Pineapples,  as  colorful as they are are  mostly found cultivated in Hawaii in the united states of America among other countries like the Philippines.  Pineapple also known as pina in Spanish is a fruit that looks similar to a pinecone. It is cylindrical in shape with either green brown or yellowish scale. It shows its majestic nature by having a regal crown of somewhat spiky green leaves. Pineapples belong to the species Ananas comosus .

Pineapples are a rich source of nutrients such as minerals and antioxidants.  Pineapples contain protein-digesting enzymes in the stem and core. These enzymes are found in bromelain which is a mixture of the substances found in the stem and core. Excessive coagulation of blood, excessive inflammation and certain types of tumor growth has been shown to be reduced by small doses of bromelain available in dietary supplements

Pineapples also contain antioxidants like vitamin c that defends the body against free radicals that attack and damage normal cells. Vitamin c also helps in building and maintaining a healthy immune system to prevent against infections.

It also contains other minerals like manganese which is essential for energy production and vitamin B which acts as a cofactor in reactions that produce energy for the body.

It also contains carotenoids that help in good vision or eyesight especially in adults.

NB : Cut pineapples can last for about six days if well stored before going bad.

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