WhatsApp Text Status Makes a Return in ‘About’ With Android Beta

WhatsApp Text Status Makes a Return in ‘About’ With Android Beta

WhatsApp Text Status Makes a Return in ‘About’ With Android Beta


WhatsApp did a major overhaul by introducing Snapchat-like WhatsApp Status a while back. It was met with a lot of criticism from many users who wanted the old text-based status message back. Now, with WhatsApp’s latest beta, the company is testing just that. In the latest Android beta version 2.17.95, users are now seeing the revival of the old status message feature.

The feature is still being tested, but this indicates that it should arrive in the stable version soon. If you want to use it immediately, we suggest you sign up for the WhatsApp beta community in Google Play. For beta users, you will see the old status feature by pressing the three dot icon on the top right edge. Head to Settings, and in the About and phone number section you will see the old status option back. It comes with the old default options of ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘At school’, ‘At the movies’, etc, and more importantly does not disappear in 24 hours.
Notably, this About and phone number section is not visible to all beta users as yet. Within the Gadgets 360 team, only a few members saw the feature despite others being on the WhatsApp v2.17.95 for Android.

The revival of the text status doesn’t mean that the new WhatsApp Status feature will disappear. It still very much exists in a separate tab where you can add photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours, just like Snapchat. The tab also lists all the new updates from your contacts in the same format as you see on Snapchat. Unfortunately, there’s no way (yet) to disable this feature completely.

Facebook also introduced a similar Snapchat-like feature in Messenger on Thursday. Calling it Messenger Day, the feature lets you post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours as well.

source: Tasneem Akolawala  | http://gadgets.ndtv.com

Val’s Day: 4 Unique Ways Of Saying ‘I Love You’

Val’s Day: 4 Unique Ways Of Saying ‘I Love You’


For those of you who don’t know, this year it’s on February 14. For those of you who are really clueless, it is always on February 14. If you aren’t the gift-giving type, that’s okay, because there are other things you can do to show your love.

All ladies want to feel loved and cherished on the holiday that’s made for lovers. So instead of writing, “I love you” in a card, here are four unique ways to express your love. An added bonus is that she’ll really appreciate the extra work and thoughtfulness that you put behind these actions.

1. Do a service for her

Surprise her by taking her car to get detailed or having the house professionally cleaned. Think of the chores she least enjoys and take care of a couple of them for her. If money is tight and you can’t hire a professional service, then take it upon yourself to do something, like packing the kid’s lunches in advance for a week or doing her laundry for her.

Why it’s great

If she’s used to doing the housework, she’ll love the extra break you gave her. And by taking care of the dirty work that she loathes the most, she will feel cared about and loved. She’ll definitely be bragging to her girlfriends about the tasks you took on.

2. Make her something.

If you have a way with words, then turn those into a romantic poem she won’t forget. If you are musical, then turn those words into a song that you can perform for her. If you can cook, then make her a special dinner. Take a special skill of yours and turn it into a gift. If you can’t think of anything you could create, then write a Top 10 list of reasons you love and appreciate her.

Why it’s great


Part of the reason she loves you is because of the unique things that make you you. When you use that part of yourself to show you love her it just deepens her affection for you. Poetry is one of the most romantic things, but not every guy can write it. And nearly every woman alive would love the chance to be personally serenaded, but that’s not most of us. However, we each have some ways that are unique to us that we can use to say, “I love you” in a way that she’ll never forget.

3. Buy something that is about her.

Forgo your usual box of chocolates or bouquet of red roses this year and get her a gift that is unique to her as a way to show your love. You can get her a gift certificate for a massage, order her a subscription to her favorite magazine, or buy that yoga mat she has been saying she wants. It doesn’t have to be expensive – it just has to be about her.

Why it’s great

She’ll appreciate the fact that you thought outside the box, specifically about her, and got her something different that she’ll really enjoy. Sometimes women can have a hard time splurging on themselves, so taking care of it for her makes it extra luxurious.

4. Plan A Special Day Around Her

Quality time is one way that people often feel most loved. If this is the case for your sweetie, then have her set a day aside and plan a day for the two of you. You can take her wine tasting, go on a hike and have a picnic, or enjoy visiting a new city together.

Why it’s great

If her love language is quality time she will love that you thought of this. Time is something a lot of women want the most from us. Spending the whole day together will make her feel loved, romanced without all that feeling stuff, and will build connection between the two of you as you enjoy experiencing the day’s events together.

Saying “I love you” comes in many forms and can be expressed in many different ways. It’s important to show your partner your love through both words and actions, so give her your time and give her you. If you do, you can make her fall in love with you all over again, and not just on Valentine’s day but all throughout the year.


The Career Advice No One Tells You When You’re 22

The Career Advice No One Tells You When You’re 22

1) Solve for growth.

Early in your working life, you’re defined by the company you keep, so choose wisely. It’s very easy to pick the company with the biggest name or the biggest paycheck, but I recommend following our Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah’s advice: Solve for growth.

How does the company you’re working for (or considering joining) prioritize growth, both personally and professionally? How does the team you’ll be working for plan to grow in the coming year, and what do the prospects look like for growth for the broader company?

Far too many people pick companies based on their current reputation rather than their possible growth, but you get far more career credit for being the fifth employee at LinkedIn after its explosive growth than you do for being the 5000th employee at Radio Shack before it stops growing entirely.

2) Don’t fire back on feedback.

When you put your heart and soul into your work (as many young people do), you tend to take feedback personally — whether it’s good or bad.

When you get positive feedback, for example, you tend to think that you’re the best marketer or salesperson in the world. And when you get your work criticized in any way, shape, or form — you also tend to take it to heart.

To combat this gut reaction, I always suggest letting feedback “soak” for 24 hours. It allows you to think about what’s true and what isn’t — and how you can use it to grow, regardless of where it falls on that spectrum.

This time for reflection also allows you to have productive conversations with your manager. If you’re personally hurt, offended, or angry, you’re no longer listening. You’ve shut down. If you actually take the time to absorb feedback, you’re going to have a conversation with your manager that will actually help you get to the next level.

3) Find the Tina(s) to your Amy.

A lot of people talk about how developing friendships at work can improve your personal life, but these relationships can also have a huge impact on your career path. Just look at Tina Fey and Amy Pohler — they’re best friends who also push each other to achieve amazing things in their respective careers.

I’ve been lucky enough to find several of my “Amys” at HubSpot (yes, I’m Tina in this scenario, as she’s my spirit animal). Last year, I worked with VP of Operations Alison Elworthy and VP of Product Brad Coffey to prep HubSpot for our IPO — a huge milestone for the company.

The kicker? None of us had prepped a company for an IPO before, and the stakes were high. So we leaned on each other. Because of our strong friendship outside work, we were able to improve our ideas, get feedback, and iterate on messaging and strategy.

So instead of thinking of your work friends as company for happy hour (although that’s important too), seek out peers at work who challenge you, who can help you learn, and who think differently than you do. Just because someone’s a peer at your company doesn’t mean you can’t learn a ton from them — finding a “Tina” or “Amy” who can give you honest, constructive feedback and champion your efforts is incredibly valuable to your career growth.

4) Always be learning.

In my opinion, people overthink the role of formal mentorship in building their career. Instead of identifying one person to learn from and ask questions of, make that your daily practice. Write down what you see, know, and observe about what works and what doesn’t: You don’t think you’ll forget it as you evolve in your career, but you will. Having it written down somewhere will help you maintain perspective. Identify people you admire and learn from them, but don’t wait for a formal mentorship relationship to do so.

Carve out time in your week to prioritize your own learning. Even if you just watch a TED talk or read a few pages of a new book, ensuring that you have time in your schedule to stretch your horizons makes it much more likely you’ll do the same for the rest of your career.

5) Lean in to your weaknesses.

At any part of your career, you need to learn new things — and for that to be relatively painless later in your career, you need to build that habit now.

So instead of running away from things you’re not good at, lean into them.

Great writer but not very technical? Learning even a little bit of code or the ins-and-outs of Photoshop will help you significantly.

Fantastic at detail but have trouble seeing the big picture? Ask one of your peers who is great at project management how she juggles priorities.

It’s very easy to fall back on your natural talents or training, but you’ll be well served if you invest the time and effort to push yourself on your greatest areas of weakness early and often in your career.

6) The best way to network is delivering remarkable work.

Far too many people treat networking as an extracurricular activity like running or playing guitar. In reality, the best form of networking is absolutely crushing results in your job — and doing so pays dividends for the rest of your career.

That’s not to say networking isn’t important; it absolutely is. Just don’t be so fascinated with climbing the corporate ladder that you’re not delivering what it takes to get up there.

7) Learn to sell.

Do I mean you need to become a sales rep to be successful? Nope. (But that’s awesome if you are.)

What I mean is you need to learn to sell your ideas, expertise, or vision. Make presenting yourself and your ideas something that helps you stand out from the pack.

Selling yourself doesn’t have to be public speaking. It can also be using data creatively to sell your idea, designing beautiful materials to sell your product, or collaborating with your peers to get buy-in on an initiative you want your organization to prioritize.

The key is to learn how to sell your ideas and your input as early in your career as possible — doing so helps your personal and professional brand and builds your comfort level with expanding your influence and ideas.

8) Rack up results, not recognition.

The biggest complaint I hear from folks new to the workforce is that another person got credit for their work and “that’s not fair.” It is incredibly frustrating when other people get credit for your blood, sweat, and tears, but guess what: Life isn’t always fair, and neither is work.

However, I can tell you that over time, fortune rewards those who rack up results instead of focusing on getting credit. Instead of obsessing over recognition and credit, obsess over results. Your career will thank you for it later.

9) It’s not your manager’s job to manage your career.

Your boss is your manager at work — not a mind reader, fortuneteller, or psychologist. He or she can and should support you in your professional goals, but the only person in the driver’s seat of your career is you.

Manage it proactively by asking for what you want, making it clear what interests you, and eating up feedback for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — doing so will make you a better employee and a better leader, regardless of whether you stay at a company for 10 months or 10 years.

Which leads me to my next point …

10) Write down specific goals.

I did this early on in my career, but took a hiatus for several years. Then, this year I decided to try it again. I literally created a vision board for what I wanted to achieve professionally in 2015.

Turns out, writing down specific goals works as well in your 30s as it does in your 20s.

The research is abundantly clear: If you write down your goals, you’re much more likely to achieve them. Stating what you want to be when you “grow up” — even if you’re not sharing your aspirations with another soul — makes you much more likely to be diligent about achieving your goals.

A lot of young folks are not exactly sure what they want to be, and that’s okay. Instead, write down more of what you want to do, what you think you might aspire to, or someone you want to be more like. All of those things are going to help you inch closer and closer to your aspirations.


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1⃣ “All men are cheats. Just cope with him.”

Good men don’t cheat. Don’t  kill yourself coping!

2⃣ “If you love him or her, sex is a proof.”

Premarital sex is no proof. If your proclaimed love is not enough proof, trust me, they’ve trust issues!

3⃣ “Literally fight for your love. Go have a bout with whoever you think they’re cheating with.”

That’s what your household witches tell you when they want your premature death.

4⃣ “If you want him to marry you early, trap him with pregnancy!”

The irony is that you’ll only end up trapping yourself. You’re on your own.

5⃣ “Everyone aborts. As long as you both will end up together, no worries.”

Look at the life of whoever tells you this. You see their life???

6⃣ “Don’t worry about his/her infidelity. After marriage, they’ll stop.”

Marriage doesn’t cure infidelity. Infidelity is not a disease. It’s a character!

7⃣ “Love makes you do the unthinkable. Empty your account for him/her even if you wish to.”

Use your head to think as you use your heart to love. Do you know a boyfriend is not a husband?

8⃣ “If your man doesn’t beat you, it means he doesn’t love you!”

Sister, do you’ve leather for skin???

9⃣ “Even if he’s married, it doesn’t matter. Men are hard to come by lately.”

Don’t underestimate your value. You deserve better!

🔟 “If you love each other, do a blood covenant.”

Don’t start inviting demons yet! If you love each other, just go marry!

Be careful what you call advice.

    By: Kobina Ansah
The writer is a playwright, an entrepreneur and columnist with The Mirror. Like his Facebook page for more motivation.

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10 Life lessons Driving taught me

10 Life lessons Driving taught me

Driving in this part of our world can be a lot of hell. In the early morning rush hour, every driver may want to cut corners to reach their destination as early as they can. Others may jump the red light and be penalized. A few others may try new shorter routes and mistakenly end up in people’s homes! Life teaches us a lot more on the road than in the class. Every minute spent driving (or been driven) is an experience worth learning from. Have a look at these, for instance;

When driving, wherever you’re heading towards, others are always coming from there.

This is the lesson. Where you aspire to be, others have been there and back! Your destination in this life is where others are actually coming from. Be humble. There’s nothing new under the Sun. Whatever height you attain in this life, remember you were never the first to do so.

Other drivers can always provoke you with their carelessness and yet… be the first to jab you with insults.

This is it. In this life, you need sense to take nonsense! Not every person is worth your breath. Others are carrying weights of trash. Don’t allow yourself to be the bin they will dump them into.

The side mirrors of a car are always smaller than the main front mirror.

Lesson. Looking back is not always necessary in this life. Let go of the past. Focus on what’s ahead! When it comes to the past, just pretend you’ve amnesia. Regardless of how many times you look back, you can’t correct your wrongs. Just move on.

When a vehicle slows down, don’t be quick to overtake them. They may be avoiding something dangerous!

Now listen. Don’t be too quick to judge someone until you’ve been in their shoes and walked a mile in them. People oftentimes have reasons why they do what they do. You never know what it feels like to beg for alms, for instance, until your account hits the red. Don’t be too quick to conclude.

Every vehicle has its own mileage.

This is what life taught me. We all are unique. We have our own strengths and limitations. Remember this if you ever want to compare yourself with others. You may only be fruitlessly comparing oranges with apples!

The best of drivers get involved in accidents sometimes. Cars in the best shape can sometimes even break down.

This is the lesson. Life is unpredictable. You may be up in one minute… and down the next. You may be fit today and bedridden just tomorrow regardless of your healthy lifestyle. The best of people may not always have the best of things in life. The best of students may not necessarily be the best in the corporate world. The best managers may necessarily not be the best of entrepreneurs. Like cars, life is unpredictable!

When driving, you disobey traffic rules at the risk of your life and those of others!

Lesson. Life has a way of communicating with us. It gives us hints, for instance, when our bodies are not in good shape. If we are not eating healthily, we fall sick intermittently. Life prompts us on the dire consequences we are likely to face if we keep disobeying the laws of healthy living. Our death affects our loved ones.

When other drivers are honking at you to speed up, you do so at your own pace… and not because they want you to. You may just speed to your death!

Hear this. In this life, if there’s anything you have to do, do it at your own pace and not at the pace others want it to be. We must do what we have to do because we want to do them… and not because others want us to do so. We may end up injuring ourselves in a bid to run this life’s race at the pace others want us to run it.

When you find others with a broken down car on a journey, treat them as you may have wanted others to have treated you if you were in their shoes.

This is the lesson. Life’s challenges, a few times, weigh others down. Others get stuck along life’s journey, sometimes, because of their financial headaches. When we find them in such situations, we don’t walk over them. We help them up. We don’t condemn them. We encourage them. The same weight of problem that made them wobble on their feet today may knock you off your feet tomorrow. Treat them well today because it might just be your turn tomorrow.

Your car may break down because of the little things/checks you don’t do!

Lesson. Little inactions mass up to become big problems! A little slumber today. A little procrastination tomorrow. A little flirting here and there. A little drunkenness. What destroy us are not big things. They are the little things we ignored that have now become big things we can’t overcome. If you don’t want your life to break down, do the little checks. Check your diet. Check your time management. Check every little detail of your life. Our lives are made up of many little things.

The writer is a playwright and the Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications, a writing company in Accra (www.scribecommltd.com). His upcoming play, #MyWifeInLaw, shows this Sunday, October 16th, on KNUST campus.



We have grown in a society that places materialism over every other thing. We badly want to earn titles. We will do everything we can to earn one property or the other even if it means sacrificing some values. Our society glorifies those who have climbed to the top of life… regardless of how they got there. Little importance is given to integrity. Little wonder we are still wallowing in all the ills that have plagued us.

Imagine a society where integrity would be a required course/subject we may have to read from primary school to university. Imagine what a society we would have had if we were all raised to be accountable to our conscience first… and anybody else next. Integrity matters. It is everything.

Have you ever sat down to weigh your integrity? Have you ever pondered on how much your integrity may have cost if it were sold? Would it have been weighty or negligible? Would your integrity be chaff or an exceptionally invaluable commodity if it were auctioned?

Integrity means self-accountability. It is doing what is right not because of others but because of yourself. It is doing the right thing not because someone else is watching but because no one else is. It is holding one’s self accountable to every action and inaction of theirs. It is owing humanity a duty of upholding values no matter the circumstances.

Integrity is like air. It may look cheap but in reality… very expensive. It is like salt. You may not know its importance until it’s absent from the soup. A society without integrity can barely stand. A society where everyone is cutting corners to climb life’s ladder can barely stand because eventually someone may not only cut corners but cut the ladder, too!

We are grappling with basic needs as a people because of a lack of integrity in our lives. Our leaders want to cheat their followers… and the followers will do everything to malign their leaders. One wants to cheat another today because they were also cheated same yesterday.  We speak ill of others without an iota of care. We wish others failed while we rose forgetting that their failure may have a rippling effect on us. Integrity is everything.

Integrity is love. It is honesty. It is maturity and chastity. Integrity is the mother of all values. Society loses its value when its people have no values governing their lives. Many of us badly want to be great in life whichever way possible… forgetting that success without integrity is like lust. It doesn’t last! Of what gain is our wealth if we cheated others to make them? Of what essence is our greatness if we had to eliminate others diabolically to take their place?

Can you handle government property as though it was yours? Integrity. Like the biblical Joseph, can you resist the beauty of a Potiphar’s wife? Integrity.  Can others trust you with their wealth and possessions? Integrity.  Can you do the right thing in your closet even when no eyes are watching? Integrity.

Only a little more integrity… and we won’t have others going to work not to work. Just a little more integrity… and patriotism won’t be a hard thing to do. Just a little more integrity and corruption will be a thing of the past.

A change in government won’t necessarily make our lives any better. We will do ourselves a lot of good by voting into power leaders who have stood the test of integrity with time. All a nation needs to develop is a team of leaders who have the people at heart; a team of leaders who would think about the next generation, not next election.

Nation building is teamwork. As much as leaders must have a trait of integrity, followers must have same, too. After all, followers today will be the leaders of tomorrow. If we have no sense of integrity as subordinates, integrity won’t just be bestowed on us because we became leaders.

A nation can only be run on integrity. A home can only be run on integrity. That which is right is right even when no one is doing it. That which is wrong is indeed wrong even if everyone else is doing. What is right or wrong is not relative. It is not subjective.

Do you want to see your family progress? Do you want a salary raise at your workplace? Do you ever want to see this nation leap in development? Ask whether you have enough integrity for all these to be a reality. If there were many of your kind, would there be any progress in this life? It all begins with you. Change begins with you.

Politics doesn’t run a nation. Integrity does. Integrity in your marriage/home. A sense of integrity at your workplace. Integrity everywhere. Integrity. Integrity. Integrity. It is everything.

Don’t dream of the top if integrity is one of those words conspicuously absent from your dictionary. If integrity is too hard a thing for you, greatness is too big a thing for you.

How much is your integrity? Can it be bought with a brown envelope? Can a slice of pizza buy it? Is your integrity as expensive as only GH20? Well… a cheap integrity makes a nation so expensive to live in. Don’t contribute to making this nation any more expensive.

The writer is a playwright and the Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications, a writing company in Accra. (www.scribecommltd.com). His upcoming play, #MyWifeInLaw, shows on October 16th on KNUST campus.