Marcus Rashford has been catapulted to international fame over the last couple of weeks after marking his first two senior Manchester United appearances with four goals. But in an era that everyone seems to wear coloured boots, Rashford’s are black.

United are a club built on traditions and an Old Trafford rule introduced by Sir Alex Ferguson back in 2010 outlawed vibrant coloured boots for players in the youth ranks.


With old fashioned values at heart, the Scot didn’t want young players to get caught up in the modern excesses of 21st century professional football. Sunderland also have a similar rule for their junior teams.

With Rashford’s rapid rise from youth side to the first-team so rapid – he only made his Under-21 debut this season – the teenager probably didn’t have time to order anything brightly coloured before he was thrust into the limelight against FC Midtjylland.

Chances are, he’ll be sporting something a bit more bright in the near future. Then again, with footballers being an overly superstitious bunch he might just stick with what he knows while he’s onto a good thing.


“The restrictions are on the youth team,” former United defender John O’Shea, now ironically at Sunderland,​ recalled at the time.

“They are told they have to stick to wearing black. Once in the reserve or first-team squad there are no restrictions, but if you are wearing flashy colours and don’t play too well you’re likely to get singled out.”

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