Serwaa Amihere is New Host of Weekend Sports Show CHEERS on GHOne TV.

Serwaa Amihere is New Host of Weekend Sports Show CHEERS on GHOne TV.

News personality and producer of the award winning current affairs show, State of Affairs Serwaa Amihere has been named as the new host of GHOne TV’s Saturday morning soccer highlights show CHEERS as both international and local leagues enters their fierce seasons.
Serwaa Amihere takes over from ace award-winning broadcaster and communication strategist, Nana Aba Anamoah who has hosted the show since its inception a year ago. The new season of ‘CHEERS’ will feature in-depth interviews with sports pundits as well as novices of the game from its home studios at the Platinum Place in Accra.
The weekend show kicks off on Saturday May 5, with guests from different sectors of corporate as well as entertainment world; with little or no emphasis on sports experience. Viewers can watch the new CHEERS show live from 9:00 GMT on DSTV channel 361 and GHOne TV. Check GHOne TV social media for live updates.

If I Were A Makeup Artist….

If I Were A Makeup Artist….

One of the most intimidating parts of owning a business or a startup precisely is how much whatever you’re getting into is being done by everyone else. That shouldn’t be the case anyway.

It is an undeniable fact that the makeup business is one of the most common startups in Ghana at the moment.
It is also one of the lucrative businesses one could venture into, however considering how much the market  has become extremely saturated with the makeup business, up and coming MUAs are finding it difficult to breakthrough.

In my opinion however I believe your success in any field of business is dependent on how well you “tame” your brand.

I happen to know a couple of makeup artists  and through conversation I figured that it’s not as easy to establish clients these days and so I put it to thought and below are some of the ideas I would have put to life if I was a Makeup artist (and of course I’d make an awesome one if I was one 😉).


Show Off

I’m definitely going to show off to the world how gifted my hands are. How?! I’d work at creating all the creative looks I can create and exhibit them through all the mediums I have access to.
That way the people on my timelines would know me for that stuff I’m made of.
This may pave way for recommendations, and networking opportunities for individuals or companies who may want to work with me.

                     Nadine Reid Irish and Black Makeup Artist.


You’ll definitely find me networking with wedding planners , event organizers, hairdressers and other professionals who are inclined toward my line of work.
I’ll as well take the opportunity to talk about my brand at any opportunity I get, say I sit by a young lady in a ‘trotro’ I’ll definitely find a way to tell her about my brand …cos who knows she is probably a potential client.
Not forgetting to carry my business card with me all the time .


Take Advantage of My Social Media

I have come to realize that most of the MUAs in my part of the world despite the fact that they are undoubtedly good at what they do. They have had the chance to get their brand somewhere as a result of the people they work with … and these are popular people obviously.
Therefore what I’ll do is to send mails or DMs very professionally to people in this regard selling to them my brand. Or ask people within my circle to introduce me to people within those circles.


Events and MasterClasses

This is yet another way to get some good grounding for your brand as a make up artist and also a way to make some good money.
Networking opportunities are as well open in this regard.
I’d just get my thinking cap on like I always do, come up with a creative concept which would appeal to my target audience and put it to life.

The word Events in cut out magazine letters pinned to a cork notice board

Pray 🙏🏾

It is very important to commit your business into the hands of God because in as much as we have all the ideas and concepts in our heads the grace and favor of God is undoubtedly needed to ensure progress.
Yes so I’ll do well to pray for God’s blessings and grace.




Written by: Josephine Kalira Tanlongo

Twitter: @jossie_jay

IG : @ka_ly_ra


Glitz Africa Announces Style Icon for This Year’s Glitz Style Awards.

Glitz Africa Announces Style Icon for This Year’s Glitz Style Awards.

Glitz Africa is back with the 3rd Edition of the Glitz Style Awards. The Glitz Style Awards Event is one of Africa’s highly anticipated awards show.

The event basically seeks to celebrate individuals who are setting trends and defying odds with their fashion style. It also aims at strengthening the growing fashion industry by establishing, developing and promoting international industry standards in Ghana.


Out of the 16 categories the awards scheme has the Board decides who wins a particular category which is the Style Icon of the year.


IMG_1458Glitz Africa has however announced the Second Lady of Ghana, H.E Samira Bawumia to be honored as the Style Icon at this year’s Glitz Style Awards set to happen on the 19th of August, 2017 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel.





My Ghanaian Dream

My Ghanaian Dream

Every Ghanaian should have a dream of Ghana. This country would be better only as much as we dream of it. This nation will be the destination of the world only if we want it to be.

My Ghanaian dream is that Ghana will be a land of opportunities where the Ghanaian can manage his own affairs. That we will manage our state-owned institutions and not collapse them eventually. My Ghanaian dream is that one day we can manage our country beyond aid. That we won’t depend on donor support in everything we do, even if it is building a KVIP!

My Ghanaian dream is that we will truly be independent as a people. That sixty (60) years on after independence, our independence will be more than just a tag. That we will be able to produce what we consume and consume what we produce. My Ghanaian dream is that one day we can proudly say that a product of international standard was made in Ghana by Ghanaians but for the world!

My Ghanaian dream is that we will all know that if Ghana will be any better, it depends on Ghanaians. That we would go to work to work and not go to work just because we need to. That we would treat our work (especially civil servants) as our own and not as the government’s own. My Ghanaian dream is that we would go to work to cut down waste and not go to work to add up to the waste!

I have a Ghanaian dream. My Ghanaian dream is that every Ghanaian will know that our productivity in our workplace will either mar or make this country a beauty. That we would do all within our power to render our service at work to the best of our abilities as we would have had others do for us if it were our company. That we would go to work to work… and not to smuggle company property home. That we would go to work to work… and not to expect tips for services we are paid for!

My Ghanaian dream is that we would treat Ghana as our own. That we would know that this beautiful country is all we have now and will forever have. That we would know that no matter how long we go live wherever we can never be them. That we would know that no matter how well the crow paints itself white, it can never be like the dove. That we would care for state property as much as we care for ours!

My Ghanaian dream is that one day I won’t need to belong to a party to access some opportunities. That I won’t need to be a card-bearing member to enjoy the privileges I need to enjoy as a Ghanaian. My Ghanaian dream is that one day I would be able to have a job with my qualifications and not necessarily because I belong to a particular party. I have a dream that one day this country won’t be divided and ruled by political parties!

My Ghanaian dream is that soon and very soon party foot soldiers won’t lawlessly take over offices they even are not qualified to fill… just because their party is in power. That politics won’t get in the way of governance. That foot soldiers won’t dictate to others as to how to run some institutions because their party won an election. My Ghanaian dream indeed is that we would draw a clear difference between state and party property!

That this nation won’t be polarized along partisan lines. That we won’t discriminate among others ourselves because others don’t believe in our political ideologies. My Ghanaian dream is that the nonsensical canker of political party take-over of state property, even to the extent of others losing their lives, would stop! A nation can’t develop if all we see in others is only the party they belong to.

I have a dream that one day we won’t fall for the politician’s heaven of a promise on earth. My Ghanaian dream is that we would one day vote for those who have this nation at heart… not at stomach. I have a Ghanaian dream that one day the politician would know that he’s nothing without our votes. That he’s a nobody without the people who voted for him. That the only indicator for good leadership is service rendered from the heart with the hands.

Soon and very soon, I hope to see a nation that takes precautions not only after people have died. Kintampo on my mind. My Ghanaian dream is to see a country that invests in the safety of its people. A country that values the lives of its citizens. My Ghanaian dream is that our blood-thirsty tourist sites of a death trap will be revamped just like all other state properties… and not wait until precious lives are lost. We often turn a blind eye to everything until it takes away lives. Bloodshed seems to be the most understandable language of the Ghanaian.

My Ghanaian dream is that we won’t sacrifice our water bodies for other people’s selfish interest. That we would stop ‘galamsey’ in its tracks before we need to import potable drinking water, too. My Ghanaian dream is that we know our priorities― our needs and wants. That we know the rippling effects of our actions today. That we know that our selfish desires today may cost tomorrow’s generation.

I have a Ghanaian dream. I have a dream that our education system will be tailored, first of all, towards our needs. That we would raise a generation of intellectuals who don’t have a PHD yet can solve the common challenges that befuddle us. That the era of professors who can’t even help solve the littlest headaches in their fields would be long gone. My Ghanaian dream is that we would solve the problems we caused ourselves… and not expect someone elsewhere to help us solve them.

I am a Ghanaian just like you. If this nation would be any better, let’s change our attitude― our mindset. I have a Ghanaian dream. I know you do, too.

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, a writing company based in Accra. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.