The fiery brand is a Ghanaian fashion brand which conveys the message ‘Energy’ across its target market being the youth.

Fiery is different, it is a lifestyle, a movement, and it has been created not only to serve the world with breathtaking fashion apparels but also to instill passion consciousness in us as a people.

FullSizeRender With regards to why they chose to create these amazing baseball caps, they are of the believe that head wears particularly baseball caps have become trendy among Ghanaians and also they thought it is a good start for the brand as a way to gear and launch the brand into the fashion industry.
The inspiration behind the brand is embedded in the motto of the brand “passion driven” . What inspires the brand is based on the fact that “we believe in the ability to let your passion drive you towards greatness”, said Sathish Shankar one of the two partners of the brand. He further said following one’s passion would enable that person relate better to the brand.

The fashion brands they look up to are the 1957 brand by KOD, VIRGIL ABLORH (OFFWHITE ), Vans and Supreme.
What fascinates the creators of the brand about fashion is the fact ” what we wear not only covers us up, but has immense effect on our psychology , what we wear can actually give us some amount of confidence, and this goes a long way to influence how we relate to people or even how they respond to us” .
Your choice of clothes affects your self image.

Designing for the Fiery brand all begun in March and launched was launched in May, with the motive of introducing something different and special into the Ghanaian and African fashion industry. So far we have succeeded in creating some amazing handmade baseball caps which you should definitely have in your closet.

The major challenge they have encountered so far has to do with the delivery of items to clientele since they do not have a shop yet, reaching customers who are out of their delivery radius proves very difficult. They are however employing measures to overcome this challenge.

Creators of the brand believe strongly that God keeps them going as well as their amazing clients.

Meanwhile expect new stuff from Fiery, it is not just about baseball caps. They want the world to know that they are for uniqueness and so expect more from them.

Creators of the brand are Sathish Shankar and Nana Kwame Ofori.

Watch fiery closely .

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