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Nana Kofi Owusu To Launch His Maiden Nutrition Book

  Many Ghanaians lately have taken a keen interest in their diet and health in general. Gone are the days when people had no idea about hypertension, diabetes, among others. Today, most of us are careful about what we eat and what times we eat such. It is in this vein that registered dietician, Nana Kofi Owusu, has written a simple-languaged nutri[...]

#HotSeat: Ghana's 'prostitute' constituency- Adentan Constituency

What comes to mind when you hear ‘’Prostitute’’ something Bad right? Have u also heard about the prostitute constituency? You will be surprised to know why it has that name, nobody gave it such a name, this name came about as a result of electing Parliamentarians and voting for the presidency, That’s the constituency I live in, The Adentan, wont u be proud t[...]