I have an aunt who is so traditional, she sees everything wrong with food delivery services. So when I visited her with a pizza one evening, I sat on the cabinet in the kitchen and watched her microwave it, took some bites before I told her where I brought the pizza from. I got it from one pizzeria (name withheld) running a promo on Jumia food that day. Buying two pizza for the price of one. There wasn’t much she could do after the revelation. She believes food delivery services are not safe. She would argue “Do you know what the delivery guy could put in your food?” In my defense, anything could go wrong straight from the kitchen, and Jumia food saves a lot of time and money, if you are someone who browses through the app to get the best food offers like me.

I always imagined how much I’d save if I got free lunch every working day, or something close to free. I love food. Even better I love cheap (yet quality) food. Or maybe this entire blog was born from my laziness, which is quite debatable to a point. I’d rather sit behind my desk and have food delivered to me than leaving work on hot afternoons to go scout for lunch. Especially when my options are very limited if I walked out. That’s how and why I downloaded the Jumia Food App. And I have since accumulated enough points to leisurely order from any restaurant on the app without double checking the price list.

I enjoy scrolling through the app to find which restaurants are giving out weekly offers. This happens often, making me buy my favorite foods at half price or getting two for the price of one and selling one out (times are hard).

Jumia Food uses your location to show you all restaurants around you. Giving you a variety to choose from. Your order usually arrives within 45mins and 60mins (which I honestly think could be shorter.) This quite defeats the entire purpose of not wanting to step out to get food. My lunch break isn’t that long (I know I could order an hour before lunch break) but really, all I need is for food to arrive earlier and not a time management seminar.

Unlike some other service delivery guys who will call you every three minutes for directions, Jumia Food’s delivery guys always find their way to your exact location, and with the exact change. It really gets annoying than awkward when some delivery guys swear they have no change, forcing you to part ways with what could have easily been your money for water for the rest of the day. I’m yet to meet a Jumia Food delivery guy pull that prank on me (Yes! We all know that’s a prank to get them to keep your change. Insist on it. It’s your right.)

To try out if Jumia promises on some conditions, my colleague reported his delayed order on the app clock, where he got his money paid back in the form of a meal voucher. (The food eventually arrived, and don’t ask what we did with it or the voucher).

Jumia Food has over 200+ of your favorite restaurants signed up to their app and deliver to wherever you are in Accra, extending to Tema. It has plans in extending to Kumasi, Takoradi and Sunyani in some months. Just pull out your phone and get on the app. Use promo code JOEWK for discount on your first few orders.

Let me know what you think of their service, and hit me up for a few tricks Jumia Food might never find out.

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