DMG Official Spring/Summer 2016 Collection ‘R E N A I S S A C E’

DMG Official Spring/Summer 2016 Collection ‘R E N A I S S A C E’

Beauty comes with ART Fashion comes with BEAUTY and ART; RENAISSANCE is a merge of Beauty Art & Fashion..
  We are glad to present to you the DMG spring/summer collection ‘R E N A I S S A N C E’ a Collection inspired by the embedding desire to capture the beauty of women not withstanding the age difference, the body type or shape. Women are a great vessel to the era of the human race and with immense understanding of a woman’s life in this 19th century, we discover evert woman wants to look chic, beautiful, fashionable and stylish! Which is why we decided to ‘give every specie a bite of their own flesh’ with designs and colours featuring dark colours to pink known the supposed to be love of every lady not exempting dark colours that are edgy to florals bright & shady, details , cut outs and capes and palazzo. The pieces which is meant to be suitable for the 20s to the 30s 40s to the 60s. It’s indeed a time of change, a time of the new era, a time to be that RENAISSANCE LADY in DMG!
   Designer: DMG
  Models: Charity Owoh (@charityOwoh) & Lynda Ify
  Stylist: Vane Karolle (@vanekarolle)
   Make-up artist: Chykar Olebu (@chykar_p)
   Shoot director: Kevin Koya (@thekevinkoya)
   Photography: Ayo Alasi (@ayoalasi)
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All is set for the grand audition of the third season of the Mr. Model Africa competition (formerly Mr. Model Ghana) on Saturday July 23, 2016 at the Impact Hub Osu (near Ako Adjei Park) at 9am.

Created in 2014 by Fame Model Management, Mr. Model Africa competition is an annual talent show that scouts for African men who yearn to make a career in the world of modelling.

Our goal, to journey young men through an experience of a lifetime that will mould them into savvy, insightful, goal-oriented models who manifest these characteristics in their everyday lives to enhance their personal and humanitarian goals in view of providing useful assistance to others in our society, as well as in their careers.

Ultimately, we aspire to find the ideal young male model who will project the African culture at the international frontier through fashion- an individual who is ready to take on the world as a young entrepreneur, a youth ambassador, a celebrity, and a role model.

The competition is open to all African citizens living or schooling in Ghana who are between 18 and 29 years, at least 5’11 or taller with or without any prior modelling experience but desire to build a career in modelling.                                                               Potential contestants can pick up forms on audition day or download participation forms at and follow the instructions or visit our facebook or instagram accounts @mrmodelafrica  or call 0243150698 any further information.

The Rise and Rise of Anita- Pearl ‘The Female Painter’

The Rise and Rise of Anita- Pearl ‘The Female Painter’

Anita-Pearl Ankor who is a graduate of the University of Ghana, with a major in Post-Harvest Technology, Agricultural Science is making impressive waves in the art and creativity world. She doesn’t completely put away her course of study in the University but she discovers her talent after twenty years and decides to develop it, Anita-Pearl who is now CEO of Nytaz Art believes she would have been making bigger waves if she did take her drawing and creative skills more seriously when she was younger, but of course everything happens for a reason and just after getting done with school, “The Female Painter” Anita-Pearl fully blossomed. Get to know more about this talented lady in the interview below.


VVGH: Hello! How is your pretty-self doing?


Anita- Pearl: hi! I am awesome.


VVGH: Wow! Female Painter… How did it all start for you?


Anita-Pearl: It really baffles me when I think about how I got here.

So, Anita-Pearl started with doing pencil portrait almost two years ago, it was during this period that a good friend of mine showed me what beautiful things he does to walls, I saw this and I was soo in love with it, that was when I decided I wanted to paint, I mean, I could sleep and all I will dream about is painting … Haha


But I couldn’t start practicing just yet because of my final year project in school I had no time to spare. So I actually started painting in October 2015 when I completed the university.


I just entered the space I was given with no idea what I was going to do.

So then, I went back home, sat behind my sketch pad n put an idea on paper, described it to my client the next day and he loved it.

I went ahead and did my thing and BAM! I knew my life’s purpose was to be a painter.


VVGH: How long did it take for you to discover your talent?


Anita-Pearl: I always knew I could draw, I was one of those students who would design writing pads for people to write their letters and draw diagrams on the board for the class to draw but, it took me about 20years to finally accept what I have and take it seriously.

Being a girl with a science background was not exactly a motivation… Lol!


VVGH: Did you enrol in any institution to be this good?


Anita-Pearl: No please, I never enrolled in any art institution, the only art I ever did was calabash art (Pre-Vocational Skills) in Junior High School… But I wish I had pursued art though, I am pretty certain I would be making bigger waves if I did, but well, everything happens for a purpose.


VVGH: How far have you gone with painting? How challenging has it been for you as a female artist?


Anita-Pearl: How far? Hehe…That’s pretty relative, for someone who has been painting in less than a year I think I am exactly where I am supposed to be now.

Well, truth be told it hasn’t been so challenging, I mean, I have been able to handle every situation well and professionally.


VVGH: What makes your work standout?


Anita-Pearl: my apprentices and I make certain we never leave a client’s place with paint drops or paint splatter on the floor if there’s any, we clean the floors and make sure it’s better than how we met it , in this kind of work it’s the finishing that really matters, that’s what will make your work come out beautiful.

With the drawings, I believe it boils down to my finishing and packaging.


VVGH: What is your creative process like?


Anita-Pearl: Most people don’t like change and are sometimes scared to try something new to their space, I try as much as I can to sell the idea of new designs, and some leave it to me to do what I think its best.

So, my creative process, I ask clients how they want their space to look, some don’t know but with those who know I ask them to describe or send photos of the design they want, so, if what they send is good I work around it, I try to make it mine, and I always try as much as possible not to repeat an idea, some insist on me doing same designs they send me.

Most times I sit alone behind my sketch pad and put down ideas I will love to execute.



VVGH: What are your hobbies?


Anita-Pearl: Wow, haha…ok let’s see; writing, reading, drawing, swimming, cooking, playing basketball.


VVGH: What are your long term goals with regards to your work as an artist?


Anita-Pearl: let me just say one, I want to create an organization where talented children especially girls are given the avenue to develop what they have.



VVGH: What do you think is the role of an artist in society?


Anita-Pearl: An artist has many roles in the society… But most importantly, an artist must help increase the aesthetic value of their surroundings.

We Artists’ have that unique ability to engage individuals in a very deep and personal way; I guess that’s why they say we are romantic, haha.

Art is actually therapeutic; its helps the depressed and the stressed, participating in arts and crafts can actually help delay dementia during old age, hence, where ever an artist is, that impact must be felt.

Also, artists must help in their own way record history through what they do…

A good example is the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci; it has inspired all forms of art and keeps reminding us (humans) of our beauty, strength, fragility and dreams.



VVGH: What has been your most seminal experience?


Anita-Pearl: I am working on this project with an interior decorator, we are not done yet though but, it has given me a lot of exposure… I can’t really say much about it now because we are just halfway through.



VVGH: Of all the paintings you have done which is your favourite?

Anita-Pearl: Eerrm, it’s this one I did for a lady at Dansoman (Accra) red and magnolia were the colours used, I went there with a particular design in mind, but as I put my brush on the walls I ended up doing something entirely different and I loved it and I still do…

VVGH: Can you share with us a real life situation that has inspired you?


Anita-Pearl: I always say this, I get inspired day in and out in so many ways. What really gets to me is the reaction of my clients .When I started this, as weird as it may sound I liked to be left alone with the walls and the paints with no distraction or whatsoever, I literally asked clients to stay away from the work area, they were permitted to enter only when I was through, it just felt a tad uneasy with all the peering eyes, lol.

So I did this work at Tema , and as usual the client was barred from entering his home , so I finished and called him to come home, that’s when I got really nervous, because in my mind I didn’t  know if the client was going to like it or hate it , he entered his hall and just stood there with a dropped jaw and widely opened eyes, and it was like time had literally frozen for like 10minutes , it was the type of expression that keeps you wondering if you had done it right or wrong. So I just stood there waiting for a comment… lol.

So my nerves were on a rampage n I dropped my eyes to look at my feet. That’s when I heard it, ” Wow!, did dwarves come to help you guys work? I am confused right now, I knew you were good but no one warned me you were this good so I wasn’t ready for this” 

Then he followed that with a clap.

This is always replaying in my head, it’s one of the random things I remember and just smile.





VVGH: Who is Anita Pearl if she is not working as an artist?

Anita-Pearl: Usually when people ask who is Anita-Pearl I say, “a painter”, but now I am being asked in a situation where I am not working as an artist…

Let’s see; Anita-pearl is an only Daughter, a full time responsible elder sister, a friend, a traveller and an agriculturist.


VVGH: Any memorable responses to your work?


Anita-Pearl: Totally!!

“Amazeballs!!”  Is this my hall??”

“Wait, someone else does this and you just put your signature on it right?”

“Anita-pearl you will go far and I will do anything in my power to help”

“What! Please when are you doing my hall too?”

“Marry me”

I think that’s enough, I could go on and on.


VVGH: What do you like about the world of art?


Anita-Pearl: It’s just beautiful and free, it allows me to gear my emotions towards making beautiful things, be it happiness or sadness. It has made me realise emotions are there for a reason.


VVGH: Which artists do you look up to?


Anita-Pearl: David Walker and the Nsakie brothers.


VVGH: What is the best advice you have been given?

An: Never forget to thank God.



Name: Anita-Pearl M.. Ankor

CEO of Nytaz art

Age: 23


Tel number: 0244973919




Instagram: @the_female_painter


Twitter: anitapearl1

VivaGhana talks to Fashion Lifestyle brand ‘Let’s Make a Difference’

VivaGhana talks to Fashion Lifestyle brand ‘Let’s Make a Difference’

VVGH: Hello, How are you guys doing today?

LMAD: We are fine thank you. How are you doing as well?

VVGH: Can you tell us about Lets Make a Difference?

LMAD: LetsMakeADifference is a creative bay with the idea and the voice behind men’s street fashion lifestyle in Ghana which combines ideas of genius creativity to showcase style and art in a different dimension.

VVGH: Why the brands name, “Let’s Make a Difference”?

LMAD:  LetsMakeADifference was ones ”Afromania” because of our interest in the old school life style of living which was clothing, language, food and art but later through learning and research on ways to better our style of craft we also had interest in the ‘new school’ so we fused both to come up with the name LetsMakeADifference because it depicts what we do now.

VVGH: How did you two meet? And what inspired the idea behind “Let’s Make a Difference”?

LMAD: How we met is a little bit interesting. We met through social media even though we lived in the same vicinity we got to know each other because of the unique talent we both possessed. We met in person and the journey begun.


VVGH: What inspires your concepts?

LMAD:  Our concepts are mostly inspired by the environment, nature and people around us.

VVGH: How have people responded to the “Let’s Make a Difference” Concepts so far?

LMAD: The response with regards to what we do has been overwhelming so far. It is a great feeling getting response from different parts of the world backing you up on what you do. It has been positive so far.

VVGH: How long has it been since you started?

LMAD: It has been 3 years since we started this.

VVGH: What have your challenges been? And how do you two overcome these challenges?

LMAD: We have encountered a number of challenges but we always find ways to overcome them. To mention a few money, in terms of creating a high budgeted visuals, equipment for high quality and standard visuals to meet the taste of art lovers and also location restrictions.

e99f81f1-ca1b-457c-8cd8-a3797ddb48e2 bdabe263-915c-4e74-9914-0b1eae7d7b41 b5e68405-3e2d-4fb2-86ec-4b8b4860f0fc

VVGH: What should we expect from #Team “Let’s Make a Difference” in two years?

LMAD: There are so many exciting things you should expect from us in the next two years two. We are looking forward to working with a number of creative brands, influencing men’s street urban lifestyle and also organizing workshops to feed off others based on what we have learnt and acquired in the industry so far.

VVGH: Aside telling stories through your creative photographs, Is there any other thing we should expect to see from “Let’s Make a Difference”?
LMAD: Aside telling stories through visuals you should expect something great which we can’t spill out for now because it’s a surprise to our fans.

VVGH: What do you think about the Ghanaian and African Fashion Industry?

LMAD: Ghanaian and African fashion has evolved to a large extent in the 21st century. We have fashion designers from Ghana styling individuals in the western countries. When it’s comes to modelling we can boast of people like Destiny Owusu.


VVGH: Have you worked with any brands yet?

LMAD: We’ve worked with a couple of some brands like Sibahle (a South African feminine magazine where we created a visual for the cover in their 2nd issue), MotherlandKrooks (an American men apparel which we created a street look book for their 2015 collection), Radford University (Where we gave a live commentary on their 2015 final year students fashion show through social media). We also worked with Donodidio (which we created a colourful look book for their men’s collection). These are some of the brands we’ve worked with so far.

VVGH: What keeps the team going?

LMAD: Desire, Dedication and Team Work keep the team going.

VVGH: What are you two doing if you’re not working on a Let’s Make a Difference Concept?

LMAD: Researching and getting our information right like watching pictures and videos as much as we can to better our craft.


VVGH: What do you think about

LMAD: is a platform which seeks to tell the Ghanaian story in terms of  entertainment , arts & culture, lifestyle and fashion and it also  gives a platform for people like us to tell our story when it comes to art and fashion.

VVGH: Any final words?

LMAD: Stay exclusive, don’t be everywhere, don’t evolve yourself with just anyone, attach a little mystery to your life.