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The Secret To My Flawless Skin- Maame Writes

I finally decided to do a research and find out what makes my skin smooth and flawless because my friends and little cousins are always commenting on my skin when i cuddle them ” you have a smooth skin Maame” “Why don’t you have pimples?” etc. The most interesting part is when i tell people to guess my age, they always give me a number 3-5 years bel[...]

#RedHot: Here's How to Wear Red

We may be the only people in the whole world that think so right now, but Nyhkor Paul really is the coolest African model trending online. She’s got the effortless style, low cut hair and a sense of humor that draws people to her craft and message. Recently, Nyhkor got featured in Marie Claire South Africa, looking stunning in red outfits styled by Kelly Fun[...]

The 'New Guy' Documentary & Sarkodie's 'Sarkcess'

2013 BET Award winner, Sarkodie has released a documentary showcasing details as he makes the journey to 'New guy'. The video which was shot during the making of the New guy in Miami had Sarkodie talking about his life from the start to how he teamed up with Ace Hood on New Guy. He shows a little bit of emotions as he talks about shedding some tears if he re[...]

Let's talk 'Telemo';and why it is becoming a timeless Hit!

Telemo, Telemo Telemo!!! Well am pretty sure we all know this word by now, even though most non-Ga people like me may not know the meaning of the word. But we know it’s the new club banger track that everybody is bobbibg and grinding to!! The kids like it, the teenagers enjoy it and the adults love it. It’s the latest release by the Ga speaking Azonto dan[...]

Is Bismark the Joke the next big thing in GH comedy?

He is in the Gasmilla’s Telemo music video, he is in Yvonne Nelson’s “If  Tomorrow never comes” movie, he has started a new hit comedy series with Funny Face called Cow and Chicken and now he is in the latest episode of “Boys Kasa” with Kalybos and Ahoufe Patricia. Who am I talking about?? I am talking about Bismack the Joke!!! Well his comedy career isn’[...]

The Sex against the Pill

THE SEX AGAINST THE PILL. One of natures most beautiful gift; THE SEX. The chemistry between two people is naturally achieved when both parties are attracted to each other, another way to record high adrenaline in a man or a woman. Sex which is a creation of God was designed origionally as 'another means to know God more' if i can say. Now, what a lot [...]