Turning social media into a traditional African market place. Meet Elsie, the Princess of the ‘new Agbogbloshie’

Turning social media into a traditional African market place. Meet Elsie, the Princess of the ‘new Agbogbloshie’

Elsie Ewudzie-Sampson is a professional female Graphic Designer at one of Ghana’s premier television stations, GHOne TV. She holds Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Design from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology -KNUST, Kumasi.

Elsie’s love for colours has not only influenced her profession as a designer and an artist, but also a major inspiration in morphing vibrant traditional African market avenue through the power of social media. “My love for colours drew me close to fruits, vegetables and local food ingredients, though cooking isn’t my hobby, I love to see fruits and vegetables properly packages and presented so they don’t lose their natural colour or look. I am a workaholic, I work almost every day of the week and when I am free I love to sit by my computer or stay indoors all day”

In the piece below, Elsie explained to us how she transformed her passion to start an online foodstuff delivery service in Ghana.

Her startup business: BIG SAMPS MARKET – Y’3nk) Gyaadze

Going to the market is a headache for me, tight schedule, family to be with and all that. This has been my life for a while, I also realised it’s the same with most of my colleagues and my friends. Noticing that busy schedules keep people of my calibre away from making time to go to the market to get their foodstuff, and even when you want to go, the stress and the traffic involved sometimes. I decided to come up with something that will help people like me while considering convenience, quality and cost. In Accra, when you mention ‘Agbogbloshie’ cheap or affordable groceries come to mind, so after all the plans and after a simple comment during one of my “Word of Mouth” marketing sessions, I got the “Mall quality” groceries at “Agbogbloshie” prices phrase. Now you can call me Adwoa “Agbogbloshie”
This Idea actually came up when I was in school in 2013, but I couldn’t implement it immediately due to inadequate funds. But I still decided to start it when I was in my final year in school in 2015. I made deliveries myself on foot just to see it work on campus.

Becoming a professional graphic designer and finding myself in a male dominating industry is one of my success stories and motivation. For new start-ups like Big Samps I wish us all the best. I’ve failed thrice but I never gave up. We can do it.

Instagram: big_sampsgh
Facebook: Big Samps
Twitter: big_sampsgh
Whatsapp: +233 549964842
Call: +233 501372047

Glitz Africa Announces Style Icon for This Year’s Glitz Style Awards.

Glitz Africa Announces Style Icon for This Year’s Glitz Style Awards.

Glitz Africa is back with the 3rd Edition of the Glitz Style Awards. The Glitz Style Awards Event is one of Africa’s highly anticipated awards show.

The event basically seeks to celebrate individuals who are setting trends and defying odds with their fashion style. It also aims at strengthening the growing fashion industry by establishing, developing and promoting international industry standards in Ghana.


Out of the 16 categories the awards scheme has the Board decides who wins a particular category which is the Style Icon of the year.


IMG_1458Glitz Africa has however announced the Second Lady of Ghana, H.E Samira Bawumia to be honored as the Style Icon at this year’s Glitz Style Awards set to happen on the 19th of August, 2017 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel.





10 Social Media marketing tips you should know

10 Social Media marketing tips you should know

Ahead of our stage play, #Tribeless, I shared these utterly essential tips with my team and I think it would help you, too.
1. Never forget to add a brief information to any image/video you share. No one may download it.
2. Be mindful of the times you share content on social media, especially, WhatsApp. You become a nuisance if you send too many stuff!
Don’t send pieces too early or too late.
If, for instance, you’ve three different stuff to share, you can share them at a 6 hour interval.
Facebook, Twitter and IG do have peak periods when stuff you share may have the maximum reach. Such peak times include early morning like 7am, mid – afternoon between 12-2pm or evening between 6-8pm.
3. Don’t use shorthand when adding a brief to a content you’ve shared.
4. The brief you add to content you share must be exciting. People are curious. The more excitement/suspense there is in your brief, the more they would dare to download!
5. Don’t unnecessarily tag people on Facebook unless whatever you’re saying concerns them!
6. Don’t use too long hashtags. They’re not only boring but hard to discern, too!
7. As much as you can, don’t send the same content repeatedly to the same person/target group. You may just be blocked soon. Be creative enough!
8. Every social media platform has a specific content it favors. Facebook is for both images and long talk. On Twitter, always be brief. IG is majorly pictures and brevity of speech. Take note.
8. When adding a brief to a video or image you’re sharing, let it be concise. No long talk. Just a line or two. That’s why it’s called a brief!
9. If you can say something better as/with an image, don’t say it without it!
10. Don’t forget specificity in your hashtags. For instance, use #Sept16,17 to make audience know exactly when the date is.
By; Kobina Ansah
#Tribeless 🔥🔥🔥
Facebook- Kobina Ansah
Twitter- @koby_ansah
IG- @ansahkobina
Amazing African Print Inspired Bags By Ramafrique

Amazing African Print Inspired Bags By Ramafrique

We totally love African Print inspired apparels and fashion accessories. Isn’t it amazing how much we as Africans and even the western world have grown toappreciate African Print to the extent that we have drifted from the restrictive use of the prints strictly for kaba and slit ?

We at VivaGhana can’t seem to get over African Print inspired pieces and that is why the Ramafrique brand is one of our favorite brands when it comes to African Print inspirations.

RamaFrique is a contemporary Ghanaian fashion brand which is known  for producing beautiful African Print Accessories. It is a brand dedicated to speaking the culture and beliefs of Africa through prints. The prints have meanings that portray AFricans beliefs and buttress the African perspective of life.Ramafrique aims at creating a world where African prints are adored and celebrated by all.


In a recent chat with the CEO of RamaFrique Awurama Kena- Asiedu a young graduate of the University of Ghana, we had these questions to ask her;

VVGH:What inspired the brand?

RA: The brand started out of desperation to get my favourite bag fixed.I hadn’t used it in a long while and the leather was beginning to wear off. On bad hair days I would wrap my head with a print scarf and proudly set out. It made sense to wrap my bag with a print that would match with a scarf. I was amazed at the level of interest shown by friends and family.I knew I had discovered Gold; Ramafrique


VVGH: What about African print excites u?

RA: My Granny has always been a lover of African prints.She would hand over a piece of cloth to u and with a broad smile on her face she would name the cloth and explain vividly. I was mostly excited about the varied colors and patterns..knowing their meanings only made me fall in love with prints inches deeper.

VVGH : When did you start designing bags and why?

RA: I did my 1st piece in 2013 (level 200) ,when I wrapped my favourite bag.I did that for a couple of friends.But truth is aside the nostalgia attached to the bag being wrapped I always found it relatively ideal to own a new bag than wrap the old.I did a couple of retailing of print bags and accessories and now I own one that makes the bags!


VVGH : What is the production process?

RA: Ramafrique bags are crafted from scratch with African prints and the finest of leather,some made from plastic waste and others, natural leather. People wonder how these are done in Ghana. Well, Ghana is a land of gold, I dug deep and found Ramafrique.

VVGH: What type of customer do you have in mind when creating your design?

RA: My customer is a blend of vintage and tradition lover. One who believes African prints can be rocked in exotic and local ways.One who loves the colour of prints and appreciattes with blend with a little or no leather.


VVGH: What does the brand hope to achieve in the near future?

RA: Currently, Ramafrique is more of a bag designer. I hope to expand my horizon outside Ghana…outside Africa and definitely thinking of going beyond the bags; Let’s see how it goes.


VVGH: What is your greatest challenge in the business?

RA: I’m always in awe when I start shopping for fabrics. It feels like being in a room full of crystals and just not knowing how and what to even pick. African prints are too beautiful!.I think that will forever be my problem.lol!. I never know which ones to leave out. Oh and the unique preference of each customer in terms of prints!


VVGH: What keeps you going?

RA: My determination, passion and drive for what I do, my trust in God to see me through every step, as well as the support from my family and friends.

VVGH: What have you planned for 2017?

RA: Its definitely a year of growth for me. I see breakthroughs and I have a million ideas. Time is flying pretty fast.Let’s see what 2017 has for us. Fingers crossed.

Have a good read ….


HairMuse: The Corporate Appropirate Look for the Kinks

HairMuse: The Corporate Appropirate Look for the Kinks

Nothing has excited me about my hair than the natural hair journey I made up my mind to thread in my second year during my first degree years.
Well I have a TWA as I write this but then I know my hair is definitely going to grow into a beautiful and enviable Afro. I must say it isn’t an easy task for most of us naturalists if not all to maintain and rock the hair we know you admire so much😉.

For me waking up to my natural hair each day brings me so much excitement because it’s the most amazing phase for me in my hair journey. I can confidently say the decision to maintain the natural/kinky hair look has led me to a new hair experience ,however trust me it has its downs which is one discouraging factor for a lot of people .
The one thing that poses as a challenge to most naturalists is waking up and not knowing what to do to the hair before we step out of our house.
Considering the nature of our kinks extra caution has to be exercised in styling our hair for various occasions especially in the corporate world.
The corporate world is what I’d be touching on more in this article. Well,the corporate environment is one where the look is defined to tow a certain lane. The corporate look requires that you look smart, professional and decent to a very large extent and so it would be considered inappropriate to go to work in a very corporate environment dressed in a certain way which does not shout smartness or professionalism.

I am however of the opinion that in as much as having some aspect of your life controlled can be irritating sometimes ,it is important that you do what is expected of you in your world of work; after all it’s just a matter of spending a few hours there the rest of the hours are yours to be liberated.

This applies to us naturalists who want to feel comfortable and free with our natural hair updos. Unfortunately for us the messy updos tend to be our unique and beautiful look for the hair.
Meanwhile finding ourselves in the corporate world only means that we should figure out the most decent and neatest updos for our hair at least for the period we would be in our corporate environment.
Well that shouldn’t be a problem now since I am about to give you some gist on how well that can be done without any worries.

* Low Cuts
First , there are some people who are very much aware that they would not be able to make time to style their hair due to their daily routines no matter how much time they squeeze for it and so they decide to maintain a low cut which is very classy.
Low cuts can be very classy and decent if we know how to maintain them . It is undeniably daring to get this look and I must say I admire women who confidently go for the “daring look” . The look is known to reveal the full definition of your face and lot of us naturals are found rocking the look with a touch of spot on make up.

IMG_1361                                                                            A Low Cut 

For the sake of people who are not familiar with natural hair terminology and for my dear friends who have just begun the natural hair journey.
I bet you’ve seen a lot of ladies in the naturalist game mention TWA a couple of times. Well don’t fret it only means a Teeny Weeny Afro.
In my opinion it’s one of the natural hair dos you can easily maintain. For the corporate world you can rock the TWA look by employing the LOC method and then combing the hair to achieve a decent and desirable look while avoiding uneven edges. Tip * Part the hair into four and comb each part from the ends to the root in order to achieve the perfect look for your TWA.
You can as well get a well tapered look for your TWA.



                                                             Teeny Weeny Afro(TWA)


IMG_1363                                                                                     Tapered Teeny Weeny Afro

* A Pony
A pony with slick edges for your beautiful natural hair can never go wrong for the corporate look. Depending on how much mane you’ve got on you could either pull off a high pony or the regular ponytail.
One other beautiful thing about going with the pony is that you have the option to include a bun extension which comes in amazing and decent forms.
Ensure your edges are well laid and the pony held up in your desired choice to rock this look for the corporate world.



                                                    High Pony with Slick Edges

photo credit : @thisgirlisata


IMG_1365                                                            Regular ponytail
Photo credit :@aphro_baang












                                         Bun Extension Ponytails 


Oh yeah twists another easy look you can achieve for your hair and the good thing is they are pain free and very easy to maintain. It’s one of the most popular looks naturalists have in my country Ghana. It’s cost effective and it gives you the “I’m rocking -my -own -hair kinda look” if you get what I mean. Luckily for people like me who have really short hair we have the opportunity to add on some kinky extension to give us more length and volume the way we want it.


Twists (Photo Credit: HairMuse)
Well these are the four hair dos I’d recommend for a corporate appropriate look for us naturalists for now. I’m still on the discovery journey for more of them which would come in handy. And YES! I’d definitely share with you guys when I do.

I also hope you’re enjoying and making the best out of your hair journey…Have fun and catch you soon.
Written by : Kalira Tanlongo
(Writer at VivaGhana.com)

What To Expect From Afro Mod Trends Show At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017

What To Expect From Afro Mod Trends Show At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017

CEO of AfroMod Trends Ami Yomekpe was joined by Victoria Michaels on her journey to South Africa to Showcase at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017. The Ghanaian brand that is currently topping the headlines recently upgraded and refurbished her shop in a new location in Oxford Street, Ghana. AfroMod is a contemporary, Ghanaian womenswear brand featuring ready-to-wear afro-fusion outfits and luxury bespoke garments.

The young Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur is set to shock audiences at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 with her A/W collection ‘The African Gatsby’.


According to the brand “The collection represents the imagination of an African Gatsby party full of luxury, glamor and splendor set in the 1920’s but with a modern African twist. The 1920s was a time of great changes in the world of fashion for women. There was an introduction of new styles, designers, and perspectives. With this new feeling of power, fashion became a high priority of the majority of women during the time. This era redefined womanhood and, in appearance at least, bridged the gap between rich and middle class women.”

Her vision with this collection is to showcase a glamorous African woman in luxurious afro-fusion garments inspired by the Great Gatsby. With African inspired fabrics from Printex Limited, this collection shows the beauty of the feminine form with details to project its luxurious feel.
Source: 1982FashionPr.com