Ever been the situation where you forward a to the wrong recipient? Yep, we’ve all been there. There might just be a solution. 

In the latest Whatsapp update, you can delete messages you send to your contacts and groups. This may come off as handy for people who “accidentally”  send messages to the wrong person or group.


Open any chat on your WhatsApp. Tap and hold that particular message you want to delete, and tap the Delete option.

You’ll then be prompted to select between “Delete for me alone” and Delete for everyone”. Simple like that.

But Hold One

This only works within seven minutes of sending the message. Meaning you only you have seven minutes from the time you hit the send button, to the time you decide: “hey I gotta take this back 🤔”. 


Simply update your WhatsApp to the latest version on Android, iPhone or Windows phone. The update is being rolled out now. So be patient if you’re not getting the update option in your App store yet. 

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