Serwaa Amihere is New Host of Weekend Sports Show CHEERS on GHOne TV.

Serwaa Amihere is New Host of Weekend Sports Show CHEERS on GHOne TV.

News personality and producer of the award winning current affairs show, State of Affairs Serwaa Amihere has been named as the new host of GHOne TV’s Saturday morning soccer highlights show CHEERS as both international and local leagues enters their fierce seasons.
Serwaa Amihere takes over from ace award-winning broadcaster and communication strategist, Nana Aba Anamoah who has hosted the show since its inception a year ago. The new season of ‘CHEERS’ will feature in-depth interviews with sports pundits as well as novices of the game from its home studios at the Platinum Place in Accra.
The weekend show kicks off on Saturday May 5, with guests from different sectors of corporate as well as entertainment world; with little or no emphasis on sports experience. Viewers can watch the new CHEERS show live from 9:00 GMT on DSTV channel 361 and GHOne TV. Check GHOne TV social media for live updates.

Leaders of Men: A Starting Lineup of Players Expected to Carry Their Nations to 2018 World Cup Glory

Leaders of Men: A Starting Lineup of Players Expected to Carry Their Nations to 2018 World Cup Glory

With the 2018 World Cup fast approaching, fans can begin to look forward to what promises to be an action-packed tournament. The best players in world football will be on show for the entire globe to see, and countries will be full of optimism heading into the tournament.

Whilst many countries have an array of world class talent on show, some countries will be relying on individuals to help carry their nations through the finals. Here is an 11-man lineup consisting of players who will be expecting to carry their respective countries through the World Cup this summer.

11. Goalkeeper – Igor Akinfeev

If Russia are to impress in front of their home crowd, they will certainly be relying on the services on their veteran goalkeeper. Igor Akinfeev is Russia’s captain as well as their most capped player of all time with 120 caps however despite being 31 years of age, he is heading to only his second World Cup with his country.

The previous World Cup in Brazil was a disappointing one for Russia who failed to qualify from the group stages. They’ll be hoping for a much better result as hosts and Akinfeev will certainly be looking to overcome the demons that still haunt him from four years ago.

10. Defender – Medhi Benatia

Morocco secured their return to the World Cup stage when they topped Africa Group C after a 20 year absence from the competition. After being dealt a tough draw against Spain, Portugal and Iran, they will need one player in particular to step up and lead the team through the tournament.

Medhi Benatia was a key figure in the Moroccan defence during qualifying, failing to concede a single goal or lose any of their games. If they are to repeat such heroics on the largest stage, the Juventus central defender will need to be on top of his game.

9. Defender – Yuto Nagatomo

Japan secured their place in the 2018 World Cup after defeating Australia in the third round stage of Asia’s Group B. After failing to win any of their three group games at the previous World Cup, they will be looking to make a better account for themselves in Russia this summer.

If they are to do that, they will be relying heavily on the services on former Inter defender Yuto Nagatomo, their captain. He currently sits in seventh place on the all time appearance standing for Japan with 102 caps, and will certainly be looking to use his wealth of experience to try and get Japan out of the group stages and into the latter stages of the competition.

8. Defender – Victor Lindelof

After Zlatan Ibrahimovic announced his retirement from international football following the conclusion of Euro 2016, Sweden are now looking for a new leader. One name who has been highlighted as a natural leader in the current squad is central defender Victor Lindelof.

He has enjoyed a positive start to life at Old Trafford following his €35m from Benfica last summer, and despite being only 23 years of age has shown plenty of signs of maturity and leadership early in his career. Sweden will certainly be looking to the defender to lead by example this summer as they return to the World Cup for the first time since 2006.

7. Defender – Alberto Rodriguez

Peru reached the World Cup finals for the first time in 36 years after they defeated New Zealand in the intercontinental playoff round of qualifying. With zero World Cup experience in the current squad, they will have to rely on the flair of the younger players matched with the experience of veteran players.

One man who they will certainly be looking towards to lead by example is their 33-year-old captain Alberto Rodriguez. He has 72 caps to his name in an international career stretching back to 2003, and will need to be at his best at the back if Peru are to make any ground in the competition.

6. Midfielder – Luka Modric

He has been the face of Croatian football for a number of years, and after securing their place in this year’s finals via the European playoffs, Luka Modric will be looking to lead his side into the later rounds of the competition.

After finishing third in the 1998 finals, they have not reached the knockout stages in any World Cup since, and will certainly be looking to lose that label this summer with their captain Modric pulling the strings in the middle of the pitch.

5. Midfielder – Christian Eriksen

After missing out on the 2014 World Cup finals, Denmark secured their qualification to this summer’s finals via the European playoffs. Once a European championship winning nation, Denmark have failed to repeat the heroics of the 1992 side since then, however will be looking to cause an upset or two at this years finals.

If they are to do so, they will be heavily reliant on their star man in the middle of the park, Christian Eriksen. The Tottenham midfielder will provide plenty of flair and creativity for his side this summer, and will be looking to leave his mark on the competition.

4. Midfielder – Heung Min Son

He has been a revelation at his club Tottenham this season, and will certainly be looking to repeat his heroics for his country at the World Cup finals this summer. Heung Min Son led by example during qualifying to ensure South Korea are now the only nation outside of South America and Europe to be ever present at the World Cup finals since 1986.

Despite some promising performances at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, South Korea crashed out at the group stages, therefore he along with the rest of his side will be looking to avenge their demons this summer as they try to defeat the odds stacked against them.

3. Forward – Mohamed Salah

Perhaps one of the biggest revelations of the season, is the Egyptian King Mohamed Salah. His last gasp penalty against Congo secured Egypt’s passage to the 2018 World Cup finals and earned himself hero status in his home country, who qualified for their first World Cup since 1990.

His heroics have been repeated at Liverpool this season, currently the Premier League’s top goalscorer and labelled by many as the player of the year so far this Premier League season season. Egypt fans will be hoping his outstanding form can continue into the finals this summer, as the country bid to become the first African nation to ever win the World Cup.

2. Forward – Robert Lewandowski

Viewed by many as one of the most lethal strikers in world football, Robert Lewandowski will be looking to replicate his club form at the World Cup finals this summer. Carrying his country through the qualifying stages, Poland will now compete at their first World Cup since 2006, and will certainly be fancying their chances with Lewandowski leading their line.

He is currently the runaway leaders at the top of the Bundesliga goalscoring chart and is leading Bayern Munich toward their sixth consecutive league title. He will now be looking to lead his country into a World Cup where Poland will look to cause an upset or two.

1. Forward – Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most recognisable faces in world football, Cristiano Ronaldo will lead his country into another World Cup finals this summer. After years of underachievement, Portugal finally won their first major title when they upset all odds and triumphed over host nation France in the final of Euro 2016, and they will be looking to repeat their heroics this summer in Russia.

If they are to win consecutive major tournaments, they will need Ronaldo to be at his very best. He carried them through to the final of Euro 2016, he just about saw them through the qualifying stages of the World Cup without needed to qualify through the playoffs, now can he carry them all the way to World Cup glory?

By: Callum Rawkins

10 everyday things the Bible forbids

10 everyday things the Bible forbids

The Bible is one of the most widely read books in the world. For Christians, it is considered an absolute authority in guiding their morality and beliefs.

However, many people commit sins from ignorance on a daily basis. We selected some actions that the Bible bans, but we still commit without probably realizing it.

1. Divorcing with your lying, cheating partner. 1 Corinthians 7:10–11 reads: “To the married I give this charge (not I, but the Lord): the wife should not separate from her husband (but if she does, she should remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband), and the husband should not divorce his wife.”

2. Trimming your beard. Leviticus 19:27 reads: “Neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.”

3. Wearing skimpy clothes 1 Timothy 2:9 reads: “I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety.”

4. Eating assorted seafood. Leviticus 10–11 reads: “And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcasses in abomination.”

5. Pleasing yourself. 1 Corinthians 6:18 reads: “Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the immoral person sins against his own body.”

6. Wearing polyester, or any other fabric blends. Leviticus 19:19 reads: “You are to keep My statutes. You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.”

7. Intimate relations before marriage. There’s no point in listing one of the countless chapters and verses in the Bible which state that such kind of relationships is not allowed. That’s a fundamental Christian belief.

8. Wearing bling. 1 Timothy 2:9 reads: “Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments.”

9. Women speaking in church. 1 Corinthians 14:34 reads: “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.”

10. Getting tattooed. Leviticus 19:28 reads: “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”

By: Purity Nwosu

From my Sebitical Couch: VGMA 2017

From my Sebitical Couch: VGMA 2017

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) for 2017 (covering the performance year of 2016, I believe) was held on 8 April, 2017 at the Accra International Conference Centre. As an avowed old duade who has over the years drifted away from the path of current music trends and the new school genres, some of which I don’t understand and many of whose artistes I don’t know, I do not have the habit of staying up to watch the usually long program that runs into the early hours of the following day, usually not starting on time.
The best I do, in the past years, have been to ‘watch’ the program on Facebook (mostly) and Twitter, following the posts of dedicated members of CAG – Couch Analysts of Ghana, whose witty commentaries from the red carpet moments to the moment when the top award – Artiste of the Year – is awarded, makes for better entertainment than the program instead. Notable members of CAG are Kwame Gyan, Kofi Obirikorang, Andre Jnr, Francis Doku (he is normally off duty on VGMA days as he attends in person and could be relied upon for inside information), Nuerki Ata-Bedu, Lawrencia Elikem Zigah, Prosper Afuti, Kofi Yankey and Ayimadu theDukeofGH.
I was planning to follow the same path this year. Until I checked a WhatsApp message from my friend Kwabena Poku, which indicated that the show would be telecast live on DSTV, which meant Kapokyikyiwofaase the Old Duade could also watch from Amalaman and show fellow Duades like the MP of Facebook South, Hon. Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng, that duades move by sizes.
Predictably, during the build-up to the show, old duades like Rodney and Prof HKP were asking what VGMA meant. Rodney said it stood for ‘Very Good Men Abound’ and Matthew Ayiku wondered if it was a contraceptive. Well, you now know who influenced the new way of pronouncing VGMA. Vagima, is it? These Old Duades will kill me shy! See, the best pitch you can make to an Old Duade, when helping him to understand what the VGMA stands for, is to tell him that it is the ECRAG Awards. ECRAG stands for the Entertainment Critics and Reviewers Association of Ghana. At one point, it was ACRAG. More on that later.
For the red carpet session, what first hit me was the Red Sea dress. Then I saw a train, actually lots of trains. Frankly, the trains had it. My humble view was the red train of the Red Sea should have on wheels and a barricade put around it for safety purposes. I loved the fact that most of those questioned on whom they were wearing (apart from themselves) mentioned designers (the old duade terms are tailors and seamstresses) in Kumasi et al. A good showcase of our pride in our own. My best red carpet moment was when Nana Ama McBrown appeared. She comes across to me as so real, someone who takes life easy and makes the most of it, enjoying every moment.
As Elikem the Tailor (shouldn’t it be Designer, as in current-speak or is it bespoke-speak?) and Mundi (yeah, forget that it was my first time of seeing her name) rounded up the red carpet session, it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually seen any red carpet. Many of the CAG members put my intrigue to rest: they indicated that this year, it was decided that one of the red carpet hosts would wear the red carpet.
Then we were cued in for the program itself to start. And, I got my first major disappointment. We lost the feed. For a couple of hours. What a missed opportunity to showcase Ghanaian music to the entire continent and to show we have also arrived. I lost a lot of vim due to that, but how for do? As we waited, the CAG members went back to their previous red carpet posts and expanded them. We needed to keep busy.
Fortunately, the feed was restored and I got back onto my sebitical couch. As you would see as you read on, I didn’t attempt to do a critical assessment of songs and genres and awards. It is clear that I am not qualified. There is a limit to which a duade can act as ‘youthe’ (apologies to the Katanga folks). So I will share a few thoughts of the performances and some reflections from the past, as to how we can improve the industry.
First of all, the program ran for too long. Far too long. Did I hear that this year’s was to be quite efficient? It must have run for at least five hours. We should improve that.
The performances are not well-rounded. These are shows and must be choreographed. The big stage was not fully utilized and many of the performers looked isolated on stage. After the first two or three acts, I admitted, reluctantly, to myself that my time had indeed passed. I couldn’t even catch the words of the songs. Then Becca performed. At least I knew her songs. Then Kinaata got me with his Tadi Fanti. There is something just exotic about Tadi Fanti in song. Naadze naadze. Reason why I still miss TH 4 Kwagees. Okay, you got the duadeness vibe, forgive me.
Charles Amoah and Naa Amanua lifted the game for me. It was clear Charles Amoah rehearsed with the band. Even the band came to live! What energy! Performance! You know what they say about old wine and taste, right? But, in there, I wondered how come our highlife stars seem to have “better” longevity compared to our hiplife stars. Many of our hiplife and new stars just come to pass, as it were.
Stonebwoy was good. Even before I started listening to him, just from his appearance, it was evident Stonebwoy had scripted and rehearsed his act. That’s performance. Even though I didn’t get any of the words he didn’t sing in Ga. Sarkodie was great and I was gladdened by the young ones he sang with; more on that later. My revelation of the evening was the young Kwame Eugene.
From many of the performances, it seemed to me that many of these new artistes sing only in the studios and do not do any further voice training and practice. It shows when they sing outside studios. And they felt uncomfortable or out of sorts on the performance stage. Mastery of the stage is not learnt on big stages. It is learnt on the circuit, and even off stage. Many of our young artistes need to work on their craft. Work it!
On the production itself and the telecast, the visuals and sounds were not synchronized. Felt like an 80s Chinese movie. Was the theme for the stage design inspired by some science fiction cum space travel sort of thing?
The moment when the deceased actors and actresses were remembered was touching. May the departed stars rest in peace.
Charterhouse, the event organisers, seemed to have briefed the presenters of the awards to say “…and the nominees are…” and then the video rolls. They should be told that when you use such a leader in a statement, the subsequent sentence must flow and make sense. Well, the video starts with “…the Vodafone…blah blah…” Not kosher. Next time, if using the same style for videos, the presenters should rather be briefed to ask for the video of nominees to roll, for example, “…shall we now get to know the nominees?”
I stayed up paa, I did. But, in the end, the duadeness of a man cannot be hidden under the bushel. I fell asleep two awards from the ultimate. I woke up about 20 minutes later and made a post of congratulations to Joe Mettle, who made history by being named Artiste of the Year, the first one in the gospel genre.
After all, I could always blame my delayed post on the epileptic nature of Amalaman networks and the dry-season-tv-ness of DSTV.
So I said I would not say anything about the classification of awards but just allow an old duade this one. After all, old age must be respected, no? My friend Andre Jnr brought my mind to the classification of Kinaata’s Confession as highlife. I was confused too, but I took it that the definition of highlife has changed when I wasn’t paying attention. If I were thinking the same as the ‘youthe’ Andre, then perhaps I can safely brag to Hon. Rodney that there are duades and then there are High Duades, anaa?
Back to how old duades would relate to the VGMAs and how we used to experience music awards in the days when we were we, my mind again went to ECRAG and I wondered, again, why we are unable to sustain some of the brilliant nurturing and apprenticeship programs we had in the past. For instance, I am attempting a review by this write-up. In the days of yore, one could rely on the reports of professional critics who had gone through mentoring and training. Indeed, the critics and reviewers were the ones who organised the awards. I remember stalwarts like Uncle Nanabanyin Dadson, under whose tutelage Francis Doku developed. What happened to ECRAG? For sure, we have entertainment writers now but do we have critics and reviewers?
On the subject of apprenticeship, and on my disappointment with the quality of performances, I thought again of how the highlife legends we have today were nurtured by those before them. For instance, Akwasi Ampofo Adjei aka Mr. AAA, Dada Thick, the Shining Star, who passed away in 2004 and is acknowledged as one of the biggest names in Ghana’s highlife genre, trained and mentored similarly big names in Ghana’s music industry today such as Abrantie Amakye Dede, the founder and leader of Apollo High Kings International, Ali Baba of Mahu Odo Anya Shock fame, K. K. Kabobo and Cudjoe, popularly called Papa Shee, who was one of his dancers. Just an example. Nana Ampadu had in his stable many young singers who grew up into their own. The young learnt from the old and then detached to develop their own nests. I am gratified to know that Sarkodie has under his wings some young artistes like Strongman, whose punchline “Mi rap ɛgyina Circle sɛ ashawo” got me blinking twice! This morning, my friend Kobby Blay sent me a link for the Trumpet song and I learnt that Sarkodie featured Medikal, Strongman, Koo Ntakra, Donzy and Pappy Kojo. We need more of those. Apprenticeship of the young under the old.
We must build an industry with collaboration and not beefs, whatever that means.
From my sebitical couch in Amalaman, this has been Kapokyikyiwofaase reporting for the Sikaman News Agency.

Nana Awere Damoah
Co-Founder, DAkpabli & Associates (Publishers)
Tel: +233264339066 (WhatsApp & Voice)

African Piquant: The Lipstick & Entrepreneurship Workshop.

African Piquant: The Lipstick & Entrepreneurship Workshop.

We believe in Gender Equality as an organization working towards the Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) and also towards vision 2030. We believe that both gender (male and female) should be given equal opportunities in business and political platforms. We want to see a lot of young women and men rise in the business world. We want to raise BOSS-LADIES for the younger generation coming. We want to create the I-CAN-DO mentality in young girls mostly because they are the ones that go through a lot of pressure with ‘sugar daddies’ and other unpleasant sexual encounters. We want to raise girls to be able to help pay school fees and light bills to assist their husbands. We want to raise virtuous women and men for our nation and continent. We want to raise feminist with the right mind-set. We want to teach both genders that feminism is not Hate for Men but mutual respect for both. We want to culture their minds with the right information. We want Men and Women to support one another by seeing it as a strategy to success.
THE AFRICAN PIQUANT brings you an entrepreneurship workshop themed the LIPSTICK & TUXEDO ENTREPRENEUSRSHIP WORKSHOP to groom young people of both gender for both the business and political world. This workshop targets high school graduates and university graduates who are not working to help them set up a small scale business and also link them to successful start ups in the country for both skill development and internship opportunities.
The workshop will take place at Ahonya Dot Com premises on the Terazzo Road, Odorkor.

The session will start with a movie screen and a discussion session from 8:45am to 10am before the main workshop kicks off with a coffee break at 12noon.
Venue: Ahonya office premises (Odorkor-Terazzo road)
Time: 8:40am for the movie session and 10am -12noon for the main session.
Rate: ghc20
Register at:
Outfit: Must be formally dressed.

Our facilitators are young successful business men and women who are rising in the Africa entrepreneurship industry here in Ghana. They are excited to be a part of this workshop to train and inspire the participants to be the best of them.
To mention a few facilitators we have;
– Nkuawu Eyram Aku; Founder of Ampe League
– Kenneth Anku; CEO of Rosefabrics
– Karen Mensah; Co-Founder of Doughman foods
– Mercy Taylor; CEO of Taylor’d by Efua
– Nana Boateng; Bohten Eye Wear
– Nii Ayi Solomon; Village Minds Production
– Nii Odai; BeCrew
Side attraction to the workshop will be a discounted sale of THE AFRICAN PIQUANT concept T-Shirts, A free photo shoot session with Came_Photography and Socializing.
Our Media Partners so far: GhI-nformed and VivaGhana
Sponsors so far: PadiBills Bespoke, Ahonya Dot Com, VivaGhana
Registration is a cool GHC20 and we have limited seats. To register for this workshop kindly fill these forms by clicking or WhatsApp us on 0544064868.
If you want to partner with us in any capacity for this workshop kindly send an email to We will be more than thrilled.
… We want to be a part of many success stories…

HM Young Achievers Summit 2017

HM Young Achievers Summit 2017

Social enterprises continue to grow in Ghana every year. Their impact is mostly  felt based on  the influence they have on the sustainable growth they achieve yearly in their respective industries. Entrepreneurship in Ghana has fueled employment opportunities and there is no doubt about that.

It has encouraged the youth to become creative and innovative not only as a means of tackling youth employment but also as a solution to meeting the pressing needs of society, providing sustainable solutions to business problems whiles also strengthening the oak of GDP growth, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and highlighting the gross benefits of the use of technology in business.
Every day, new business challenges evolve due to the changing structures in the world of work and its accompanying effects on global businesses.

However, in encouraging the growth of entrepreneurship in Ghana through social enterprise development and business strategy skills, the Twenty Plus Ghana Group of companies (a social enterprise collection of brands focused on the growth of social entrepreneurship in Ghana) is organizing its’s second edition of the Young Achievers Summit on Saturday 17thJune, 2017 at the British Council, Accra Ghana. Time for the event is 2PM to 8PM and the rate is FREE (#HMYoungAchieversSummit2017).
The Young Achievers Summit presents an opportunity for young entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, industry leaders, focus groups, students, policy makers, business developers and media to come together under one roof presenting ideas to promote advanced sustainable growth of Ghanaian enterprises while also recognizing the work of outstanding young entrepreneurs through the awards session.

There will also be a workshop session dubbed “Barclays Ready to Work Clinic” which is facilitated by the British Council with support from the Barclays Bank.

The workshop’s intent is to equip participants with the needed soft skills necessary in excelling in their chosen industries.
Keynote speaker for this year’s event is: Paul Payne (Skills Hub and Innovative Centre Manager at the British Council)
Headline Speakers include: Derrick S. Vormawor (Serial entrepreneur and Business Coach); Ekow Mensah (CEO, TANOE & EMI); George Mensah Britton (CEO, GB Interactive Ltd, artiste manager for Keche); Kwame A.A Opoku (Lead Curator, Idea Factory Africa); Emmanuel Leslie Addae (Curator, TEDx Accra); Mauvie Hayford (Radio &TV Host); Caroline Sampson (Radio & TV Host); Trudy Arnold (CEO, Studio 7 Beauty Lounge & Co-Founder for WE Festival Africa); Ama Pratt (CEO, MAP Concepts Gh & Commercial Head Panafrican Television)
Panelists: Boamah Prince Kuleape (CEO, Kuleape Group of Companies, Celebrity Stylist and Designer); Bright Opanin Boakye – Danquah (Producer, INNOVADDB Ghana); Adomako Mensah Felix (Celebrity Blogger), Micheak Owusu – Smith (DJ/Artist and fashion icon) and Akua Konadu Kusi (CEO, Study Abroad West Africa).

This year’s HM Young Achievers Summit is Sponsored by Hero Movement, AM & PM Restaurant , Busy Jump, Hubtel, BF Cab services, The Travel Hub, Top Bright Consultancy, Pan African TV, NMJ Ghana and refreshed by Malta Guinness.