. The 1920s was a time of great changes in the world of fashion for women. There was an introduction of new styles, designers, and perspectives. With this new feeling of power, fashion became a high priority of the majority of women during the time. This era redefined womanhood and, in appearance at least, bridged the gap between rich and middle class women.”

Her vision with this collection is to showcase a glamorous African woman in luxurious afro-fusion garments inspired by the Great Gatsby. With African inspired fabrics from Printex Limited, this collection shows the beauty of the feminine form with details to project its luxurious feel.




It’s my life’s dream to become a powerful woman and a change maker. Empowering women to build self confidence through personal style.
While on my style journey, the one experience commonly shared by women who have endeavored to step up their confidence and self esteem game is dealing with other women who instead of supporting, rather sabotage them.
Making aggressively negative judgements and less flattering comments about other women’s appearance and their personal style.
Fashion Bullying is reaching a new level because people feel and think you need their approval to project your personal style.
Most people are afraid to dress a little cuter because they are afraid of what others might think or say.
When you dress up for the sake and approval of other people, you lose the ability to experience your authentic self…the you that needs to be celebrated will be lost to low self esteem.
During a style session, I met a friend, let’s call her Adzovi..she told her story..its a story I hear all too often and there are so many of us out there who have shared experiences. This was her story;

“Growing up, I wanted to be a “fashionista”, a trend setter, the first to always wear something new. I was almost always seen looking through magazines for inspirations.
Like anyone, I enjoyed the compliments that comes when I put pieces together, it makes me gush.
But my confidence crushed one fateful day when I decided to try a new outfit.
I posted a cute but weird outfit on Social media. I loved the feeling of confidence that came with putting together that beautiful outfit. The outfit meant everything to me. I had no idea that that outfit would receive so much attention.
People left hurtful comments on the picture. I began reading the most disgusting and brutal comments about myself.
I have always admired women who aren’t constrained by the pressure put on them and don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of their dress sense, I looked at myself as one but not during these style crushing moments.
To believe that, these comments came from fellow women. Some called me “slut” “Whore” Cheap”
“Tacky” “Cheesy” “Unsophisticated” “Ugly” ..women are indeed their own enemies.
I felt pathetic and the only one I could talk to was a friend, who instead of consoling me, read the comments and laughed at me.
I began living in days where I hate myself and wish I didn’t embark on this journey after all.
I then decided to distant myself from my childhood dreams and focus on something that wouldn’t put me in a situation that will make me feel powerless”

After speaking to her, I explained to her that she wasn’t alone. Only few women admire confidence in other women and they only do so because they know what is required to develop confidence.

Personally, I have come to realize that, being fashionable and stylish means more than just wearing trendy outfits, who you are is probably never going to change and no matter where life takes you, you will inevitably come across others who think they know what’s best for you.

There’s always another chance to shape and elevate your self confidence and eliminate every insecurity that will prevent you from living as your authentic self.
You can only care less about what people say about you when you step up your confidence and self esteem game. People’s hurtful comments does not determine your self worth.
No matter what others perceive, your story is your story, no one can tell it better that you.
Every Queen has a story I believe is unique and must be told.

Join the #MyStyleMyWorth Confidence Campaign. The campaign is aimed at bringing together queens with similar stories who will share their experiences and wonderful secrets on building and managing confidence as well as personal style.
Queens will be empowered to desist from living by fashion trends solely and focus on finding themselves and live for who they really are and not what they should be.

Dear Queens, let’s Pause and embrace a fellow Queen’s Swag.

Written by: Akuvi Adjabs

Getting Ready for  “The Photo Session”.

Getting Ready for “The Photo Session”.

Photo Sessions have become the order of the day for us in this age such that we hardly appreciate the beautiful selfies our smartphones provide us on a regular day. Just as the photography business keeps expanding and there is the emergence of so many photographers so is there the high demand of a lot of people for Photo Sessions (PhotoShoots).

It is not disputable that many of us want to get professional memories of us captured and also get the “I’m- a-model feeling”.
Personally I had a photo session recently I felt really good about it and I kept saying to myself ,jeez!….why am I not on billboards yet…lol. That’s what I refer to as the “I’m a model feeling”.
Well, in as much as we admire these beautiful photo session pictures of our friends and social media followers we also want to get these professional photographs of us. But really what stops us ? Procrastination? Not knowing who to contact ? Not knowing where to start from ?
Most of these photos are staged unless of course you’re unknowingly captured at an event and it may look so easy. But then ¬†when you are ready to get a photo session done it might not be as easy for you as you thought especially when you’re looking forward to creating the “perfect picture”. There’s a lot that goes in to booking for a photo session .

  1. Visualize Your Concept 

For me the first thing I’d advice that you consider is to visualize the images you want to achieve in the end. Visualizing makes it easy for you to know the concept you’re going to be working with. It also makes it easy for the photographer you’re working with to advice accordingly if you have difficulty making a location choice considering the amount of experience he has gathered over the period he has been working as a photographer. Oh and if you’ve run out of ideas you could fall back on help from Pinterest and Tumblr which are my go to places when I’m running short of ideas. How could I forget the best friend of us 21st Century Kids, google. There’s so much ideas you can get from the internet lately. Take advantage hun!

2. Pick Out Your Costume/ Props

The next thing to do is to get your costume or your props put together once you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve at the end of the session. Be sure to get the right costume. If making the choice of a costume proves difficult it’s advisable to contact a stylist if you are able to afford one. Otherwise just fish out one of your friends who is trendy and has all the fashion info you might need.

3. Talk to a Photographer 

Make contact with the photographer. It’s important to make an early booking with the photographer instead of waiting till it’s a day to the date you set personally. Doing that would only go against you since you would end up not having your session done on the day you actually planned for it. The demand for photographers is really high lately and so they might have bookings every other day. An early booking puts you on their schedule and if any changes have to be done with regards to your booking because it’s an early one it makes it easy to make the changes.

4. Prepare for that Face Beat

For some of us who suck at making up ourselves we’d always fall back on our talented MUAs to get our face beats done. If you don’t fall in this category and you’re a pro at getting a face beat by yourself then you’re the luckiest person at this point.
Get face slayed on that day and save yourself some money. If you’re like me then get ready to pay to get that face beat done by your favorite MUA.
It is also important to give the MUA a visual representation of the photo session. Discuss the look that would work perfectly with the concept and you’re good to go.


5. Now the location.

Once you know the concept that you want to create out of the photo session it is important that the location is keenly selected. This is due to the fact that the concept’s ability to come to life the way it should to some extent depends on the location of the Photo Session. For instance if I am to make a choice for the Professional Look concept I would either have my location in an office setting or a studio setting to get the professional look done. The selection of a good location for various concepts deserves a different article which I would write soon. It is also good to consult your photographer to assist with making a choice of locations. Proceed to make the necessary arrangements for the decided location in order to prevent property owners’ from questioning you on your big photo session day.


It all looks well planned figured out but making the Photo Session come to life all depends on you , the efforts you put into making the session come alive and I’d like to also say in planning for the photo session you need to add time consciousness as a part of the preparation list.
From the few Photographers and Stylists I have spoken to or worked with one thing that irks them about a client is when they are not time conscious. Time is important to everyone but for people in this profession time is extremely important, so take due note and don’t let your lateness ruin the fun moments you might have during the photo session.
And oh! Make sure you’re in a lit mood on the day…..

Written by: Josephine Kalira Tanlongo